Public Meeting Minutes: September 12, 2011 at 5:00 PM - Work Session, Hearings and Regular Meeting of the Board of Education


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September 12, 2011 at 5:00 PM - Work Session, Hearings and Regular Meeting of the Board of Education Minutes

September 12, 2011 at 5:00 PM - Work Session, Hearings and Regular Meeting of the Board of Education
I. Listening Session
I.A. Begins at 4:30 p.m. and is intended for building staff and appointed board members.
II. Call To Order - Work Session
III. Board Work Session
III.A. North Park Elementary School Presentation
Discussion:  North Park Principal Bob Hausmann and members of his staff went over test scores and programs for intervention.
III.B. 2010-2011 ACT Results
Discussion:  Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Amy Romshek said the ACT scores were a little higher than the national average and a little below the state average. This year the entire junior class will take ACT. The State Department of Education is covering the cost to do the testing of all juniors. The idea is this will help students know where they are for college prep and may encourage more to go to college. Romshek said however, when all take the test instead of just half, the scores may not improve. The juniors will take the test in the spring. This test will take place when the freshmen are taking the Explore Test and the sophomores the Plan Test. The freshmen have been taking the Explore Test for two years, and this year all-8th graders will also be taking the Explorer Test.
III.C. NeSA Benchmark Assessments
Discussion:  Dr. Romshek discussed the NeSA state testing results and the districts quality indicators.
III.D. Executive Session
IV. Dinner at ESU7/CPS Student Services Building - No business will be discussed.
V. Call to order - Board Meeting
VI. Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
VII. Open Meeting Notice of Posted Law
VII.A. President insures that all can hear the proceedings
VIII. Mission Statement
IX. Special Hearing on Policy 1005.02 - Annual review on Parent Relations Goals
Discussion:  No one spoke at the special hearing on Policy 1005.02, annual review on Parent Relations Goals.
X. Special Hearing for purpose of receiving public input on the 2011-2012 Columbus Public Schools Budget
Discussion:  No one spoke at the special hearing for the purpose of receiving public input on the 2011-12 school budget.
XI. Open Forum
XII. Recognitions
XIII. Consent Agenda
XIII.A. Approval of Minutes for the meeting of August 8, 2011
XIII.B. Certified Personnel Action
Discussion:  No Attachment
XIII.C. Classified Personnel Action
XIII.D. Extra-Duty Assignments
XIII.E. Surplus Property
XIII.F. Professional Travel Report
XIV. Financial Reports
XV. Special Administrative Functions
XV.A. General Fund, Building Fund, and Asbestos Fund Budgets for 2011-2012
Discussion:  The general fund budget for the 2011-12 school year will be $34,147,175. The total levy will be $1.143 for both the general fund and bond fund. Interim Part-Time Director of Business Operations Bob Waite said the district lost around $2 million in ARRA funds, but the property values increased 4.25 percent. He said the Bond Fund is down from last year because the evaluations increased. Waite said the district will need to amend the budget because some of the ARRA money has not been spent yet.
XV.B. Tax Request, 2011-2012
Discussion:  There was no discussion.
XV.C. Board Goals for 2011-2012
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz pointed out that the two goals were updated for the upcoming school year.
XV.D. CPS Safety and Security Committee for 2011-2012
Discussion:  Mr. Kwapnioski, Executive Director of Technology submitted the committee members as follows: Leonard Kwapnioski, Michelle Cruise, Donna Osantowski, Mary Hellbusch, John Petersen, Chris Grutsch, Jenny Meyer, Janelle Ryan, Jody Haack, Amy Haynes, Karla Bartlett, Jean Kamrath, Cal Mustard, John Krogstand, Tom Wunderlich and Ken Curry. Those on the security committee include: Leonard Kwapnioski, Tom Wunderlich, Jodi Hefti, Chief Bill Gumm, Chief Dean Hefti, Bob Hasumann, Jon Frey and Doug Kluth.
XV.E. Second Reading and Final Approval of Revised Policy 506.09, Student Physicals for Participation in Athletics
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz pointed out that that the concussion portion of this policy will remain and that students would need to have clearance at six levels to compete.
XV.F. First Reading of Revised Policies
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said there are not major changes just adding of some language.
XV.G. First Reading of New Policy 508.15.1, Concussion Awareness
Discussion:  CHS Activities Coordinator John Krogstrand said this policy applies to all sports and activities and is not just school specific.
XV.H. First Reading of New Policy 410.50, Employee Leave
Discussion:  This is an umbrella policy that includes things in master agreement and applies to year round employees.
XV.I. Administrative Personnel Hire
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said Waite is doing an excellent job and making recommendations on how to do things better. He said luckily the budget was left in good shape because of Jeff Page. Dianne Mapes will be trained on some of the budget functions to help make the transition for the new director of business operations in July. Waite is paid an hourly wage plus mileage from Norfolk.
XVI. Superintendent's Report
Discussion:  There are 12 districts that stand to loose a lot of money under the new state aid formula and CPS is one of them. Dr. Loeffelholz said Bob Waite and he will go to Lincoln on Friday to meet with the schools that will be effected by this loss. Some of the other districts include: Hastings, Grand Island, Lincoln, Fremont, Kearney and South Sioux. He said under the new formula, state aid based on student population does not take into consideration poverty and other things. The amount of money that could be lost is between $30 plus million to 1.2 million. Dr. Loeffelholz said as it stands now CPS will lose $1.7 million. He said there will be a lot of policies that will need to be tweaked over the next few months. The next bond committee meeting is Sept. 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the media center at the high school. The speaker’s bureau has spoken to 200 people and hopes to get in front of at least 2,000. There are currently 41 speaking engagements set. The bond vote will be on Oct. 11. Dr. Loeffelholz said he has been answering the negative blogs with facts on the Telegram website. He said he is trying to make sure the people who read the blogs have the correct information.
XVI.A. NASB Area Membership Meeting in Norfolk
Discussion:  Francis Kuehler will be in Fremont during the NASB area membership meeting in Norfolk. Alan Dostal, Ken Curry, Barb Lehr and Mike Goos will be leaving at 4:30 p.m. to go to Norfolk.
XVII. Board Sharing
XVIII. Adjourn
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