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September 14, 2015 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

I. Call meeting to order and welcome
Discussion:  Call to order at 7:30 pm
I.1. Pledge of Allegiance
I.2. Roll Call and Welcome
I.3. Notification of Open Meetings Law Posting
I.4. Recognition of Recording
Approval of the Consent Agenda Passed with a motion by Dave Sherrod and a second by Billy Stauffer.
  • Mr. Dick Burford: Yea
  • Dr. Cynthia Guerue: Absent
  • Jim Hessler: Yea
  • Dave Sherrod: Yea
  • Billy Stauffer: Yea
  • Mr. Bill Zwiebel: Yea
No Action(s) have been added to this Agenda Item.
II.1. Approval of Agenda for September 14,2015 Regular meeting
II.2. Approval of minutes of the August 10, 31 and September 10, 2015 Meetings
II.3. Claims Payable
II.4. Financial Reports
II.4.a. Working Monthly Budget
II.4.b. Monthly Budget of Receipts
II.4.c. Activity Accounts
II.4.d. County Treasurers' Report
IV.1. Village of Morrill
Discussion:  Village is in search of a police chief. Monroe Ave project. Village website and Facebook page. Thomas Moore will be here Wednesday at 8:30
IV.2. Student Council
Discussion:  Ryan McMackin Student Council represent. Student involvement Fan of the game Home Coming Hall decorating and judging Dress up days for homecoming Community involvement for the Home Coming Parade Student involvement of making the school a better place water bottle filling water fountains for the schools. Student Council has some ideas for paying for them.
IV.3. Curriculum/Americanism: Stauffer, Guerue, Burdord
Discussion:  No report
IV.4. Building/Grounds/Transportation: Sherrod, Burford, Zwiebel
Discussion:  Get with companies for bids regarding demolishing old cafeteria. Contents of building will need to be gone through before demolition.
IV.5. Staff Relations: Zwiebel, Burford, Hessler
Discussion:  No report
IV.6. Finance: Hessler, Guerue, Burford, (Zwiebel)
Discussion:  Checks signed
IV.7. Morrill School Foundation: Stauffer, Zwiebel
Discussion:  No report
IV.8. Technology Report
Discussion:  Mobius door and alarms systems - still no timeline for completion A+ will be doing education for teachers using computers in the classroom. Website - once adequate content is added the website will be released publicly. Still waiting for shipping of the wireless access points and switches needed to complete wireless project. Equipment is being partially funded by erate government financing. Alarm system still not working. Second amplifier fried twice. Another amplifier is on order. Mobius is confident they can get it fixed.
IV.9. Activity Report
Discussion:  Extracurricular activities goals were centered around Broader, Better and Bigger theory. Currently four girls going through training on how to be a captain. Would like training to be expanded to boys program. Girls will be attending the City Council meeting to see what they can provide to the community. Encourage students to participate in activities. Creation of the Lion's Den student section. Player development - getting students registered with NCAA and NAIA. Providing "customer service" to coaches, referees and bookkeepers for activities. Areas of improvement for activities quality coaches, weight training, bullying not addressed, more youth programs, standards too low, issues not addressed, Student - Lazy students, need weight training, more pride, Athletes reported that a large percentage of students and athletes are engaged in drink and drugs use in our school. Get involved in the Panhandle, Prevention Coalition to get students, parents, coaches teachers and community members. New rule change possibly for 2016 season - Heat schedule for volleyball or put air conditioning in the gym. It is a good thing to have people from others schools come into our school. We should welcome them and show them what a great school Morrill Public Schools is. Athletic director will look into upgrading our weight room. Looking into WPCI to do drug testing, would give kids an out to say "NO". WPCI will also send a policy update. May need a K-9 unit to come through Looking into assemblies that would speak on drugs and alcohol - one is Todd Becker foundation. Would like to have assembly on a monthly basis.
IV.10. Secondary Principal's Report
Discussion:  Will vote on the Fisher Track proposal at Friday meeting
IV.11. Elementary Principal's Report
Discussion:  See report
IV.12. Superintendent's Report
Discussion:  Have had a district administrators meeting with 11 members, one morning a week every other week. Working on philosophy and growth. Also other meeting with ancillary personnel meeting. Review of NeSA scores proficiency continues to go up. ACT testing is not correlating with our NeSA scores. State of Schools Report Kitchen inventory Beatrice Promo
IV.12.a. Discuss the 2015-2016 Budget and Proposed Tax Levy
V. Unfinished Business
VI.1. Consider bids from Johnson Controls, Rome Services & TRANE: discuss next steps
Discussion:  Discussing regarding current bid and need for more bids. Will obtain additional bids and have facilities committee meet to make final decision.
VI.2. Consider/possible approve purchasing Water Bottle Filling Water Fountains
Discussion:  $2400 is currently being spent on Culligan water bottles. Student Council would be willing to buy a machine. 3 units will be purchased.
VI.3. Consider/possibly approve secondary boys bathroom plumbing solutions
Discussion:  Current boys bathroom has missing doors, non-working air hand dryers and mismatched sinks/hardware. Will get three new sinks and 3 new sensor controlled faucets. Will also remove the old hand dryers. The elementary boys bathrooms do not have doors either. Will get stall doors for bathrooms in elementary as well.
VI.4. Discuss World Cafe' outcomes and implications for strategic planning
Discussion:  Next step is for administrative team to look at data and come up with a strategic plan for addressing issues. The big issues are daycare/after-school program, transportation to/from school activities, dual credit courses, giving back to the community and expressing appreciation to the community, quality coaching and school paper.
VI.5. Consider/possibly approve extra-duty assignment adjustment for Show Choir/elementary band
Discussion:  Promises made should be kept regarding stipend for elementary band/show choir. However, she has not received her stipend for last years work, because it occurred after the negotiated agreements were approved. She will receive her stipend now.
VI.6. Consider/possible approve wage adjustment for Jessie Bassett, Technology Specialist
Discussion:  Technology Specialist started at $16/hr and he understood overtime would be a part of initial job. He accumulated 60 hours of overtime in the first two months. There was an understanding that his wage would be adjusted after initial months of working on technology issues. The board agrees to continue paying at a rate of $16/hr and allowing overtime until computers for students are up and running.
Discussion:  September 18, 2015 at 4:30 PM
VII.1. Special Meeting Date, September 18, 2015 at 4:30 pm for Budget and Tax Levy Hearing and Adoption.
VII.2. Regular Meeting Date October 12, 2015 at 7:30 pm
VIII. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn 11:45PM Passed with a motion by Mr. Dick Burford and a second by Mr. Bill Zwiebel.
  • Mr. Dick Burford: Yea
  • Dr. Cynthia Guerue: Yea
  • Jim Hessler: Yea
  • Dave Sherrod: Yea
  • Billy Stauffer: Yea
  • Mr. Bill Zwiebel: Yea
No Action(s) have been added to this Agenda Item.

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