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January 16, 2017 at 5:00 PM - Work Session Regular Meeting

I. Board Meeting
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call of Board
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance
I.D. Notice of Open Meeting Posted
I.D.1. President insures all can hear proceedings
I.E. Mission Statement
Discussion:  Doug Molczyk read the Mission Statement.
I.F. Opportunity for Public to be Heard
Discussion:  No one spoke to the board.
I.G. Board Special Functions
I.G.1. CHS Schedule Change Proposal Presentation

CHS Principal Steve Woodside said there were 20 out of 80 staff involved in the program/schedule change proposal. Those on the committee have a total of 261 years of experience, and there were 12 out of 13 departments represented.  CHS Advantage Plus Program Coordinator Kim Ek covered the questions asked of her committee.  Some of those included: discussing what advisement would look like and interventions. She said they are working on adding details to the program especially in the areas of intervention and enrichment. Intervention will now be done once week instead of once at the end of a quarter.  Ek said the committee surveyed the staff and 82 percent approved of the schedule change. The freshmen and sophomore schedules will be more specific and streamlined, and the junior and senior schedule will allow for more flexibility to concentrate on their chosen programs of study. Ek said the goal was to tighten things up at the freshmen and sophomore levels. She said this will allow the teachers for ninth and tenth graders to be more focused and help more with intervention.


Intervention will be designed on a three-week rotation of priority classes. If students need help in specific math class, they can go to a specific room and get help. The intervention and enrichment will be for 60 minutes. Ek said this will allow students to split time if they need intervention in two classes, and allow for enrichment to be a whole hour. Ek said the idea is to keep students in school all day. Superintendent Dr. Troy Loeffelholz said this is a good plan and now the gaps just need to be filled in. One board member asked if a person voted no on the survey will anything be done to find out why. Woodside said there were no plans for a follow survey. He said one of the teachers’ concerns is rhythm. He said some staff think the schedule needs to be the same every day. Woodside said with the current schedule, the schedule is all over the place.  He said everyone needs to get on the same page. Woodside said work place learning is a key part of the STEM Academy. He said the seven periods a day will give students time to go out and experience the workplace. Woodside said this will give students a lot more flexibility without interrupting class time. The new program can be tailored to meet the needs of students. 

I.G.2. Recommendation of New Board Member

The board selected Tim Pospisil to replace Ken Curry, who resigned in December. Theresa Seipel said she was on the recommendation committee and all three applications were shared with the entire board. She said Tim Pospisil has experience because of his work on the board for the past year. Mike Goos said he brings a good balance to the board. Candy Becher said he was the only one who ran for the positions and received quite a few votes.

I.G.3. Administer Oath of Office to Doug Willoughby
Discussion:  Mr. Willoughby took the oath of office from Superintendent Loeffelholz.
I.G.4. Election of President for 2017

Theresa Seipel was elected board president. 

I.G.5. Election of Vice President for 2017
Discussion:  Candy Becher was elected the board vice president
I.G.6. Administer Oath of Office to New Board President and Vice President for 2017.
I.G.7. Appointments by the Board President

All appointments were approved by the board. 

I.G.8. Committee and Foundation Board Appointments

The following members were appointed to the board sub-committees: Building and Sites: Pospisil and Molczyk; Curriculum: Becher and Willoughby; Finance & Personnel: Molczyk & Goos; Policy: Pospisil & Goos; Committee on Americanism: Becher, Willoughby & Goos; School District of Columbus Foundation Board: Seipel & Becher; Representative to the NASB Legislative Relations Network: Molczyk.

I.G.9. Appointment of Dr. Troy Loeffelholz as the Affirmative Action Coordinator

Dr. Loeffelholz said state statue requires someone to be appointed as the affirmative action coordinator.

I.H. Recognitions
I.H.1. Gilbert "Buddy" Maschmeier - Years of Service

Buddy Maschmeier was recognized for his years of service to CPS as the DARE/GREAT police officer.

