Public Meeting Minutes: May 19, 2014 at 5:00 PM - Work Session and Regular Meeting of the Board of Education


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May 19, 2014 at 5:00 PM - Work Session and Regular Meeting of the Board of Education Minutes

May 19, 2014 at 5:00 PM - Work Session and Regular Meeting of the Board of Education
I. Listening Session - Administration Building, 2508 27th Street
II. Call To Order - Work Session, Administration Building, 2508 27th Street
III. Board Work Session
III.A. High School Design
Discussion:  DLR representative Pat Phelan and Superintendent Dr. Loeffelholz presented the process for the High School timeline and plan. Next steps will include: confirming the program requirements, determining the prototype design concept; confirming the building systems; and controlling the project scope & costs. All final decisions must be approved by the school board. Design development would start by Sept. 15 and a final recommendation done by October, with the design coming before the board in November. Bids on the work will be gathered in February with them due by March. The idea is to start construction by April 2015 and completed in the fall of 2016. He challenged the board to establish guiding principals for the project. There are two ways to use a Construction Manager at Risk. One way the district holds all the contracts, and the other the construction manager holds all the contracts. He said however, the district can have input on who is chosen. The Construction Manager would be required to give an effort schedule. Dr. Loeffelholz said he would recommend a traditional construction manager at risk approach where they hold the contracts. He said this could allow more local subs to be hired because they will not need bonding in place. The goal is to get the RFQ for the Construction Manager by May 30. The contract with the Construction Manager will be approved at the July regular meeting. Dr. Loeffelholz said this would allow the company to get on board and be ready before the design phase. The Construction Manager at Risk Committee will consist of Alan Dostal who will be on all committees as president of the board. He said all information and data will go to all the board. Dr. Loeffelholz said he is recommending Toby Goc and Mike Jeffryes be on the Construction Manager at Risk Selection Committee.
III.B. Executive Session
Discussion:  The Board did not go into Executive Session.
IV. Dinner at ESU7 Student Center, 2563 44th Avenue- No business will be discussed.
Discussion:  The Board recessed at 6:13 p.m.
V. Call to order - Board Meeting
VI. Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call
VII. Open Meeting Notice of Posted Law
VII.A. President insures that all can hear the proceedings
VIII. Mission Statement
Discussion:  Candy Becher read the Mission Statement "Engaging All Learners to Achieve Success".
IX. Open Forum
Discussion:  No one spoke in Open Forum.
X. Recognitions
X.A. Rhylan Wurdeman
X.B. Gage Schmidt
Discussion:  Gage Schmidt was the first place winner in the district elementary Geography Bee.
X.C. Roberto Rodriguez
Discussion:  Roberto Rodriguez was chosen as the Otto and Gertrude Walter Good Citizenship Award winner from North Park.
X.D. 2014 Nebraska State SkillsUSA Competition
Discussion:  Advisor Tracy Dodson said this is the first year business and industry ran the SkillsUSA competition. Lee Martinsen and Michael Boeding took first place in mechatronics at the 2014 Nebraska SillsUSA competition. They will represent Nebraska at nationals June 23-27 in Kansas City, MO. Devyn Glenn place third in welding sculpture and the team of Andrew Urkoski, Devyn Glenn and Dillon House placed fourth in welding fabrication.
X.E. Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Competition
Discussion:  Brendan Rizdorf and Fransico Lopez finished in second place at the Ford AAA Student Auto Skills competition. They also earned the highest written examination trophy. The team of Alex Asmus and Seth Sabata earned third place and took second in the high written exam just three points behind their classmates.
X.F. WCS Business Competition
Discussion:  In Accounting II, Jayme Dubas placed second and Jesus Munoz placed fifth. Colin Klatt received third place and Bekkah Watkins was 12th in Marketing. In Business Comprehensive Knowledge, Steve Drozd was ranked 13th overall. Tanner Dreifurst was 19th in Accounting I and 16th in Business Comprehension Knowledge. The College Quiz Bowl team made it to the championship round and received second place. Team members were Jesus Munoz, Jayme Dubas, Steve Drozd, and Nathan Stevenson, with Bekkah Watkins as a sub for a preliminary round.
