Public Meeting Minutes: June 17, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Work Session and Regular Meeting of the Board of Education


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June 17, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Work Session and Regular Meeting of the Board of Education Minutes

June 17, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Work Session and Regular Meeting of the Board of Education
I. Call To Order - Work Session
II. Board Work Session
II.A. Presentation (L to J) - Lee Jenkins to Board of Education
Discussion:  Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Amy Romshek invited Lee Jenkins to attend the meeting. Jenkins is in town doing training at ESU 7. Romshek said the district adopted L to J several years ago, and it is all about continuous improvement.
II.B. Executive Session
III. Dinner at Administration Building - No business will be discussed.
Discussion:  The Board concluded the Executive Session at 6:30 p.m. and recessed.
IV. Call to order - Board Meeting
Discussion:  The Board reconvened at 7:00 p .m.
V. Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
VI. Open Meeting Notice of Posted Law
VI.A. President insures that all can hear the proceedings
VII. Mission Statement
Discussion:  Alan Dostal read the Mission Statement.
VIII. Open Forum
IX. Recognitions
X. Consent Agenda
Discussion:  There are seven certified staff hires, and there are still a few positions left to find replacements. The extra-duty assignments have a couple of additions such as adding a softball coach and filling the intramural positions. Dr. Loeffelholz said even though the travel report is extensive, most of the travel funding comes through grant opportunities for professional development for staff.
X.A. Approval of Minutes of the meeting on May 20, 2013
X.B. Certified Personnel Action
X.C. Classified Personnel Action
X.D. Extra-Duty Assignments
X.E. Intent to Continue Food Service
X.F. Professional Travel Report
XI. Financial Reports (Attachments 2-4a)
XII. Financial Reports (Attachment 4b)
XIII. Special Administrative Functions
XIII.A. Facebook
Discussion:  Communication Coordinator Michelle Cruise told the Board Facebook was started on July 31. The district page currently has 1,463 likes with 1,231 being from Columbus and 15 from Duncan and 8 from Columbus, Ohio. The most popular post was Jean Kamrath receiving Operations Employee of the Year with 11,123 people who viewed the post, 529 likes and 105 positive comments. Cruise said the Facebook page has allowed more people to be informed and reached a group that may not receive the newspaper or newsletters. She said Facebook has been positive for the district because she gets out into the buildings and events more, so it shows the district cares about what the students are doing.
XIII.B. Columbus High School Student Handbook 2013-2014
Discussion:  Assistant Principal Jon Frey said there were only a couple of changes to the student handbook. He said the administration tried to address tardies in a more proactive way. Changes made include bringing back Block 5 to address tardies, being in line with the harassment, bullying, and intimidation policy, and the wearing of ID's by students.
XIII.C. Columbus Middle School Student Handbook 2013-2014
Discussion:  Principal Amy Haynes said they have added a 30-minute study hall at the end of the day. She said this was increased from the 19-minute study hall and was able to be accomplished by reducing the passing time for lunch. Next year there will also be strategic intervention two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
XIII.D. Acceptance of Gifts/Donations
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said there are a lot of scholarships and other money being raised by our school community. He said there was approximately $16,600 being given back this month.
XIII.E. Tuition Rates for the District and Special Education Tuition, 2013-2014
Discussion:  Executive Director of Students Services/Special Education Jason Harris said Special Education tuition is for students outside of the CPS boundaries. He said the cost for severe/profound students to attend 202 days is $40,804 annually or $202 a day and $25,972 annual or $151 per day for mild/moderate students attending 172 days. The elementary tuition rate will be $9,500 and secondary tuition rate $11,250 for the 2013-14 school year.
XIII.F. Admission Fees and Activity Cards for High School and Middle School Activities, 2013-2014
Discussion:  Brown said he kept admission fees the same next year. However, all students in activities will be required to purchase a $25 activity card. Brown said the staff will work with students who cannot afford the cost. He said they could set up a payment plan or come up with other options.
XIII.G. Fire Alarm System
Discussion:  Executive Director of Technology/Business Operations Leonard Kwapnioski said Lost Creek has been having problems with the alarm going off in the middle of the night. Siemens bid was $49,518.76, and they are the only ones who could work on the equipment. Kwapnioski said after it is installed, anyone can work on the Protex equipment. He said Protex will rewire the building, and about 90 percent of nine classrooms don't have to be touched with new wiring.
XIII.H. Policy 504.50, Drug and Alcohol Testing
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said this is something that has been discussed with staff for a long time. He said the administration struggled with how to give the policy a little more teeth in regards to students’ health and safety. He said the goal is to protect students and work with families if there are issues. Dostal questioned if this was only for students in extra curricular activities. Dr. Loeffelholz said there was talk about doing the entire student body, but a 2002 Supreme Court case ruled against random testing of all students.
XIV. Superintendent's Report
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said a kindergarten teacher is going from Centennial to Lost Creek to accommodate the large number of students. Lost Creek has 78 kindergarteners enrolled so far, and Centennial has 58. He said if Centennial gets more students, a first grade teacher will be moved down to kindergarten. Dr. Loeffelholz said if the trend continues, two portables may need to be moved to Lost Creek to accommodate the growth. He said there have been 24 new plats on the northwest side of town that have been recently signed. He said the population has shifted and Lost Creek is now basically a three-track school, and Centennial has dropped from a four track to a three-track school. There have been 12 kindergarten option students apply, and the district will accept these students, but they will be put where there is room. There were 34 staff members who went to the PLC conference in Oklahoma. Dr. Loeffelholz said the conference was very good and is what the district is trying to accomplish.
XV. Board Sharing
Discussion:  Theresa Seipel spoke to the Lions Club and told them about volunteer opportunities. She said she had good questions, feedback and interesting theories. Kuehler said his term on the Nebraska State School Board Association will be up in January, and he would like to stay on. Dr. Loeffelholz said this will be on the July agenda along with Seipel being appointed to the Foundation Board. Dostal said progress continues to be made with the outreach strategic meetings, and there is some really good information being discussed.
XVI. Executive Session
Discussion:  No Executive Session was held.
XVII. Adjourn
Discussion:  Meeting ended at 8:08 p.m.
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