Public Meeting Minutes: March 14, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Work Session Regular Meeting


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March 14, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Work Session Regular Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2016 at 5:00 PM - Work Session Regular Meeting
I. Work Session
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call of Board
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance
I.D. Recognitions
I.E. Presentations
I.E.1. Columbus High School Staff
Discussion:  Candy Becher was excused. The New World Singers sang "Walk A Mile" for the Board. Nine new people were hired this year and 36 percent of the CHS staff has 1-5 years of experience, which means the majority of the staff fall into this area. World Languages teacher Liliana Velasco is using in the classroom. This program allows teachers to download short video clips that can be edited and items to be added to make it interactive with the students. Velasco said she will receive a report that tells if the students completed the exercise or not, and you can download responses into an Excel document. Brandy Singleton teaches ELL, pre-algebra, algebra and geometry classes. She used technology for her students to do a survey project. The class was split into partners of two, and the survey was kept very simple. Students had to interview 50 students and get their answers to a question. For example, one group did it on a person’s favorite sport. The students had to ask the person his or her name and his or her favorite sport from the four choices. Within the answers, the students had to count how many people chose each category and the percent. They also had to figure the percent of girls and boys that selected each category. In addition, they also had to create graphics in Excel. Anne Robertson used technology in her world history class, and this year, they focused on big ideas and not necessarily chronological order. One of the big ideas was how has economics influenced developed and non-developed nations. The students looked at factors that helped a country to develop or not develop. Each student had to pick out a country to study and compare it to the U.S. The big piece was their interpretation of the data. Stacie Roberts co-teaches English with Dave Licari and also teaches one non co-taught English class. She is working on a project where the students can use iBook Author. Animal Farm is required reading for all freshmen. The target goal is to take Animal Farm to the next level. All the parts will be compiled together, so the students can see a complete review of the book. She said with this project they are using the SAMR Model where you use technology to enhance as well as transform the learning. The students will be starting the project on April 11, and receive training in iBook Author. Jeff Peabody said he struggles with how to use technology with 50 kids. Peabody said the challenge is needing to hear the kids play individually. He created in Google Classroom a place to distribute information and a place where students can submit things back. A program,, asks kids to identify notes and after completing the test, will provide the teacher with a progress report. The report can then be uploaded into Google classroom. Peabody said in three minutes, students should be able to identify 100 notes. In Quick Time, students can also do an audio recording. Peabody said this allows him to collect more data on what students can do on an individual basis. CHS has a new program for students to become a certified Microsoft Specialist in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Jason Schapmann said this is using technology that the school currently has. This will enable students to learn skills that will be needed for college and in the business world. The students in the Information Technology II class do an online curriculum and do practice test. They must score 650 or above before they can become Microsoft certified. In the state, CHS students are ranked in first place in PowerPoint and Excel and one student has qualified for nationals. CHS does well in NeSA writing with 80 percent of the students scoring proficient. This is the first year CHS students will be doing the MAPS testing. The goal is for juniors to take the ACT more than one time. John Baylor said if students take the ACT more than three times they will improve each time. Woodside said CHS students need to get to a point where they realize the benefits to taking it multiple times. He said students need to be motivated and understand the ACT better. He said once they do, they will score much better. CHS scored a 2 (good) on the AQuESTT Classification. He said the demographics of CHS are changing with the white population decreasing by 6 percent and the Hispanic population increasing by 24 percent, which is creating a more diverse population. The graduation rate for 2015 was 86.67 percent, and the goal is to be at 90 percent. For the 2015-16 senior class, in order to reach the 90 percent goal, 288 students out of the 319 must graduate. He said CHS has been helped by students who stay a fifth year because they typically graduate. Woodside said the administration and teachers need to keep students on track starting their freshmen year. Woodside said the school is in a transition. He said there is a lot of work to be done to move forward and to make sure things are right.
I.E.2. Hausmann Construction Update
Discussion:  Chad Wiles of Hausmann said the STEM area should be on the final punch list by June 21, and the work should be done at that time. He said they are making really good progress. The skinny area of STEM should be completed by July 26 to August 1, with the delay coming from waiting on the cabinets. The first floor of area G should be on the punch list by August 15 and the second floor by September 1. The majority of the other areas will be finished up in October and November. The last section to be finished will be Area C, which should be done by January 17. Wiles said they have been making progress since the weather has been good, and they could continue to make up time. Wiles said they have been working Saturdays and 65 hours a week to catch up. He said they are doing things that won't cost the school any money and will help meet the schedule. Wiles said at some point, they may need to accelerate the project. He said Hausmann is always working on options and solutions to problems.
