Public Meeting Minutes: May 14, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Committee As A Whole


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May 14, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Committee As A Whole Minutes

May 14, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Committee As A Whole
I. Committee As A Whole
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call of Board
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance
I.D. Notice of Open Meeting Posted
I.D.1. President insures all can hear proceedings
I.E. Board Special Functions
I.F. Presentations
I.F.1. Summer Maintenance Schedule CHS/CMS Update
Discussion:  Director of Building and Grounds Mike Grutsch gave the board updates on maintenance summer projects, High School punch list, and MS punch list.
Middle School:
  • Smoke seal in a hallway. 
  • Middle School Smoke Barrier
  • Fire Marshal discovered that there was not
  • They gave us three years, to fix it.  We will be completing it over the summer. 
    • This also includes treating any flammables and painting over them with nonflammable paint.
    • Night lights/Security Lights will also installed in the hallways at the middle school.
    • Commonwealth will install the LED lights because the hallways are pitch black at night.
    • It is difficult to find the light switches.
    • The district is also trying to get another exit on northeast corner of the middle school parking lot.
    • People can enter one way and exit the other.
    • Superintendent Dr. Troy Loeffelholz said the city is currently requiring approval from the home owners in the area. 
    • Grutsch said the main project at the elementary level is rekeying all five buildings and replacing locks.
    • Doors will lock on both the inside and outside.
    • Maintenance will coordinate the rekeying with custodians and will work around activities already scheduled for the building. 
    • The challenging will be to get all the keys issued to staff before school starts in the fall.
    • The bushes and landscaping at some elementary schools will be removed and replaced with a mow strip.
    • It has been challenging for his crew to keep up on the landscaping. 
    • They just sprayed last week and weeds are already coming back.
    High School:

    One college students and two kids who will graduate in from CHS to help with the summer work.

  • Board member Doug Molczyk asked if there will be planters put out in front of the high school and by the activities entrance to keep people from driving into the building. 
  • Reroofing the STEM area due to wind event during construction, and it put holes in it.
  • The cost to make this repair will be covered by insurance.
  • Work to be done in an 8-week window.
  • CHS track water leak.
  • The water line that runs out for the football drinking fountain is leaking somewhere.
  • Some of the turf may need to be dug up to find the leak, but the track will not be touched.
  • Windows in IMC that will need to be replaced.
  • This is due to scratching that was done while they were being cleaned. Scratches especially show up when the sun hits it.
  • 8 total windows that need to be repaired.
  • Hausmann Construction will be paying for the windows because they caused the damage.
  • Grutsch said for the most part, punch list items at the high school are getting completed.
  • None of the work at high school will be done by CPS maintenance.
I.F.2. Educational Behavioral Health Program (EBHP)
Darus Mettler from ESU7 said he is looking for CPS to pass a resolution that the district is interested in the new Behavioral Health Program at ESU7.
  • There are no dollar amounts attached. 
  • He said if a district does agree to join the consortium in the beginning, the cost will be less than if they join at a later time.
  • ESU7 has already advertised for a teacher-principal for the 2018-19 school year.
  • The goal is to have it up and running by the 2019-20 school year.
  • Students would be learning CPS’ curriculum.
  • This will be a full day program and lunch will be provided.
  • The goal of the program is to have the student transition back to their home district.
  • The program would look like a resource room, and it will be very well staff.
  • Looking at service units, he anticipates the top number of those attending will be 34.
  • Students already placed in a program that they are doing well in won’t be moved.
  • Right now two behavior analysis are seeing 28 students so maybe half of them would attend the program.
  • 15 students will be the most accepted for the first year.
  • One teacher already hired, he anticipates hiring four para educators.
  • An administer and behavioral analysist will be hired.
  • Before a student is accepted, someone will observe the student in school to see if he or she would be a good fit.
  • There will be 7,500 square feet, there could be up to 100 students served and there is also additional 2,000 square feet that could be accessed if needed.
  • Sending students back to school the transition will be based on the student’s needs.
  • Billing will be on a 10-month cycle.
  • Students from kindergarten to 21 will be accepted.
  • By June the cost will be determined. Mettler said
  • ESU7 will be flexible with payment, but he is hoping some will pay for it out of this year’s budget.
Board member Theresa Seipel this area is lucky to have such a program started because it is very much needed.

