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July 17, 2018 at 6:15 PM - Finance Committee Meeting

1. Roll Call
Discussion:  Members Present Include:  Matt O'Daniel, Shanon Willmott, John Neary, Lynn Johnson
2. Review Board Budget Goals
Discussion:  The committee reviewed the Budget Target Goals that were identified last year and did not make any modifications or changes to them. 
3. Review Monthly Disbursements and Balances
Discussion:  The committee reviewed the monthly disbursements and balances, made comparisons to previous years, compared the current balances to the budget goals from this fiscal year, and discussed how the balance will impact the current budget planning. 
4. Review Budget Factors
Discussion:  The committee did a general review of the budget factors and restrictions as well as the manner in which TEEOSA works. 
5. Discuss General Fund Budget and Resources
Discussion:  Teh committee discussed the general fund budget including comparisons to current year budget and they discussed and identified resources pertaining to the general fund.
6. Review Bond Fund, Special Building Fund, QCPUF Fund, and Depreciation Fund
Discussion:  The committee reviewed the current status of these funds and then development of this budget year in regards to budget goals and local economics. 
7. Patron Presentation
Discussion:  The committee discussed the format, the content, and the delivery of the patron presentation which will be part of the August board meeting. 
8. Recommendation to the board as a result of this meeting:
Discussion:  The committee is recommending this as a 'preliminary' budget based upon the information currently on hand, to be reviewed by the board and patrons of the community. 
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