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June 27, 2013 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education

1. Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Jim Blalock
2. Welcome to Visitors
3. Pledge to Flag/Moment of Silence
4. Special Recognition
4.A. Fairfield Glad Ladies Club - Viva Bosland
5. Roll Call
6. *Approval of May 23, 2013 Minutes
Speaker(s):  Jim Blalock
7. *Approval of Agenda
8. Community Comments
9. School Board Reports
9.A. TLN Report
Speaker(s):  Josh Stone
10. SRO Officers for Cumberland County Schools
Speaker(s):  Casey Cox
11. South Cumberland Elementary and Brown Elementary School sewer lines.
Speaker(s):  Mayor J. H. Graham
12. Legal Report
Speaker(s):  Earl Patton
12.A. *Approval of Service Agreement between Aarona VanWinkle and Cumberland County Board of Education
Speaker(s):  Earl Patton
13. Director of Schools Report
Speaker(s):  Aarona VanWinkle
13.A. *Approval of 2013-2014 School Budget
Speaker(s):  Aarona VanWinkle
13.B. Approval of Cumberland County School Nutrition Budget
Speaker(s):  Kathy Hamby
13.C. *Approval of Cumberland County Archive's request to house and preserve the old Cumberland County School Registers.
Speaker(s):  Aarona VanWinkle
13.D. *Approval of School Nutrition Compliance Report
13.E. *Approval of Mrs. Randol's request to receive pay for 10 unused personal days.
13.F. FYI
13.F.1. Administrative Meeting Agenda
13.F.2. Annual Pupil Transportation Report for Cumberland County
13.F.3. Technology Plan
13.F.4. Attendance Report
13.F.5. Personnel Report
13.F.6. Annual Planning Calendar
13.F.7. 12 Month Agenda
13.F.8. Facilities and Maintenance Plan
13.F.9. Board of Distinction Checklist
14. School Board Committees
14.A. Building and Grounds Committee
Speaker(s):  Vivian Hutson
14.A.1. North School addition
Speaker(s):  Vivian Hutson
14.A.2. Crab Orchard addition
Speaker(s):  Vivian Hutson
14.A.3. CCHS stadium renovation
Speaker(s):  Vivian Hutson
14.B. Policy Committee
Speaker(s):  Richard Janeway
14.B.1. *Approval of First Reading of Policies
14.B.1.a. Attendance Policy 6.200
14.B.1.b. Zero Tolerance Offenses 6.309
14.B.1.c. Physical Assault Leave 5.307
14.B.1.d. Nepotism 1.108
14.B.1.e. Emergency Preparedness Plan 3.202
14.B.1.f. Suspensions 6.316
14.B.1.g. Home Schools 6.202
14.B.1.h. Section 504 and ADA Grievance Procedures 1.802
14.B.1.i. Family Medical Leave Act 5.305
14.B.1.j. Extracurricular Activity Drug Testing 6.3071
14.B.2. *Approval of Second Reading of Policies
14.B.2.a. Policy 1.400 School Board Meetings
14.B.2.b. 4.207 Limited English Proficient/Language Minority Students
14.C. Safety Committee
Speaker(s):  Gordon Davis
14.D. Ethics Committee
15. Business Manager Report
Speaker(s):  Cindy Randol
15.A. Monthly Financial Report
15.B. Monthly Sales Tax Report
15.C. *Approval of Line Item Budget Amendments
15.C.1. School Nutrition
16. *Consent Agenda
16.A. *Approval of Overnight and Out of State Field Trips
16.A.1. SMHS Volleyball
16.A.2. SMHS Cheerleading request
16.B. *Approval of Contracts
16.B.1. Approval of TEIS Written Agreement for 2013-2014
16.B.2. CCHS agreement with Canteen Select Services
16.B.3. SMHS Lifetouch Agreement
16.B.4. BES Lifetouch Agreement
16.B.5. CES Fundraising program
16.B.6. MES Fundraising activity
16.B.7. SCE Fundraising request
16.C. *Approval of Disposal of Surplus Property
16.C.1. North Cumberland Surplus Request
16.C.2. MES Surplus Request
16.C.3. SCE Request for surplus approval
16.D. High School Donation Request
16.E. Student accident insurance recommendation
16.F. Executive Approval
16.F.1. Line Item Budget Amendments
17. Old Business
18. Questions from Media
19. Adjournment
20. (*) Indicates Board Approval Required
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