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January 21, 2015 at 5:30 PM - SPECIAL BOARD MEETING

1. Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call
1.1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Board Self Evaluation
Discussion:  FEEDBACK FROM RETREAT: The board is on the right track and overall performing well but there is always room for improvement. The board has experienced some bumps in the past year or so but we are stronger for those opportunities. It was generally expressed that we need to continue to respect the roles and responsibilities associated with being board members. Consider using a five point scale instead of three allowing for further distinction. The board discussed questions that had ones reported and those that had more 2’s than others. BOARD MEMBERS: Discussed questions 4 and 6. Mike reminded board that policy controls, board directs, and administration executes. It was expressed that the board did not always speak with one voice. MEETINGS OF THE BOARD: Board discussed limiting use and access of cell phone as much as possible during meetings, members expressed the desire for board members to share more equally in making motions, seconds, etc. The board feels that meetings are generally being run more efficiently and want this to continue. We talked about the principals reports and maintaining the current format with written report monthly a brief verbal. Board discussed the protocol for Open Forum at board meetings. We are going to try to seek some lawyer input on what is required vs. appropriate in terms of public forum. VISION AND PLANNING: Spent a lot of time discussing the need to goal plan and what that might look like. Discussed who bears what burden or role in the goal making process. Board members expressed uncertainty on how this actually works and what it looks like. Lynn shared that the admin team will bring data and ideas to the table. Board will consider things that arose via the community engagement. Mike and Lynn will discuss whether to engage a facilitator for the retreat session. POLICY: Overall feel good about performance in this area. FINANCE: Board share that it is hard to make long-range forecasts with uncertainty of revenues. Concern about whether district priorities are reflected in the budget. Lynn thought they were but it is not as evident to board members. We discussed the disappointment with the lack of citizen involvement or attendance at the budget workshop session. SUPERINTENDENT/BOARD RELATIONS: Board members expressed the need to remember and respect roles of board vs. administration and to avoid interfering. SCHOOL BOARD DEVELOPMENT: Discussed that not all board members find the state convention beneficial. Mike expressed that it would be nice to be together at a venue to enhance collegiality. Board agrees that professional development is important.
3. Board/Superintendent Agreement
4. Adjourn
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