Public Meeting Minutes: April 16, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Committee As A Whole


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April 16, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Committee As A Whole Minutes

April 16, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Committee As A Whole
I. Committee As A Whole
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call of Board
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance
I.D. Notice of Open Meeting Posted
I.D.1. President insures all can hear proceedings
I.E. Presentations
I.E.1. Emerson Elementary Presentation
Discussion:  Emerson Elementary received a $17,000 fresh fruit and vegetable grant. This grant has enabled students to receive a snack four times a week. Executive Director Dave Melick said the district has every intention to continue with the fresh fruits and vegetables, but the big question is can it be expanded to other schools. He said there is a lot of preparation time that food service must do to get ready. All elementary schools are eligible except for Lost Creek. 

The high reliability schools revolves around building a collaborative culture.  Colford said Emerson staff have created a suggestion box, which has generated a lot of good ideas. She said one suggestion was to put together a staff directory so everyone could get to know each other. Another idea was a door decorating contest. A staff member also created a Google Doc of Emerson staff favorites, so if a staff member wants to show appreciation, they know what to get. The Employee of Week receives a special parking spot.
I.F. Board Special Functions
I.F.1. Acceptance of Proposal of Phase I Reuse of Old Middle School Property
Discussion:  Superintendent, Dr. Loeffelholz said a few months ago the district asked RVW to provide list of items in phases that could be processed in regards to the old middle school. He said the idea was to see what would be cost effective. Before the district can consider any of the other phases, it must look at phase 1, which includes researching cost of the demolition of the 1924, 1951, 1961, and 1965 areas as well as the third story of the 1988 additions. Loeffelholz said this would include eliminating most of the south side of the building. This cost does not include the costs of asbestos removal. There is also some concern that there is a joint wall between the 1988 and 1965 additions, which could mean both sections would either need to go or stay. It is recommended that the district will spend $21,900 on the study to know what everything will cost. The study would start once the board approves. If cost effective, the district can look at developing a plan for the north side of the building and decide how much to save on the south side for a possible daycare and preschool site. A preschool and daycare would need a sizeable playground or green space area.

Phase 2 of the study involves looking at the HVAC, zoning codes and floor spaces. He said this part will look at retaining and remodeling the northern portion of the 1988 and 1989 buildings. Executive Director Kwapnioski said there have been a lot of people who have expressed an interest in the building.  There has been a group working with the Chamber to make the building a group living facility for kids after they have gone through the Cassette Program. Kwapnioski said perhaps after the first phase study, the board may decide selling is a better option. He said the board should have some options to consider over the summer. The district does own 24 acres south of high school, and there is room to build something in that location. Kwapnioski said there has been some interest in the portables. He said the district will keep one at West park; however, if someone is interested in all three, the district would be willing to consider selling. One of the portables needs a new roof.


I.F.2. Excursion Form Approval/CHS Band (2)
Discussion:  This request is so that Drumline can start fundraising for their trip to Winter Guard International. The schedule and location are not yet available. Symphonic band goes on a trip every four years. Next year, they are requesting to go to Denver, CO. The cost of the trip is $500 per student, and the students will do a Broadway or orchestra performance. This will allow the students to begin fundraising for the trip. To be part of drumline, students must pay a fee and that covers some of the cost of the trip. If a student is in drumline and flag core, he or she must go on trip.
I.G. Consent Agenda
I.G.1. Approval of Minutes
I.G.2. Financial Reports M2, M3, M4a
I.G.3. Financial Report M4b
Discussion:  Seipel Repair will be paid $934.65 for brake replacement on the food service van and other work on vehicles.
I.G.4. Financial Report M5
Discussion:  Columbus Area United Way was paid $3,000 for the district’s quarterly share of the grant writer salary. Kimono was paid $4,810 for tech software.
I.G.5. Certified Personnel
Discussion:  Melick said the district is 80 percent done with the hiring of certified staff. He said there are 41 filled and 10 more remaining. This is including staff that are moving to another position in the district. Jordon Haas and Christine Morse also put in their resignations and will be approved at the regular board meeting.  Board member Candy Becher asked if the administration was concerned about all the new people in the art area at the high school. CHS Principal Steve Woodside said the candidates this year were of good quality. He said there is a good system in place with the instructional coaches. Woodside said the two art teachers that are leaving were impressed with the two candidates that are coming in. Candy Becher said the district needs to tap into experienced staff and bring the new teachers under their wing.