I.H.2. Jeff Peabody - Band Awards

The CHS Band received several awards while in San Diego for the Holiday Bowl.  There were five awards given and CHS earned three. They received the following honors: Parade Competition: first place AA; Parade Competition: Outstanding Percussion; Parade Competition: Outstanding Music AA; and Outstanding Color Guard.  They also received a plaque for playing during halftime at the Holiday Bowl. CHS Band Director Jeff Peabody said there were bands from Arizona, California, Oklahoma, and a Southwest Iowa Honor Band. Peabody said it was a wonderful experience for the band, and the kids are wonderful representatives of CHS. Some of the highlights for the students were: seeing other bands outside of Nebraska; playing with other bands during the half-time show; prepping for the parade; learning the history of Old Town San Diego; and being able to perform away from Nebraska.

I.I. Presentations
I.J. Items to be removed from the Consent Agenda
Discussion:  No items were removed from the consent agenda.
I.K. Consent Agenda

There is one teacher resignation for next year. Nathaniel Polacek has resigned and is moving back to Kearney to be closer to family.  Jeff Bartels went to the NCSA-NAESP Conference Awards Luncheon in Kearney because the after school program received an award.

I.K.1. Approval of Minutes
I.K.2. Certified Personnel
I.K.3. Classified Personnel
I.K.4. Professional Travel
I.L. Acceptance of Gifts/Donations

There were $25,795.23 contributions for the month of December from the Foundation, Band Boosters, CMS PAC, Lost Creek PTO, Centennial PAC, Alumni Basketball, Emerson PTO, North Park PTO, West Park PTO and Sports Boosters. Dr. Loeffelholz said some of the donations include:  band equipment, the Close-Up trip, T-shirts, coaches’ summer weight room pay, and a welding curtain system. Dr. Loeffelholz said the amount will be higher next month because of the STEM equipment that has been ordered. He also said there will be $675,000 of grants coming to the Foundation.

I.M. Business Operations and Human Relations
I.M.1. Financial Reports M2, M3, M4a

Executive Director of Business Operations/Human Resources Dave Melick said that there was a $20,000 purchase of Dell computers for the STEM lab. He said there was also $27,000 in grants received for landscaping at the high school. Melick said this will be kept until the bill from Mulhalls is received.

I.M.2. Financial Report M5

Melick said these are the expenditures that are paid a little ahead because they are local vendors or other places that need to be paid sooner.

I.M.3. Policies
I.M.3.1. Second Reading of Policy 706.05 Reimbursable Expenses for Employees, Board Members, and Volunteers

Melick said this policy enables the district to provide to staff and volunteer staff such as meals, snacks and reimbursement for mileage. He said without this policy, the district would not be able to do these things.

I.M.4. Administrative Functions
I.M.4.1. School Fundraising Applications for Second Semester 2016-2017

Melick said all fundraising requests meet the district’s policy.

I.M.4.2. Declaration of Surplus Items

Melick said many items from the high school are textbooks and there is also a vending machine from middle school. He said in the future, the schools will keep a running list of surplus items that need to be disposed of.

I.M.4.3. TERIP Proposal 2016-2017

Melick said with the uncertainty of state aid next year, the district is wanting to offer a Temporarily Early Retirement Incentive Program. He said this will allow administration to have conversations with the 20 staff who are at least 55 and qualify for rule of 85. Melick said thisis a cost savings measure.

I.N. Buildings & Sites/Technology
I.N.1. Policies
I.N.1.1. Second and Final Reading of Policy 606.06 Acceptable Use of Computer, Technology and the Internet

Dr. Loeffelholz said this is an acceptable use policy for computers and social media as well as appropriate use on the job and at home. He said it is very defined on what people can and cannot do and is very inclusive. Dr. Loeffelholz said there will not be someone sitting in front of the computer 24 hours a day monitoring staff. He said if there is a misuse, things will be investigated.

