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January 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education

1. Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Dr. Charles Tollett
2. Welcome to Visitors
3. Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance
3.A. Pledge of Allegiance - Roger Pridemore - Pine View Kindergarten
3.B. Reading - Danielle Rosser - North 6th Grade
4. Special Recognition - School Board Appreciation Week
Speaker(s):  Donald Andrews
5. Roll Call
6. *Approval of December 19, 2013 Minutes
7. *Approval of Agenda
8. Community Comments
9. School Board Reports
9.A. TLN Report
Speaker(s):  Josh Stone
9.B. TSBA's
10. Legal Report
Speaker(s):  Earl Patton
11. Superintendent's Report
Speaker(s):  Donald E. Andrews
11.A. Day on the Hill
11.B. BOE Work Session Agenda
Speaker(s):  Dr. Rebecca Wood
11.C. Strategic Plan Draft
Speaker(s):  Donald Andrews
11.D. Career and Technical Education (CTE) Risk-Based Monitoring Process (Audit)
Speaker(s):  Wendell Wilson
11.E. State of the Schools Address
Speaker(s):  Donald Andrews
11.F. FYI
11.F.1. Administrative Meeting Agenda
11.F.2. Attendance Report (no report/have not completed 20 days)
11.F.3. Personnel Report
11.F.3.a. Food Service Personnel Report
11.F.4. Substitute List (no report)
11.F.5. Professional Development Report
11.F.6. Annual Planning Calendar
11.F.7. Board of Distinction Checklist
11.F.8. School Calendar of Events
11.F.8.a. Brown February Calendar
11.F.8.b. Crab Orchard February Calendar
11.F.8.c. CCHS February Calendar
11.F.8.d. Homestead February Calendar
11.F.8.e. Martin February Calendar
11.F.8.f. North February Calendar
11.F.8.g. Phoenix February Calendar
11.F.8.h. Pine View February Calendar
11.F.8.i. Pleasant Hill February Calendar
11.F.8.j. South February Calendar
11.F.8.k. Stone February Calendar
11.F.8.l. SMHS February Calendar
12. School Board Committees
12.A. Policy Committee
12.A.1. *Approval of First Reading of Policies
12.A.1.a. Policy 5.501 Complaints
12.A.2. *Approval of Second Reading of Policies
12.A.2.a. Policy 3.600 Insurance Management
12.A.2.b. Policy 6.304 Student Discrimination/Harassment and Bullying/Intimidation
12.A.2.c. Policy 6.413 Prevention and Treatment of Sports Related Concussions
12.B. Safety Committee
12.B.1. SRO Report
Speaker(s):  Donald Andrews
13. Chief Financial Officer's Report
Speaker(s):  Bob Scarbrough
13.A. Monthly Financial Report
13.B. Monthly Sales Tax Report
13.C. Trane Report
13.D. *Line Item SPED Budget Amendment Approval
13.E. *Approval of Bid Specifications
13.F. Liquor Tax
Speaker(s):  Donald Andrews
14. *Consent Agenda
14.A. *Approval of Volunteers
14.A.1. Martin Volunteers
14.A.2. North Volunteers
14.B. *Approval of Overnight and Out of State Field Trips
14.B.1. Crab Orchard Request to add Jumpville/Cookeville to Approved Field Trip List
14.B.2. CCHS Cheerleaders National Competition-Orlando, FL
14.B.3. CCHS FFA TN Cattlemen's Convention
14.B.4. CCHS Track Trips
14.B.5. South Beta Club Convention Trip
14.C. *Approval of Contracts
14.C.1. Cumberland County Web Hosting RFP
14.D. *Approval of Grants
14.D.1. Martin Junior Beta Club/VEC Grant
14.E. *School Wide Fundraisers
14.E.1. Martin Positive Behavior Fundraiser
14.E.2. Martin PTA Fundraiser
14.F. *Approval of Disposal of Surplus Property
14.F.1. CCHS Surplus
14.F.2. North Surplus
14.F.3. South Surplus
14.F.4. Stone Surplus
14.F.5. Food Nutrition Surplus
14.G. *Executive Approval
15. Old Business
16. Questions from Media
17. Adjournment
18. (*) Indicates Board Approval Required
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