Public Meeting Minutes: February 19, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting


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February 19, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting
I. Board Meeting
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call of Board
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance
I.D. Notice of Open Meeting Posted
I.D.1. President insures all can hear proceedings
I.E. Mission Statement
I.F. Opportunity for Public to be Heard
Discussion:  No one spoke to the board.
I.G. Board Special Functions
I.G.1. Option Enrollment Resolution, 2018-2019 / Student-Within-Transfers, 2018-2019
Discussion:  This resolution will set the limits for option enrollments in terms of class size.
I.G.2. DLR Amendment to Professional Services Agreement
I.G.3. CPS Calendars for 2018-2019 (Final) and 2019-2020 (First Draft)
I.G.4. First Reading of Policy 504.13 Hazing, Initiation, Secret Societies or Gang Activities
I.G.5. First Reading of Policy 504.19 Bullying Prevention
I.G.6. First Reading of Policy 509.02 Student Memorials and Gifts to School District
Discussion:  The district will keep the existing policy.
I.H. Recognitions
Discussion:  There were no recognitions.
I.I. Items to be removed from the Consent Agenda
I.J. Consent Agenda
I.J.1. Approval of Minutes
I.J.2. Financial Reports M2, M3, M4a
I.J.3. Financial Report M4b
I.J.4. Financial Report M5
I.J.5. Certified Personnel
I.J.6. Classified Personnel
I.J.7. Professional Travel
I.K. Acceptance of Gifts/Donations
I.L. Business Operations and Human Relations
I.L.1. Administrative Functions
I.L.1.1. Approval of the Master Agreement and Salary/Benefit Package between the Columbus Education Association and the CPS Board of Education for the 2018-19 school year.
Discussion:  The Master Agreement and Salary/Benefit Package was removed from the agenda and will be brought back for approval in March.
I.L.2. Updates
Discussion:  There were 22 eligible and six took advantage of the opportunity. The following will be retiring: CHS English teacher Judy DeNio; CHS School Counselor Kevin Lewandowski; Emerson Physical Education Teacher John Petersen; North Park second grade teacher Deanna Hoffman; Lost Creek fourth grade teacher Dianne Skiles; and Lost Creek Principal Jeff Bartels. Melick said there have been six certified staff members that have taken advantage of the early retirement in each of the last two years.
I.M. Buildings & Sites/Technology
I.M.1. Administrative Functions
I.M.1.1. Lamp, Rynearson & Associates Bid
I.M.1.2. Grasshopper 900D Mower
I.M.2. Updates
Discussion:  Elementary door locks were bid out and are due March 8. There are three companies that will bid on it. Executive Director of Operations and Technology Leonard Kwapnioski said the locks will be started as soon as school is out and finished by July 27. He said other safety and security updates are also being looked at for the elementary schools. Work will be done in phases, and there will need to be some building changes. He said the cameras and controls will be similar to the high school. The alarm systems at the elementary level will be taken out because the buildings are so open and used a lot. Kwapnioski said this will be no different than the high school and middle school. He said the locks and keys will be done first and then the wiring. Cameras will come in later.
I.N. Curriculum and Instruction
I.N.1. Administrative Functions
I.N.1.1. CHS 2017-2018 Course Descriptions
Discussion:  CHS Principal Steven Woodside said the credits needed is proportionate to the credits available. The classes of 2021 and 2022 will require 225 credits to graduate. The class of 2020 will require 235, and the class of 2019 will require 245 credits. Woodside said these are the minimum numbers that are required for graduation. He said students will still need to pass the 180 credits of core classes that are required. Woodside said college classes will not count towards graduation but dual credits will. He said the goal is to find a target that is reasonable. The changes reflect the electives the students need to take. Woodside said the expectation is for students to pass all classes. Board member Theresa Seipel said she appreciates the work the high school administration did in looking at the number of credits. Woodside said the change to a seven period day was the right thing to do, and now it is working to get all the pieces to fall in place. He said it is a work in progress.
I.N.1.2. Nebraska Science Standards
I.N.1.3. Approval of New Course Physical & Earth Science
I.N.2. Updates
I.O. Student Services
I.O.1. Administrative Functions
I.O.1.1. Special Education 2018-2019 Projections
I.O.1.2. Central Nebraska Rehabilitation Services Contract
I.O.2. Updates
Discussion:  Executive Director of Student Services and Special Education Jason Harris said the grant writer and he are finishing up the grant application for a new preschool. He said the new preschool will be housed at Lost Creek, but preference will be given to North Park kids.
I.P. Superintendent's Report
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz thanked the board for their service in honor of Board Appreciation Week. He said there are 27 applicants that applied for the Lost Creek Principal position and 11 have not completed the process. The deadline to submit an application is Feb. 23. The interview process will start on March 1. It is estimated that four applicants will be interviewed by the directors, elementary principals, Lost Creek parents, a Lost Creek teacher team; and by Dr. Loeffelholz. The applicants will also tour Lost Creek and be introduced to the staff, who can ask a few short questions. Dr. Loeffelholz said he has a short list of 8 candidates identified. He said the goal is to have a recommendation to the board by the March meeting. Dr. Loeffelholz said the district has already started hiring new staff. The staff must let the district know if they are coming back by March 15.
I.Q. Board Sharing
Discussion:  Tim Pospisil shared with the board and Dr. Loeffelholz about groups trying to gain access to student information. Doug Willoughby said he read about Kwapnioski’s dad celebrating his birthday in the newspaper. Mike Goos said with the early retirement staff, there is a lot of years of experience leaving. Jeff Bartels has been in the district 27 years. Goos said he found it interesting the variance between the graduation requirements for different schools. He said he thinks CPS is moving in the right direction. Doug Molczyk said that Woodside and his staff did a great job on the course description book. He said Lost Creek will lose a great principal, and the staff will miss him because they think a lot of Bartels. Theresa Seipel agreed that Bartels will be missed but not only by the staff but also the students. She said he knows all the kids' names. Seipel said she is glad the staff is involved in the students’ lives. She said she is also glad that the district will get another preschool room because it is needed. Dr. Loeffelholz said there are several vendors that will be sponsoring the board on the trip to the national school board meeting to help with the expenses
II. Executive Session
Discussion:  The board did not go into executive session.
III. Adjourn
Discussion:  The board adjourned at 6:22 p.m.
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