I.F. Regular Board Meeting Information
II. Executive Session
Discussion:  The board did not go into executive session.
III. Adjourn
Discussion:  The board adjourned at 6:28 p.m.
IV. Board Meeting
IV.A. Call to Order
IV.B. Roll Call of Board
IV.C. Pledge of Allegiance
IV.D. Notice of Open Meeting Posted
IV.D.1. President insures all can hear proceedings
IV.E. Mission Statement
Discussion:  Mike Goos read the Mission Statement.
IV.F. Opportunity for Public to be Heard
Discussion:  No one spoke to the board.
IV.G. Board Special Functions
IV.H. Recognitions
Discussion:  There were no recognitions.
IV.I. Presentations
IV.I.1. Presentation on Lunchtime Solutions by Denni Winter
Discussion:  Lunchtime Solutions presented to the board. Lunchtime Solutions is currently in five states and serves over 135,000 students. Denni Winter from Lunchtime Solutions said she started talking with CPS early this year. The company contracts with districts K-12 to provide food service management. The company is based out of North Sioux City, South Dakota. They look at home cooked food for the kids and want to bring in local growers to provide food. She said they typically, hire back all the food service employees and won’t cut wages. Winter said they try to take those employees to the next level and help them understand the guidelines of the government. Winter said they also try to do some fun things like host a tailgate party for high school kids and bring in a chef to do some demonstration. Right now the participation in the lunch program at Columbus is about 66 percent. The more lunches the school sells, the more they will raise reimbursements. Winter predicts if they take over the program, there would be about 4.2 percent increase in students eating lunch the first year. The district has had a surplus of $60,000 to $80,000. With Lunchtime Solutions they anticipate a surplus of about $105,000. Winter said they don't push the al a carte food because this is not reimbursable. She said CPS has excellence food choices now and they just want to help the district to enhance that. If hired, they will take over the purchases, bills, work compensation, food service employees and menus. They will also provide the state with reports and will meet with the superintendent and business manager once a month. The district does remain in control of the program. The district will tell them what they want to charge and what they want served. Winter said they can provide a grab and go breakfast and break times as well as breakfast in the classrooms for elementary and middle school students. She said they would be looking for fresh fruit and vegetable programs to receive some grant funding as well as options for gardening grants and equipment grants. There will be 8-10 fresh fruits and vegetables on the cart daily and students can go back as often as they want. Winter said their main job is to administrator the program and oversee the staff. They also employ three registered dietitians. She said the chef will also test recipes with kids.
IV.J. Items to be removed from the Consent Agenda
Discussion:  No items were removed from the consent agenda.
IV.K. Consent Agenda
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said hiring season is in full swing. There have been seven certified hires and three resignations. There have been two classified hires and one resignation.
IV.K.1. Approval of Minutes
IV.K.2. Certified Personnel
IV.K.3. Classified Personnel
IV.K.4. Professional Travel
IV.L. Acceptance of Gifts/Donations
Discussion:  The CPS Foundation, Centennial PAC, Lost Creek PTO, West Park PTO, North Park PTO, CMS PAC and Sports Boosters have given $2,414.11 back to the district in the month of February.
IV.M. Business Operations and Human Relations
IV.M.1. Financial Reports M2, M3, M4a
IV.M.2. Financial Report M4b
Discussion:  The board approved the $720 payment to Seipel Repair for a variety of repairs and maintenances on district vehicles.
IV.M.3. Administrative Functions
IV.M.3.1. Approval of Total Package Increase for Certificated Staff for 2016-2017
Discussion:  The board approved a 3.25 percent total package increase.
IV.M.3.2. Master Agreement for 2016-2017
Discussion:  The base salary increased to $35,880. The internal substitute pay increased by $2 an hour at the elementary, middle and high school levels. The insurance deductibles increased to $900 and $2,000. There were also several changes made to the extra-standard duty schedule. There will be increases in pay for drama, speech, debate and the musical, and these will be increased over a two-year period.
IV.M.3.3. Approval of Total Package Increase for Administrators 2016-2017
Discussion:  Administrator salaries total package will increase 3.25 percent.
