Public Meeting Minutes: January 22, 2019 at 9:00 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting


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January 22, 2019 at 9:00 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2019 at 9:00 AM - SAA Weekly Meeting
I. Discussion Items

1.  Book Review: "The Advantage"  Pages 15-26:  Ms. Bebout

2.  Bond Election Update: Bond committees met on Monday, January 21st to discuss updates on committee work. We received applications from 6 construction companies interested in our project.  The board will meet to select the top companies on Wednesday at 5:00 PM and will conduct interviews with the successful candidates on Monday, January 28th.

3.  Early Retirement Eligibility:  We updated the list of teachers meeting the minimum age of 55.  In order to be eligible for state retirement, they must also meet the Rule of 85.  In order to be eligible for an early retirement district incentive, they must also have a Masters Degree or equivalent and 10 years of service.  If you have teachers who are 55 or older, and don't meet all of the qualifications of the early retirement policy, the board has considered partial incentives if the number of qualified candidates do not access the program.

4.  Gallup Clifton Strengths:  Please make sure all of your building NEW staff completes the survey.

5. Professional Development Workshop:  Review of January 21st Workshops.

6.   OCR  Review:  2017-18 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC), the Advance Website (AWS) is still NOT OPEN!  Kim said the site has not opened yet and will contact you when it opens if she needs information from you.

7.  2019-20 Calendar Discussion:  I met with the SEA on January 21st.  They will have their calendar recommendations finalized on February 22nd.

8.  2018-19 Teacher/Program Needs:  Staffing needs for 2019-20 will need to be completed and submitted to me by February 1st.  Please focus on your teacher needs at this time.  We will address support staff needs by March 1st.

9.  Safety Videos:  Support staff began 2nd semester safety videos.  Your staff should be given time to complete these videos on the clock. Dr. Gibbons will work with you to make sure these are completed prior to the end of the school year.

10.  Requisitions:  Textbook cycle and requisitions for 2019-20 are open.  Teachers will need to requisition for their present positions.  I don't have a date foe COOP requisitions yet.  Coop due April 1st.  Regular requisitions due May 1st.

11.  Building Updates:  I am postponing the due date for building updates until after the bond vote.  You can go on to the system and put your requests for 2019, but will not be finalized until after the vote.

12.  Thoughtexchange:  Review staff input on thoughtexchange.  Make sure you go on to the system this week and put your commitment in the system and rate other staff input. 

13.  Principals/Director Salary Considerations:  The board of education will be acting on administrators 2019-20 salaries in January and will take formal action on your contracts in February.  I will complete the array comparability study over the next two weeks.  Please complete your review of array salaries and submit your review to me as soon as possible.


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