I.G. Recognitions
I.G.1. Accelerated Reader Savannah Klee/Centennial
I.G.2. Math Counts

Cooper Duranski, 7th grader, for his first place finish at the Regional MathCounts Competition held at CCC in February.

I.G.3. Destination Imagination Global Finals Participants
I.G.4. Duke Talent ACT
I.G.5. Geography Bee State Qualifier
I.G.6. Science Fair State Qualifiers
I.G.7. Singing Youth Honor Choir
I.G.8. Nebraska Agriculture Poster Contest
I.G.9. MS State Track Participants
I.G.10. SkillsUSA
I.G.11. UNL 42nd Annual Language Competition and Language Fair Awards
I.G.12. Instrumental Music Award Recipients
I.G.13. FBLA State Recognitions
I.G.14. Vocal Music Award Recipients
I.G.15. Prudential 2018 Spirit of Community Award Recipients
I.H. Consent Agenda
I.H.1. Approval of Minutes
I.H.2. Financial Reports M2, M3, M4a
I.H.3. Financial Report M4b
I.H.4. Financial Report M5
I.H.5. Certified Personnel
I.H.6. Classified Personnel
I.H.7. Tentative 2018 Graduate List
I.H.8. Professional Travel
I.I. Acceptance of Gifts/Donations
I.J. Business Operations and Human Relations
I.J.1. Policies
I.J.1.1. Second Reading of Policy 508.13 School Wellness
I.J.2. Administrative Functions
I.J.2.1. Extra Duty Salary Schedule to include CMS Cheerleading Sponsor
I.K. Buildings & Sites/Technology
I.K.1. Policies
I.K.2. Administrative Functions
I.K.2.1. Cat Forklift Purchase Approval
Executive Director of Building Operations and Technology Leonard Kwapnioski said more items are coming on pallets, and these are weighing near 2,000 pounds. He said the district cannot safely unload a pallet that large. Shelves are being added to the warehouse so these pallets can be stacked, which will make them easier to load and unload. Money to purchase the 2002 Cat Forklift from Burr Farms Machinery Inc. is coming from sale of the items at CMS. No funds are coming from the general fund. The cost of the forklift is $13,150.

Some of the money from the auction will be earmarked for three signs to be placed at CMS. There will be two in the STEM area and one by the activities doors. The signs are being donated but the cost to install them will be around $13,000. One will have the Discoverer Way logo and the other will have the STEM logos. DiSTAR is making and donating the signs. Kwapnioski said they are also doing all the signs for the anchor project. Some of the money will also be used for blinds on the south side of the high school because of the sunlight. He said not every window in the building will be covered. Kwapnioski said he will bid out for a specific type of shade. There will be 46 windows on the south side and a few on east. The sign at the middle school cannot be fixed because the company went out of business. He said the goal is to put up a new sign at 23rd Ave. and 26th St. on the southwest side. Kwapnioski said if there is any money left after the other projects, the CMS sign will be the next project worked on. Kwapnioski said the maintenance staff will not need any additional training to run the forklift.
I.K.2.2. Technology Equipment to be Declared as Surplus
Discussion:  Kwapnioski said the district is looking at recycling 2,600 devices. The items being declared surplus include: iPads, iMacs, Window devices and student 11 inch MacBook Airs. He said high school kids will be given the opportunity to purchase their MacBook Air. The cost will be $250 for a four year old machine. Any other unsold device will be offered to staff on a first come first serve basis. The district is also taking bids from nine vendors that purchase used equipment from schools. All bids are due this Friday. Everything must be decided by June 13 so the vendors have time to look at the machines and grade them. Bids are just an estimate until they are graded. Only computers will be sold and not the bags. A parent/guardian must sign for the purchase and the students can only buy their machine. There will be two different times for staff to purchase machines. 
I.K.3. Updates
Kwapnioski said there is a lot going on in maintenance since it is now growing season. He has had several calls about how much nicer the grass looks since it is now being bagged. There have been improvements made with the landscaping, the buildings will look even more presentable. He said a high school student has received a grant to build a pollination on the west side of the retention/detention pound. Kwapnioski said this is what the administration envisioned for this land. He said it would be good land for science.

