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September 12, 2016 at 7:30 PM - Boare of Education Regular Meeting

Discussion:  Meeting Called to Order at 7:35 PM
I.1. Pledge to the Flag
I.2. Roll Call
Discussion:  All Members Present
I.3. Notification of Open Meetings Law Posting
I.4. Recognition of Recording
Approval of the Consent Agenda passed Passed with a motion by Dave Sherrod and a second by Mr. Bill Zwiebel.
  • Mr. Dick Burford: Yea
  • Dr. Cynthia Guerue: Yea
  • Jim Hessler: Yea
  • Dave Sherrod: Yea
  • Billy Stauffer: Yea
  • Mr. Bill Zwiebel: Yea
No Action(s) have been added to this Agenda Item.
II.1. Approval of Agenda for the September 12, 2016 Regular Meeting
II.2. Approval of minutes of the August 8, 2016 Regular Meeting and the September 7, 2016 Budget Workshop Meetings
II.3. Approval to Pay Claims and file financial reports
II.3.a. working Monthly Budget
II.3.b. Monthly Budget of Receipts
II.3.c. Activity Accounts
II.3.d. County Treasurers' Reports
IV.1. Technology Innovation Reports from Teachers
Discussion:  Presentation by first grade teacher Mrs. Mihevc.  First grade website with a blog, pictures of students using their e-books, Moodge the lion, parents can also retrieve information that goes on in the classroom.  Sixth grade presentation by Kelsey Pedulla.  QR code scanning in the classroom.  Scan QR code to scan for the nurse, restroom pass, and homework.  Teacher can track homework and keep track of time on excel spreadsheet.  Available to the school nurse to access.       
IV.2. Village of Morrill
Discussion:  No Report
IV.3. Student Council
Discussion:  No Report
IV.4. Curriculum/Americanism:Stauffer, Guerue, Burford
IV.5. Building/Grounds/Transportation: Sherrod, Burford, Zwiebel
IV.6. Staff Relations: Zwiebel, Burford, Hessler
IV.7. Finance: Hessler, Guerue, Burford (Zwiebel)
IV.8. Morrill School's Foundation: Stauffer, Zwiebel
IV.9. Technology Report
Discussion:  Report Attached
IV.10. Activity Report
Wifi is needed in the press box in order to broadcast the games on the field.  Students will be able to write in the newspaper called the "Voice".   Taylor Whetham and Haylee VanNatter are invited to write journal entries for the paper and will be able to earn community service hours.  Thanks to John and Becky for helping the athletic department.  John has been helping with the Football field and Becky makes sure the kids have lunches on the day of their activities.  Guerue advised the Board that the Village had offered a $5,000.00 donation.  Terry Lyle offered 1,000 dollars to do a raffle to make up the rest of the money for the weight room.  Concrete was done for the new athletic complex.  GNC is offering 30% discount for Morrill staff members and students.  We had the first Booster Club meeting, generating really exciting ideas for this upcoming year.  Josh will be attending all of the Booster Club meetings.  Volleyball coaching additions Jessica Aratani & Alexandra Cape will start Tuesday.  Administrative and western trail passes are available for the board. 
IV.11. Secondary Principal's Report
Report Attached  
IV.12. Elementary/Pre School Principal's Report
Discussion:  Report Attached.  In addition Ms Homan reported that the morning recess is going very well.  The current enrollment for K-6th is 195 and Preschool is 29.   
IV.13. Superintendent's Report
Half of the concrete was poured today for the athletic complex.  Metal was surveyed for the new building.  State Patrol will like to present a safe driving assembly before Homecoming for high school students. Music Go Round is going to submit another quote for instruments. There was an anonymous donation of 1,500.00 to buy 19 instruments for students other donations are being sought.  Keri Homan sent home a survey to the 5th grade parents who have had a family member serve in the military as the Sons of the American Legion may be donating for band instruments.  
V.1. Discussion/Updates on building projects
Discussion:  The final bids were done and the total amount for the Early Childhood building is 1.52 million.  The fiber will be changed from a 1GB to 10GB. Fiber Cable to be moved from aerial to underground.  It will cost $29,000 to change the fiber.  This includes piping, trenching, boring and the splicing of the fiber.  
VI.1. Consider/Possibly approve financing contract with D.A. Davidson for Early Childhood Building
Approval to accept financing contract with D.A. Davidson for Early Childhood Building Passed with a motion by Dave Sherrod and a second by Billy Stauffer.
  • Mr. Dick Burford: Yea
  • Dr. Cynthia Guerue: Yea
  • Jim Hessler: Yea
  • Dave Sherrod: Yea
  • Billy Stauffer: Yea
  • Mr. Bill Zwiebel: Yea
No Action(s) have been added to this Agenda Item.
Discussion:  DA Davidson will act as a mediator between Morrill Public Schools and Platte Valley Bank in Morrill.  They sell bonds with a 1.85% interest rate and the first payment will not be due until October 2017 in the amount of approximately $210,000.  
VI.2. Personnel Updates
VII. Executive Session

Moved by Bill Zwiebel, Second Dick Burford to move to executive session to discuss Volley Ball personnel at 9:34 PM  6 Yeas-0-Nays

The Board came out of executive session at 10:15 PM with no action taken.


VIII. Next Regular Meeting Date
VIII.1. Regular Meeting Date October 10, 2016 at 7:30 pm
Discussion:  Meeting Adjourned at 10:17 PM

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