Public Meeting Minutes: August 28, 2014 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education

August 28, 2014 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Minutes

August 28, 2014 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education
Call to Order
Welcome to Visitors
Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance
Isabel Gray, SMHS - Pledge of Allegiance
Jonathan Bailey, Brown 6th grade - Reading
Special Recognition
Retiring BOE Members: District 1 Dr. Charles Tollett, District 3 Sandra Brewer, District 5 Gordon Davis
Roll Call
Declarations Of Conflict
*Approval of July 24, 2014 Minutes
*Approval of Agenda
Community Comments
School Board Reports
TLN Report
Legal Report
Superintendent's Report
First Days of School
Superintendent's Annual Plan 2014-2015
Achievement Data Presentation
RTI2 Half-Time Positions
Job Responsibility Check List
Policy Committee Calender 2014-2015
Personnel Report
Substitute List
Professional Development Report
Board of Distinction Checklist
School Calendar of Events
Brown Elementary September 2014 Calendar
Crab Orchard September 2014 Calendar
Cumberland County High School September 2014 Calendar
Homestead Elementary September 2014 Calendar
Martin Elementary September 2014 Calendar
North Cumberland Elementary September 2014 Calendar
Phoenix September 2014 Calendar
Pine View Elementary September 2014 Calendar
Pleasant Hill Elementary September 2014 Calendar
South Cumberland Elementary September 2014 Calendar
Stone Elementary September 2014 Calendar
Stone Memorial High School September 2014 Calendar
School Board Committees
Policy Committee
*Approval of First Reading of Policies
*Approval of Second Reading of Policies
Policy 5.310 Vacations and Holidays
Policy 6.317 Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority
Policy 6.4001 Student Surveys
Policy 6.600 Student Records
Short/Long Range Facilities Committee
Chief Financial Officer's Report
Monthly Financial Report
Monthly Sales Tax Report
*Consent Agenda
*Approval of Volunteers
Brown Elementary Volunteers 2014-2015
Crab Orchard Elementary Volunteers 2014-2015
Cumberland County High School Volunteers 2014-2015
Cumberland County High School Volunteers 2014-2015
Homestead Elementary Volunteers 2014-2015
Martin Elementary Volunteer 2014-2015
North Cumberland Elementary Volunteers 2014-2015
Pleasant Hill Elementary Volunteers 2014-2015
South Cumberland Elementary Volunteers 2014-2015
Stone Elementary Volunteers 2014-2015
Stone Memorial High School Volunteers 2014-2015
SMHS Band Parent Volunteers 2014-2015
*Approval of Overnight and Out of State Field Trips
SMHS Cross Country Team - Nashville, TN
Martin Elementary Beta Club - Hershey, PA
Martin Elementary Beta Club - Nashville, TN
*Approval of CTE Trips/Competitions
Brown Elementary - FCCLA club
CCHS - DECA club
CCHS - FBLA students
CCHS - FFA students
CCHS - Health Occupation Students of America
CCHS - Tennessee Skills USA club
Crab Orchard Elementary - FCCLA club
Homestead Elementary - FCCLA club
Martin Elementary - FCCLA club
Phoenix - Agriculture students
Phoenix - FCCLA club
Pine View Elementary - FCCLA club
Pleasant Hill Elementary - FCCLA club
SMHS - FBLA students
SMHS - FFA students
South Cumberland and Crab Orchard - Future Farmers of America Members
South Cumberland Elementary - FFA students
Stone Elementary - FCCLA club
*Approval of Contracts
Cumberland County High School - Coca-Cola
Crab Orchard Elementary - Sheffield Photography Group
*School Wide Fundraisers
Cumberland County High School Drama Team - Coffee and Tea Fundraiser
Homestead Elementary - Chocolate and Yankee Candle Fundraiser
Martin Elementary Junior Beta Club - Yankee Candle Fundraiser
North Cumberland Elementary - Book Fair Fundraiser
SMHS Chemistry Club - Spirit Booth Fundraiser
SMHS Chemistry Club - Tizzy Treats Gourmet Snacks Fundraiser
South Cumberland Elementary - "Drive for Kids" Fundraiser
South Cumberland Elementary - "Rebel Rally Day" Fundraiser
South Cumberland Elementary - Book Fair Fundraiser
South Cumberland Elementary - Smart Card Fundraiser
SMHS Tennis Booster - Smart Cards
SMHS Make It Count - Banners and Ads
SMHS Band Booster - Smart Cards
SMHS Volleyball Booster - Banners and T-Shirts
SMHS Volleyball Booster - Boston Butt Sale
SMHS Volleyball Booster - Candy Sale
SMHS Volleyball Booster - Football T-Shirts
SMHS HOSA and DECA - Calendar Promotion
SMHS Chemistry Club - Car Wash
SMHS Band Program and Colorguard - 127 Yard Sale
SMHS Band Booster and Colorguard - Dairy Queen Sale
SMHS Band Booster - Coca-Cola Sales
*Approval of Disposal of Surplus Property
South Cumberland Elementary Surplus Property
Stone Elementary Surplus Request
Cumberland County Board of Education Surplus Inventory
*Executive Approval
Old Business
Questions from Media
(*) Indicates Board Approval Required
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