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October 23, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Buildings and Grounds Committee Meeting

1. Roll Call

Members present included: Bruce Scheer - Chairman, Luanne Sundberg, Jessica Scheer, Lynn Johnson, Lawrence Reed

2. Winterizing

Lawrence provided the committee with an update on the preparation that he undertakes as we head into the winter season.  This includes making sure all outside buildings, equipment, and systems are winter ready.  

3. Softball User Agreement

Lynn updated the committee on our current arrangement with Arlington Youth Sports Complex pertinent to the utilization of the softball field.   Lynn will continue to discuss with the Arlington Youth Sports president the possibility of creating an updated user agreement. 

4. Roofing

The committee reviewed the current roof map and discussed the areas of the roof that have an outdated warranty and leak issues.  Lynn will be obtaining quotes on replacing those roof sections.  This is part of the ongoing process of maintaining quality roofs. 

5. HVAC Update

Lynn provided the committee with an update on the progress of this project.  The closeout for the project is scheduled for October 25, 2017.  The project will finish just slightly below budget based on some modifications that resulted in savings.  

6. Boiler Demolition

Lawrence informed the committee that he has contacted a third party entity that will demo the boiler units and piping in the boiler rooms for the scrap metal/parts at no additional charge to the district.  The district would be responsible for covering the cost for removal of any asbestos and capping of any gas lines.  The third party would have appropriate insurance coverage.  The committee supported moving forward with this process. 

7. Baseball Field Improvements/Light Eval

Lynn explained to the committee the process that will be followed when undertaking improvement projects in which the village and the school have mutual interest as per the lease agreement.  Currently there are two projects that need attention before the next season.  Those two projects include two lamps that do not work and fencing replacement and repair.  

8. Update to Summative Needs List

The board committee reviewed the summative needs list.  Changes that were made to the list include itemizing baseball field items, prioritizing baseball field fence and broken lamps, prioritize roof sections, move casework in extra elementary rooms to a higher priority, consider upgrades to playgrounds as a higher priority, and added a need for a utility vehicle to the list.  

9. Safe Routes Grant Update

Lynn provided an update to the committee on the progress to include that ROW acquisition has been completed. Before the ROW Certificate can be issues, we will need to complete an encroachment review of the project site.  

10. Recommendation to the board as a result of this meeting:

There are no recommendations to the board of educationas a result of this committee meeting. 

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