I.N.2. Administrative Functions
I.O. Curriculum and Instruction
I.O.1. Administrative Functions
I.O.1.1. CHS 2017-2018 Course Description, A Guide to Registration

CHS Principal Steve Woodside said there are not a lot of changes from year to year. He said the graduation requirements are the same for all students. Some of the early entry page additions include: College Algebra, English 11 College Prep and future science course. Woodside said he is trying to get staff qualified to teach dual credit courses.  He said the next class to be offered as dual credit will be Principles of Marketing because the teacher is qualified. Seniors can now take speech. Woodside said art also went through a curriculum revision. He said it has gone to a more tiered system. Tier 1 will feature art techniques, art explorations and photography. Tier two courses will be 2D and 3D media, and tier 2 will be advanced 3d media. In music, there was a mixed chorus added. The math area has also been revised. Algebra will now be for ninth graders, Geometry for tenth graders, Algebra II for eleventh graders. Advanced Algebra and Trig will be discontinued and college algebra will be added for juniors. In the physical education area, freshmen will get strength training and conditioning, and non-athletes will take fitness in 9th and 10th grades. Woodside said the strength and conditioning program that was started this year has gone well. He said the physical education waiver has been discontinued. In science all freshmen will take biology. He said there are also plans to offer honors biology at the senior level. In the skilled and technical sciences area, there will be room to do mock ups of construction, and the advance course is where building will take place. Advanced Robotics will also be a new course. With the applied career exploration area, Woodside said the idea is to get more kids with people in the community and give them experience.

I.O.1.2. College Algebra Course Approval

Executive Director of Curriculum Amy Romshek said a lot of curriculum courses are being rewritten at the high school. She said College Algebra can be offered as a dual credit option. She said there are seven units, and the course must align with Central Community College. She said the 30 textbooks for the class will cost $8,175 and with this also comes online access. School Board member Candy Becher asked if it is a college course, why is the district paying for the textbook? Romshek said since the course is being offered at CHS, the district pays for the book. However, she said if they would take it at CCC, the students would need to pay. The course will be five credits at CHS and three at CCC.

I.O.1.3. CHS Schedule Change Proposal

Theresa Seipel said she likes the enrichment part. Candy Becher said she likes that mid-day is no longer there. Dr. Loeffelholz said there might need to be some discussion about the number of hours needed for graduation. He said if a full seven periods are taken, that would be 280 credits. Dr. Loeffelholz said this will be addressed by the CHS staff and administration at a later time.

I.P. Student Services
I.P.1. Administrative Functions
I.Q. Superintendent's Report

Dr. Loeffelholz said there are a large number of bills that affect education in the Legislature right now. He said he will give a legislative update at the next board meeting. There are currently 54 bills that affect education being followed.

I.R. Board Sharing

Doug Willoughby said it is an honor to be on the board. He said he is enjoying the comradery of the board. Willoughby said he is very thankful to be elected. Mike Goos congratulated Willoughby on being elected to the board. He said Willoughby will provide a lot of insight. Goos also wished Theresa Seipel good luck as she takes over as president. He said the board needs to be educated on what is going on in the Legislature. Dr. Loeffelholz said he will share a list of all the bills with the board. Candy Becher welcomed Doug Willoughby. She said she is also happy Tim Pospisil is back. She said she also loves the new schedule. Doug Molczyk also welcomed Doug Willoughby. He said he is also looking forward to Pospisil coming back on the board. He asked if there will be fifth grade band, and CMS Principal Amy Haynes said yes, but it would be a modified version. Theresa Seipel welcomed Doug Willoughby and is anxious to have Pospisil back on the board. She said she was glad school was closed for the ice. Dr. Loeffelholz said there were no complaints about closing, but there were some on waiting too long to decide to close. Dr. Loeffelholz said he wants to thank the other two candidates for applying.

II. Executive Session

The board did not go into executive session.

III. Adjourn

The board adjourned at 7:41 p.m.

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