Public Meeting Minutes: March 26, 2015 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education

March 26, 2015 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Minutes

March 26, 2015 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education
Call to Order - Mr. Dan Schlafer
Welcome to Visitors - Mr. Dan Schlafer
Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance - Mr. Dan Schlafer
Special Recognition - Mr. Dan Schlafer
Solomon Miller, North Cumberland Elementary - Pledge of Allegiance
Madison Russell, Pleasant Hill Elementary - Reading
School Spotlight - North Elementary, Ms. Jennifer Magnusson
School Spotlight - Phoenix School - Ms. Vicki Presson
Teachers of the Year System Winner - Stacy Moody, Tracy Sinclair, and Kim Smith - Mr. Donald Andrews
Custodian Appreciation
Roll Call - Mr. Dan Schlafer
Declaration of Conflict - Mr. Earl Patton
*Approval of February 26, 2015 Minutes - Mr. Dan Schlafer
*Approval of Agenda - Mr. Dan Schlafer
Community Comments - Mr. Dan Schlafer
USGBC Green Schools Committee - Mr. Adam P. Cavender, EMIT
Dr. David Campbell, Roy Stone, and Dr. Robert H. Wood, Cumberland County School's Charitable Fund
PTOA Comments - Mr. Rolf Weeks
School Board Reports
TLN Report - Mr. Jeff Freitag
Board Member(s) Report From Training(s)
Legal Report - Mr. Earl Patton
Superintendent's Report - Mr. Donald Andrews
*Math Textbook Adoption - Mrs. Janet Graham and Committee
*School Calendar Waiver Request Update - Mrs. Christie Thompson
TSBA 2015 Summer Law Institute - July 24-25th Gatlinburg, TN
Board of Education Work Session (Committees)
Administrative Meeting Agenda
Attendance Report
Personnel Report
Substitute List
Professional Development Report
School News
School Calendar of Events
Brown Elementary April Calendar
Crab Orchard Elementary April Calendar
Cumberland County High School April Calendar
Homestead Elementary April Calendar
Martin Elementary April Calendar
North Elementary April Calendar
Phoenix School April Calendar
Pine View Elementary April Calendar
Pleasant Hill Elementary April Calendar
South Elementary April Calendar
Stone Elementary April Calendar
Stone Memorial High School April Calendar
School Board Committees
Policy Committee - Mr. Richard Janeway - March 2, 2015
*Approval of First Reading of Policies
Policy 5.310 Vacations and Holidays
Policy 5.6001 County-Wide Employee Dress Code
Policy 5.604 Overtime Pay of Support Personnel
*Approval of Second Reading of Policies
Policy 6.310 Dress Code
Athletic Task Force - Mr. David Bowman - 3/17/15
*Athletic Committee Proposal
Building and Grounds Committee - Ms. Vivian Hutson - 3/12/15
*Pleasant Hill Playground
*Portable Relocation
*Crab Orchard Road
*Selection of Engineer Process
*Martin Elementary School Zoning Option
Safety Committee - Mr. Josh Stone - TBA
Technology Committee - Mr. Jason Rockwell - 4/2/15
Chief Financial Officer's Report
Monthly Financial Report
Monthly Sales Tax Report
*Line Item Budget Amendment - Central Cafeteria Fund
*CTE Budget Resolution
*Consent Agenda
*Approval of Volunteers
*Approval of Overnight and Out of State Field Trips
*Approval of Contracts
Stone Memorial High School - Contract for PRIVIT Healthcare Inc.
School Nutrition Program, Bid Specifications - Two Double Stack Conventional, One Double Stack Combo Oven, and One Converter Dishwasher Steamers.
*Approval of Grants
*School Wide Fundraisers
*Approval of Disposal of Surplus Property
*Executive Approval
Old Business
Questions from Media
(*) Indicates Board Approval Required
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