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March 2, 2015 at 1:00 PM - Governance: Public Relations, Technology, and Planning

I. Governance: Public Relations, Technology, and Planning
Rationale:  1.  Review Meeting Portal:

2.  Review Regular Board Meeting Structure and committee responsibilities.

3.  Review Strategic Planning Committee Focus.

4.  Review FMP Portal. (Tech-it, Requisition/Inventory)

5. Set next meeting date:  April 13th @ 1:00 PM

Technology Program: (Servers, Computers/iPads, Copiers/Printers, Software/Apps, Networks, Curriculum, Staffing)

Target Area Strategies: 

1.  Develop K-12 technology curriculum.

2.  Develop job descriptions and hire/assign technology staff. 

3.  Develop a PK-12 professional development plan, training and support to promote technology implementation and improved student achievement.

4.  Develop a budget and timeline to support hardware & software purchases and professional development.  Increase access to technology (laptops, iPads, etc…) at SES, Fisher’s and Richland.

Action Plans

  1. Develop a replacement cycle for technology hardware and software programs.
  2. Develop a replacement/redistribution cycle for copy machines across the district.
  3. Develop a plan an submit an RFP to upgrade building networks (e-rate funded)
  4. Continue to promote and support professional development using the portal and EMC videos.
  5. Continue expansion of Discovery Education Program implementation at SMS.
  6. Continue professional development with Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC) at SMS.
  7. Develop a plan to expand iPad use at SES and Rural Attendance Centers.

School Governance and Public Relations:
(Board, Administration, Communication, Parent/Community Relations)

Target Area Strategies:

1.  Expand the district website to provide increased access to information and promote staff/parent/community relations. 

2.  Develop a plan to make better use of newspapers, local TV programs, school electronic signs, Cargill Bulletin Board, and school/community meetings to communicate with our parents and district patrons.  

3.  Develop a schedule for parent/community workshops to promote increased involvement and awareness of technology used in the district. 

4.  Explore options for electronically translating websites, meeting information, etc… to allow parents and non-English speaking community members’ access to important information. 

5.  Develop a plan to increase the number of professionals proficient in both English and Spanish.  Provide bilingual training for all staff.

6.  Develop a plan to expand opportunities for parents and community members to attend parenting education programs, build relationships, and volunteer at the elementary level.

7.  Increase Teacher Residency/Involvement:  We currently have 50% of our teachers, 75% of staff living in our district.  Increasing employee residency and school/community involvement would strengthen both our school and community.

Action Plans

  1. Hosted student/staff/parent technology workshop (Kevin Honeycutt) in January 2015.
  2. Expand Foundation Staff Recognition Program to include food service, custodial, and office personnel.
  3. Set dates for staff requisition and inventory completion.
    1. COOP Orders open February 23rd, due March 30th.
    2. FMP Requisitions open February 1st, due May 1st.
    3. Inventory updates due June 1st.
  4. Coordinate with Schuyler Community Development and Housing Director to conduct a district-wide housing survey.

School Climate:
(Learning Environment, Behavior, Communication, Professional Development, Supplies/Materials)

Target Area Strategies:

1.  Develop a district-wide system to coordinate teacher requisition and classroom inventory.

2.  Develop a professional development calendar outlining educational programs for certificated and classified staff throughout the school year.

3.  Develop an orientation and professional development program to support new teachers to the district.

4.  Develop and implement a plan to emphasize the impact of a positive staff/student climate on student achievement and staff retention.

5.  Research and develop a behavior management system that promotes consistent expectations, and improved student performance.

6.  Provide additional counselors at PK-8 level to address core issues.

7.  Provide access to gyms/facilities at SES before school and indoor recesses.

Action Plans:

  1. Hosted district-wide professional development workshop to promote staff relationships and morale. (Dave Weber)
  2. Hosted district-wide professional development workshop to promote communication.(VJ Smith)
  3. Conduct 2015 COOP requisitions, FMP requisitions, and update district-wide inventory.
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