X.G. World Language/German
Discussion:  German students competed against 14 other schools from around the state in the Annual German Convention and Competition. The following students placed: first Place – level 1 spelling – Jake Parker; second place – level 4 spelling – Allison Mackie; and second place – theme based T-shirt design – Brooke Paczosa. German students attended the UNL Language Fair, where approximately 1,300 students from around the area completed in various languages. The German students earned the following ratings: Superior Rating – Class written and performed drama, Brock Bourek, Alix Fleeman, Glen Harrington, Christian Jacobson, David Jones, Travis King, Dawson Moore, Stephany Oliva, Brooke Paczosa, Joey Plugge, Summer Smejkal, Sofie Tate, and Danielle Wallin. Superior Rating – Performance of Traditional German Dance, Suleyma Basulto, Brock Bourek, Cindy Corona, Alix Fleeman, Glen Harrington, Alexus Hitz, Christian Jacobson, Madison Lovci, Allison Mackie, Dawson Moore, Stephany Oliva, Brooke Paczosa, Emilie Rubaeck, Summer Smejkal, Sofie Tate, Danielle Wallin, and Yessica Zayas. Superior Rating – German III/IV – Memorized Poetry Recitation Allison Mackie, Stephany Oliva and Brooke Paczosa first Place Trophy; Memorized Poetry Recitation overall - Allison Mackie; and Superior Rating – German Vocal Music – Brock Bourek.
X.H. World Language/Spanish
Discussion:  Several CHS Spanish IV and V students participated in the 38th Annual Language Fair Competition in Lincoln. There were 1,300 students from all over the state competing in music, poetry, drama, folk dance and poster categories. Spanish IV and V students participated in five events and placed first and second in three of them in the overall competition. Blake Bubak, Sam Beal, Haley Ballentine, Haley Stopak, Cailey Heavican and Baylee Barcel received first place in Spanish Drama with their piece “EL LOBO.” Hannah Awtry, Summer Borowiak, Kaelin Kneen, Taylor Steiner and Brianne Wagner received second place for the play “ LA CENICIENT A.” Haley Alt, Rylee Jones, Megan Petermann and Savannah Wolfe received first place for their folk dance “LA SAYA.” Noah Augustine, Sam Dunn, Ryan Ernst, Toree Hempstead, Nathan Kruger, Laura Lecuyer, Haley Mason, Alex McKinney, Trevor Phillips, Taylor Runyan, Zach Walkenhorst and Abby Wilson received second place in the overall folk dance competition. Cindy Caballero received first place for her piece “ROMANCE SONAMBULO” and Radiel Cardentey received second place for his poem “LOS ZAPATITOS DE ROSA.”
X.I. CHS Destination Imagination
Discussion:  The Destination Imagination team of Alma Franco-Sagastume, Amairani Parra, Estrella Urenda-Rodriguez, Maria Gonzalez-Cisneros, Marina Castaneda, and Katie Schwebach, recently competed in the Project Outreach challenge at the Nebraska State Destination Imagination competition. In order to prepare for this, Val Wallin’s team had to identify a community need and address it. After learning about the high poverty rate within CHS, the team realized that there was a need right in their own building, and they decided to host a food and coat drive in December. The team members were hoping to capitalize on the spirit of giving that usually coincides with Christmas at the high school. This drive was a success as the team gathered more than 500 food items and over 50 coats. The team qualified to compete at Global Finals in Knoxville, TN.
X.J. Quiz Bowl
Discussion:  The CHS Quiz Bowl Team of Chase Gragg, Jacque Watson, Joe Jahn, Marc Wagner, and Morgan Hurtz beat Chambers to be the KTCH Radio Quiz Bowl Champions. Their victory qualified the team for Nationals. They will represent CHS in Chicago the first weekend in June. Becky Lenser is the QUIZ BOWL sponsor. The same team in addition to Nathan Wagner placed second at the ESU District Quiz Bowl Tournament.