IV.M.3.4. Approval of Total Package Increase for Classified Staff for 2016-2017
Discussion:  Executive Director of Business Operations Dave Melick said there are two new columns added to the classified pay schedule. The district has had difficulties finding people to take positions as high needs paras and second language fluent paras. The wages will be increased as well as the time increased to 7 hours, so they can receive benefits.
IV.M.3.5. TERIP Applications
Discussion:  The following teachers have applied for TERIP: Susan Braun, Jean Kamrath, Bonnie Malcolm, Michele Mueller, Dan Steiner and Lora Wieser. Melick said this will help with the shortfall in state aid. There were 23 teachers eligible.
IV.M.3.6. Additional Guidance Counselor at Columbus Middle School
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said this was something that was asked for in the strategic plan. He said it is especially needed now, as the middle school gets ready for the fifth graders.
IV.M.4. Updates
Discussion:  Melick said he will be out of the office for the next two weeks because he is traveling to Saudi Arabia to see his son and his wife and grandchild.
IV.N. Buildings & Sites/Technology
IV.N.1. Administrative Functions
IV.N.1.1. West Park Kindergarten Remodel/Carpet Replacement Project
Discussion:  There were two bids received from the specs for the remodel at West Park. The two bids were very close. Midwest Flooring agreed to do the job at a reasonable price and will let the district pay for part this budget year and part next budget year. Kwapnioski said if the district goes out for bids again, they will loose the preferred pricing from Midwest Flooring and it will be more expensive. He said overall the cost per square foot is very attractive, and they provided a complete breakdown of all the costs, and how the district would be billed. Kwapnioski said he would like to separate the construction project from the carpeting. He recommended going with the low bid from B-D Construction for $131,300 for the remodel and low bid from Stephens & Smith Construction of $11,825 to provide polish concrete in the entrance/hallway areas. Kwapnioski said some items have been reworked in the maintenance budget so the total carpeting project can be done now. He said Mike Grutsch prefers to do construction and remodel projects all at once rather than doing parts over a few years. Kwapnioski said the carpeting at West Park is not any good. This is also all the work that needs to be done at West Park. The district will be responsible for getting all furniture out. Midwest Floor will do the carpeting for $96,787 and $880 for the new resilient cover base for the polished concrete.
IV.N.2. Updates
Discussion:  John Huele has been holding off cutting the trees down but will be starting it shortly. Kwapnioski said everything is going well, and they will keep going forward. The work on the administration building heating and air conditioner is in the final stages. They are working on the electrical wiring and finishing up the dry wall.
IV.O. Curriculum and Instruction
IV.O.1. Administrative Functions
IV.O.1.1. CPS 2016-17 School Calendars
Discussion:  Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Amy Romshek said there were no changes in dates to what she presented last month. There are two calendars one if the high school moves in January and one if it doesn’t move in January. With the move, school will begin on August 18 and will end on May 30. There have been two snow days built into the calendar, and if they are not used, the end date will be moved back to May 25. Parents will be informed on the end date by April 14. The calendar would allow for things to be moved into the building and Hausmann could still be finishing up a few things. The last area to be done is the kitchen, and the flooring could hold things up. Christmas break at this time is Jan. 2-10, but this may need to be adjusted. Dr. Loeffelholz said the community will need to be flexible. He said by Christmas break, the administration should know how things are going. If the school needs to move on January 2, more workers may need to be hired to finish the project. The other calendar starts on the same day but the last day of school would be May 25, which also includes two snow days. If these days aren’t used, the last day of school will be May 23.
IV.O.1.2. K - 6 Reading Series from McGraw-Hill
Discussion:  Romshek said the reading series is $61,000 less than she reported last month.
IV.O.1.3. Choir Trip to New York
Discussion:  Vocal music teacher Jacob Ritter said the trip will give them a chance to take it to the next level. The opportunity came about because CHS entered the Macy's video contest. Although they didn’t win the $25,000, they did get noticed. Ritter said he was contacted by Distinguished Concerts International New York, which is the company that Macy uses for their contest. There were over 100 videos that were reviewed, and only four schools were extended an invite, and CHS was one of those four. As a result of being invited to participate in the Total Vocal series, they will get to work with Deke Sharon a famous cappella music producer. Ritter said this will be an in depth musical experience for the students, and they will work with trained and world-class musicians. Ritter said in addition to New World, he sent the company a video of the concert choir, and they were invited to attend as well. He said they are currently looking for different travel companies because he would like as many students as possible to attend. Ritter said the experience will be worthwhile for the students because they will be inspired to raise the bar for their cappella singing. Ritter said there are 75 kids in concert choir, which included all the New World Singers. He said the New World Singers can also audition to be featured at the concert as well.
