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March 22, 2017 at 8:00 AM - Schuyler Administration Meeting @ SES

I. Discussion Items

1.  2017-18 Staff Hiring:  While there are many important jobs that an administrator performs, none are more vital for improving your school than hiring.  Every resignation and hire is an opportunity for us to advance a program or take a program backwards.  While it is easy to say that we support each other in this process, I see evidence of territorialism and competition that needs to stop.  Schuyler is a great place to work, but outside perceptions of us as a district still affects our ability to sell the job and hire quality candidates.  Additionally, we have a community and board of education that supports us, stays out of your way in hiring the teachers you choose, and wants our new teachers to live in the district.  I will meet next week with the Schuyler Community Development to discuss options for lease to purchase options to make these new homes on 22nd street more affordable.

2.  Extra-Duty Contracts:  Teaching contracts are approved at the April 10th board meeting.  Extra-duty contracts are approved on May 8th.  Activities Directors are responsible for working with the Superintendent on these assignments.  AD's are to work with building principals on all extra-duty assignments including non-athletic extra-duty assignments.  I will set a time for the AD's to meet with me in late April to review your recommendations.

3.  Support Staff Contracts:  Support staff contracts are approved by the board in their meeting on May 8th.  As we progress in our certified staff hiring process, we will be discussing support staff assignments in your building and any changes to your staffing needs within your building.

4.  2017-18 Teacher Requisitions:  I am planning on scheduling a time for all district administrators to come together to review the coop requisitions as a group.  After three years in the district, I am still not confident in our process for reviewing and approving requisitions.  I know principals and directors are busy in your jobs and those items that are not in your line of fire may sometimes take a back seat.  I need for you to understand the dollars spent in this next year's budget need to be prioritized.  I will set a date with Sally (April 3) to have the coop order organized and ready for our review.  Plan for a minimum of 2 hours for this review.

5. APL Training Focus:  We have an opportunity to focus our APL Refresher Training.  This one-day training is intended to assist administration on promoting the most essential classroom strategies needed to promote improved instructional practices in your building.  We will break our teacher training by buildings (Elementary and SMS/SCHS)  We also have a morning for para-educators and a day for coaching/sponsors/directors)  It is up to you as administrators to provide as much guidance as possible for us to get the biggest bang for our buck.  Please work with Mr. Gibbons on the schedule and focus for this event.

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