Public Meeting Minutes: July 9, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Board Retreat 2018


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July 9, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Board Retreat 2018 Minutes

July 9, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Board Retreat 2018
I. Board Meeting
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call of Board
Discussion:  Mr. Goos was late to the meeting and his attendance was updated at 6:20 p.m. as present.
I.C. Pledge of Allegiance
I.D. Notice of Open Meeting Posted
I.D.1. President insures all can hear proceedings
I.E. Mission Statement
I.F. Opportunity for Public to be Heard
I.G. Board Special Functions
I.G.1. Board Norms
Discussion:  Changes to the board norms.
5. Consider other people's opinions.
6. Encourage participation of all board members.
I.G.2. Board Values Activity
Discussion:  The Board participated in a personal values activity. 
I.G.3. Board Expectation of Superintendent
Discussion:  Did not discuss at this time.
I.G.4. Superintendent Expectation of Board
Discussion:  Did not discuss at this time.
I.G.5. NASB State and National Activities
Discussion:  Opportunities for the board to participate in the state level and national level
National Convention 2019 - Philadelphia, and 2020 - Chicago
Regional meetings coming up in Norfolk and Fremont. Norfolk Oct. 3 and Fremont Oct. 17 York Sept. 19.
NASB State Conference Nov. 14-16.
I.G.6. Board Goals
I.G.6.1. Strategic Plan
Discussion:  Jason - Social/Emotional:  Started with high number emergency custodies. The work completed: added elementary counselor, MS assistant principal, HS assistant principal; k-12 attendance monitor, hs counselor, ms counselor. CMS has shipmates which is an house Teammates program. How could we streamline with data the strategic plan and see how it is working.  Three indicators to show:  increased mental health services available to students.  Approving attendance - working with outside agencies after 10 day letter. Reduce number of visits to recovery room.  Track # of referrals and % of improvement.  Priorities to still consider are another social worker preschool-8, add mental health services with three LMP to, add another school nurse when health aid is gone and covering hard for nurse to get to emergency, add behavior interventionist and adding alternative education program 5 FTE.  Next year the board will need to focus on what alternative education will look like in the future. 

Dave - Facility - plan 3. The program should dictate the facility needs. Things completed were 2018 HVAC control upgrades at NP; as of Friday 98 percent done with project at CMS.  The bleachers at HS look good and happy how turned out. Still going on: intercom system district wide in progress 98 percent of wire pulled in two buildings, speakers installed and up to frontier to come in and start hooking up.  Access control to use card readers to get into buildings, Centennial and North Park are complete and finishing up pulling wire at WP. Must be done by fall.  CN & NP are 98% complete with re-keying, and little at LC.  As a district 35 percent of summer work is complete and the rest are on schedule. Commonwealth will be out this week. One or two crews doing speakers and closet work. Emerson chillers approved Oct/Nov. last year and installed. Designed incorrectly by Trane. There will be a problem once winter arrives.  North exit out of MS is in progress and it will be an issue with the city.  Where do we want to focus some of our time on. MS and HS both have new radios so if there is an issue they can communicate district-wide. MS was never designed to allow buzz-in entry so it will be more challenging. Measurable  objectives include: wireless connectivity to provide access in all building and all sites.  Fire and lock down drills and bus evacuation drills only 100 percent is acceptable. These are already things we are measuring. Must record time and date and exit time goal is one try to meet. Challenge them to improve. Tornado, lock down drills, fire drills, bus evacuation drill and building evacuation drills will be track and all are state law.

Plan 1 - Student academics. We are ending an era . Strategeic plan is from five years ago. Proficiency and learning goals have been a big focus. ASOT training for all new teachers. Hired an ASOT coach this year.  Another focus is working with Brandi and Jeff planning K-4 all studenths wit iPad's and 5-8 Chromebooks all students in grades 5-8.   ELL increased to 4 FTE. Increase ELL staff time of classified staff at Ad Building. Three areas focused on this year. Being able to measure progress and growth in next five years. Principals will help make decisions if we are improving in our program. Increasing students who are on track to graduate. Collect data annually and know how many are graduating with college credit; how many graduating with ACT at benchmark; how many graduating with industry certification. Those are some of measured goals we are collecting and sharing on an annual basis. HS does a survey at 6 months after graduation to see what students are doing. Not sure if still collecting after year and half. 

Advanced Ed Recommendation said - Buildings lost identify when we went to district plan. Problems: Reduce number initiatives - are we going to get rid of any. Focus on writing assessment and working on one to one technology. Sometimes people don't realize it is no longer an initiaive if been around for a number of years.
I.G.6.2. STEM vs. STEAM
Discussion:  Tabled for a later conversation.
I.G.7. Other Items for Discussion
Discussion:  There was a brief discussion in regards to elementary enrollment numbers and if school boundaries ought to shift.

Discussion on what to do with the Old Middle Schools.  The Building and Sites Committee presented their findings based upon a conversation with Dan Keiter of RVW.  The discussion evolved around the demolition of the entire southern half of the building (1924, 1951, 1965, and 1989 additions), or just demolition of the 1924 building.  There were many pros and cons to each.  The final discussion was around keeping the building on one level, demo the entire south side as phase 2, and phase 3 would be to add approximately 15,000 sq. ft for an early childhood community center.
II. Adjourn
Discussion:  Motion by Molczyk, seconded by Seipel.  6-0 yes.
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