Dr. Loeffelholz said Elizabeth Blaser has run into some problems with the ice skating rink. He said the city is requiring water and sewer to be out at the rink, so she now jump through more hurdles. He said the district has applied for a second revision grant, and this one is for construction technology. If awarded the grant, it will be used to pour a concrete pad with footings so that a shed, house or other projects can be built at the school. He said a key part will be getting an electronic panel out from the north side to other drive. The second phase of the Anchor Project will be starting soon. Walker will be pouring the bench wall, Commonwealth will handle the electrical and Platte Valley Precaset will be doing the sidewalks.  There are a couple of CHS graduates who work at DLR, and they have donated their time to make the drawings. The project is somewhat modeled after the Higgins Memorial. The more the project is talked about the more excited people have become.
I.L. Curriculum and Instruction
I.L.1. Policies
I.L.2. Administrative Functions
I.L.3. Updates
Discussion:  Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Amy Romshek said her department has been assisting teachers with their learning goals and proficiency scales. The district is using a new instructional model and every teacher must use learning goals and proficiency scales for courses he or she teaches. The entire teaching staff has been trained. Romshek said her department provides support when teachers ask for help. Teresa Hausmann and she reviewed the scales for teachers. Romshek said a lot of work has been done by teachers, and she is happy with what has been completed. She said next year the district will focus on how to use the scales.

I.M. Student Services
I.M.1. Policies
I.M.1.1. First Reading of Policy 503.07, Pregnant Or Parenting Students
Discussion:  Executive Director of Student Services/Special Education Jason Harris said the policy was changed to reflect pregnancy and parenting students. He said leave for the students has to be allowed, and there must be a way for days to be made up and alternative ways to complete coursework. Harris said there must be space at school for breast feeding, and the student must be given time to do this. He said if childcare is not provided by the school, the student must receive a list of quality childcare facilities in the area. Harris said the policy also addresses if a student is bullied or harassed how the school will handle it. He said the length of the student’s leave is up to the doctor. Harris said if it goes longer than the doctor’s note, the school will contact the student. He said the first reading will take place next week and the second reading in June.
I.M.2. Administrative Functions
I.M.3. Updates
Discussion:  CPS was approved for another grant for a half day preschool program. This will be in the morning only and will be at Centennial Elementary. Lost Creek will have a full day program with both a morning and afternoon class. The grant was only approved for half due to funding. Harris said he does not know the exact amount of the grant yet.

Harris asked the board if they had any questions about the presentation from ESU7. He said he does not think all the students currently at Boys Town will meet the requirements for the ESU7 program. Harris said based on meetings he has had with ESU7 staff, they are looking at students with more of an intellectual disabilities with behavior issues. He said he can only think of a couple students right now who may qualify for the ESU7 program. Harris said once it is up and running, it may be different story for CPS. Dr. Loeffelholz said all districts are created equal initially and will pay the same upfront cost. They will be billed separately for services. Board member Mike Goos said perhaps CPS should look at developing their own program. He said he has been around a lot of programs and none were very successful. Harris said ESU7 is putting together a great program, and they are going about it in the right way. Theresa Seipel said she thinks the ESU7 program is good because there are no other options besides Boys Town for these kids. Harris said the district has talked about having its own program but it must be done right. He said there would need to be an administrator to run it and a licensed mental health provider. Dr. Loeffelholz said originally the number to get into the program was $24,000. He said the board will be asked to pass a resolution of interest in June. Dr. Loeffelholz said once the program is finalized, the district will get a final cost and be asked to be part of the consortium. The social and emotional committee needs to look at all of the options and figure out what to do.

The nonpublic schools will once again receive online speech therapy. The cost is $93,000 and the company will serve up to 68 students. The CPS facilities will all be served by an in-house speech/language pathologist.
I.N. Superintendent's Report
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said he will give his report at the meeting next week.
I.O. Board Sharing
Discussion:  The board will do their sharing at next week's meeting. Tim Pospisil will not be at the meeting next week. He said he enjoyed all of the recognitions.  
I.P. Adjourn
Discussion:  The board adjourned at 8:25 p.m.
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