IV.O.2. Updates
Discussion:  Central Nebraska Rehabilitation Services is who the district contracts for OT/PT services. Last year they were paid $112,000 and served 110 students. This company offers the lowest bids for this service, and Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services Jason Harris said it is difficult to find an OT/OP person. He said the district is only billed when they see students or consult with teachers.
IV.P. Student Services
IV.P.1. Administrative Functions
IV.P.1.1. Central Nebraska Rehabilitation Services Contract
Discussion:  Central Nebraska Rehabilitation Services is whom the district contracts for OT/PT services. Last year they were paid $112,000 and served 110 students. This company offers the lowest bids for this service, and Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services Jason Harris said it is difficult to find an OT/OP person. He said the district is only billed when they see students or consult with teachers.
IV.P.1.2. Tuition rates for the District and Special Education, 2016-17
Discussion:  Melick said the district can't charge less than the per pupil cost for the year in tuition. He said he is recommending a 1.5 percent increase for elementary and 2.1 percent increase for secondary. The tuition rate for elementary and middle school will be $9,900 and for high school $12,000. Melick said this has not come into play much but that could change in the future. Harris said he is recommending for special education a 2.5 percent increase in the four different categories. The annual cost of high needs/autism plus support/autism communication life skills is $47,154; for resource $29,580; non-public resource $10,004; and project search $10,004. The per day cost of high needs is $271 (174 days); for resource $170 per day (174 days); non-public resource $61.00 per day (164 days) and for project search $61 per day (164 days).
IV.P.1.3. Special Education 2016-2017 Service Agreement with ESU7
Discussion:  The district only contracts with ESU 7 for OT/PT and vision services. Harris said last year he tried to advertise for someone for vision but didn’t have any luck. ESU bills the district monthly.
IV.P.2. Updates
Discussion:  Harris discussed special education funding. He said there has been a 46 percent increase in students with significant disabilities. Harris said schools are seeing more of an increase in significant disabilities than mild disabilities. Harris said if the special education reimbursement drops, the funds must be covered by local funds.
IV.Q. Superintendent's Report
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said LB 958 and LB 959 have not come out of committee yet, and this is a good thing. He said GNSA opposed foundation aid, but this bill is dead in the water. There are 20 students in Washington DC this week for Close-up. He told the board if they want to follow the trip to go to @cpscloseup on Twitter. The vocal concert and play were both excellent. He said the district recently received another $50,000 donation for STEM. The total cost raised so far is $380,000 of committed funds over the next few years. He said this will enable the district to apply for more grants. Dr. Loeffelholz said some equipment could be bought, and they could start moving into the STEM area this summer. He said he has visited with several businesses and is now doing follow ups, and he will be doing first visits with four companies this week.
IV.R. Board Sharing
Discussion:  Tim Pospisil thanked Steven Woodside and his staff for the presentation at the high school. He said he loves seeing the students using technology in the classroom. Ken Curry agreed that the high school presentation was good, and it is a great school. He said the winter play was different but very good, and the kids were awesome. The middle school is doing Shrek the Musical this weekend with performances at 7 p.m. He said he enjoyed going around Emerson for Staff Appreciation Day. Doug Molczyk said the wrestling team did well this year. He said he was also impressed with the vocal concert and is looking forward to the middle school play. Molczyk said he is also excited about Playground Palooza, and the Police Union donated $2,000 toward the inclusive playground. He said he enjoyed the high school presentation and they have an excellent staff. Theresa Seipel is looking forward to middle school play. She enjoyed seeing how the technology is working. She said the district is lucky to have Brandi Fleming. She said she is looking forward to going to the national school board convention. She said she is also glad to see things are progressing at high school. Dr. Loffelholz said he will set up time when the weather gets nicer to go out to the construction site and do a tour again. Mike Goos said there are many opportunities to attend sessions through the school board association. He said there will be a lot of challenges moving into the new building. These are all challenges that will help the district grow. He said he is very proud and feels fortunate to be a part of that.
V. Executive Session
Discussion:  The board went into executive session at 9 p.m.
VI. Adjourn
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