I.G.6. Classified Personnel
I.G.7. Professional Travel
Discussion:  There were several coaches and staff going to state meets in their sports, interview fairs, and workshops.  
I.H. Acceptance of Gifts/Donations
Discussion:  The CPS Foundation and umbrella organization have given $26,016.25 of contributions for the month of March. Dr. Loeffelholz said the Foundation is ahead of a normal year, but down from last year because of all of STEM donations.  
I.I. Business Operations and Human Relations
I.I.1. Policies
I.I.1.1. First Reading of Policy 508.13 School Wellness
Discussion:  Melick said there were 10 adults and six students who worked on the school wellness policy. He said there will be one change to the policy. Food Service staff said it will be difficult to hide the chocolate and strawberry milk behind the white milk, so that reference will be removed. He said with the approval of the policy, the district will continue to receive federal funding for the food service.
I.I.2. Administrative Functions
I.I.3. Updates
Discussion:  Melick said the secretary in the EL department will be adjusted to receive more hours (four to six) and a small salary increase and eligible to receive benefits. He said there are more people needing EL services. He said this year the district will hire 50 new teachers, with 8 of those coming from the strategic plan. He said most leaving are doing so for good reasons. He said the district isn’t doing anything to force them out. Melick said he will monitor what is said in the exit interviews.

There is a Food Service Advisory Committee that meets twice a year. The group just met last Wednesday. There were elementary and middle school students in attendance, and they provided some good information. Melick said once he gets the information together, he will put together a report and share it with the board. He said food service also had a program review and were given a few things to work on such as making sure the student is classified correctly. There were a few issues with some staff making students take additional items, so there is training that must take place. Melick said the food service program must monitor the performance on buying American and must identify where food outside of the U.S. comes from. There were a few issues with snacks in the after school program. Melick said overall the things that needed to be corrected were pretty minor.

I.J. Buildings & Sites/Technology
I.J.1. Policies
I.J.2. Administrative Functions
I.J.2.1. Technology Upgrade K-12
Discussion:  The technology upgrade for the next four years will cost $1, 218,880.25 plus leasing costs. The cost is slightly over the $1.2 million budget but there was no way to reduce the costs. Kwapnioski said a survey showed what was being done at the different levels. He said the technology committee looked at what the district could afford and at the specialty needs at the high and middle schools.

At the elementary level this year, West Park and a few other test grades used iPads at a cost of $127,000. Kwapnioski said the iPads will be used at the elementary level, and the labs will be changed out to a Chrome Box with the exception of Lost Creek. In addition to the iPads at the elementary level, there will be two iPad carts purchased, one for the high school and the other for the middle school as well as 30 devices for specialty projects they are doing. There will be 30 iMacs replacing lab at CMS. The iPads will also have an AGI repair case around each one of them, which includes a four-year warranty. With this warranty, everything will be covered. The cost is $79 per device for four years.

For grades 5-12, Chromebooks will be used. Kwapnioski said there were four different vendors bidding, so the machines have been upgraded from the original specs. The machines also come with a one year warranty.  The middle and high school drafting labs will also be updated. Kwapnioski said one of the problems is the video cards for the middle school machines. He said they went with a middle of the road card that can run Solid Works. There will be 30 HP Z books purchased for the art and business labs at the high school. The machines will also include a classroom management tool which will allow teachers to see every kids’ device. This will be more teacher centered. Kwapnioski said five teachers tested this tool to see how it works. He said it is all web based. Kwapnioski said people must keep in mind that the number of machines is increasing from high school to K-12 one-to-one.  He said the additional $18,000 is also spread out over four years. Kwapnioski said the district cannot afford to use specialty devices in every kids’ hands.

Dr. Loeffelholz anticiapates courses will be doing more project based learning using the SAMR model. Dr. Loeffelholz said in the beginning most device at the middle school will not be taken home, and this can be added in over time. The elementary will also keep their devices at school for now. This high school will continue to take their device home daily. He said the amount of apps that can be on the machine has also been limited and as of now there will be no paid ones. Dr. Loeffelholz said the district is going from a four-year lease for 1200 devices for $1.2 million to a device in all students’ hands which will be 4,000 devices. Kwapnioski said the district is not trying to take anything away but to enhance it. He said this is what the district can afford right now. A board member asked how Chromebooks hold up. Kwapnioski said Grand Island is on year 5, and the machines are holding up well. The teachers will keep their devices one more year, and the buyback money will help cover the cost of their new machines. The district will own all of these machines. Kwapnioski said some of these changes are overdue. The high school drafting lab is seven years old. He said the new plan will reduce the machines district technology staff must work. With Chromebooks, the things that go wrong are keyboard and screens. He said his department should be able to do most of the work in-house and students may be involved to help. The Chromebooks will also come ready to use. There will be training June 4 and 5 on these machines. Teachers from West Park will help with the iPad training.

I.J.2.2. Safety & Security Upgrade at Elementary Schools
I.J.2.3. Intercom upgrades at CMS & Elementary Schools
I.J.3. Updates
I.K. Curriculum and Instruction
I.K.1. Policies
I.K.2. Administrative Functions
I.K.2.1. Approval of New Materials for Physical & Earth Science (HS) and Family & Consumer Science (MS) courses.
I.K.3. Updates
I.L. Student Services
I.L.1. Policies
I.L.2. Administrative Functions
I.L.3. Updates
I.M. Superintendent's Report
I.N. Board Sharing
I.O. Adjourn
Discussion:  The Board adjourned from the Committee as a Whole at 7:24 p.m.
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