X.K. District Music Contest Results
Discussion:  Earning Division I Ratings with Distinction: Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and New World Singers. Earning Division I Ratings: Trumpet Trio - Rachel Delp, Brandon Perkins, Tyler Veseth; Percussion Ensemble I - Garrett Hahn, Cameron Pospisil, Josh Gasper, Tate Tobiason, Annalee Kuehler, Michelle Lindstrom, Regan Rine, Mia Grant, Brandon Perkins, Connor Hahn, Mitchell Kuhlman, Luke Bogus, Tyler Veseth, Taryn Pospisil, Rachel Delp, Brynton Loeffelholz, Sam Beisner, Jess Humphrey, and Ben Loeffelholz; Percussion Ensemble II: Taryn Pospisil, Mia Grant, Connor Hahn, Mitchell Kuhlman, Jess Humphrey, Regan Rine, Michelle Lindstrom, Ben Loeffelholz, Luke Bogus; Girls Trio - Emily Brewer, Becca Feagin, Brielyn Borer; Girls Duet - Becca Feagin, Ciarra McPhillips; Mixed Octet - Paige Stadler, Maddy McClure, Monica Weber, Melissa Godoy, Jake Parker, Kyle Gaston, Sam Baue, Josh Baue; Barbershop Quartet - Alec Kadous, Kody Salak, Drew Einsel, Arron Storms; Men’s Vocal Ensemble - Jesus Adame, Nathan Asay, Drew Einsel, Josh Finecy, Garrett Flamme, Spencer French, Warren Green, Mitchell Greiner, Alec Kadous, Jeremy Mossman, Omar Ortiz, Trey Rinkol, Aaron Rogers, Alec Rogers, Chad Sander, Hunter Schilling, Arron Storms, Spencer Thomas, Samuel Tierney, Miguel Torres, Colton Wolfe, Kody Salak; Mixed Double Octet - Trevan Ainsworth, Cole Beiermann, Brock Bourek, Gabriel Gomez, Kaitlyn Maass, Allison Mackie, Ciarra McPhillips, Alexis Milburn, Stephanie Oliva, Jordan Olson, Emily Reppert, Jose Rojas, Emily Shevlin, Stephanie Sparling, Arron Storms, Francisco Ochoa. Earning Division II Ratings: Flute Duet - Caitlin Becker and Emily Chavez; Flute/Clarinet Duet - Jaime Finecy and Ana Ternus; Low Brass Trio - Jordan Olson, Alex Mueller, and Ashley Franzen. Earning a Division I Rating: Ashley Franzen - Baritone Horn; Tyler Veseth – Trumpet; Rebekah Hackett – Flute; Ben Loeffelholz - Snare Drum; Cameron Pospisil - Snare Drum; Ryan Ernst - Alto Saxophone; Cameron Burma - Alto Saxophone; Nathan Kruger – Bass Clarinet; Taylor Weinmeister – Clarinet; Jess Humphrey - French Horn; Sam Baue - Male Voice; Paige Stadler - Female Voice; Kara Dierman - Female Voice; Mia Scott - Female Voice; Monica Weber - Female Voice; Deanna Purkerson - Female Voice; Mariah Watchorn-Diessner - Female Voice; and Stephanie Sparling - Female Voice. Solo Ratings: Earning a Division II Rating: Brandon Perkins – Trumpet; Annalee Kuehler – Marimba; Abby Wilson – Flute; Jordan Olson – Trombone; Arron Storms-Male Voice; Brock Bourek-MaleVoice; and Mia Scott – Piano.
X.L. CMS Destination Imagination
Discussion:  The CMS Structure Challenge team of Aeriel Frey, Lexi Jeffryes, Paige Jeffryes, Lydia Johnson, Cole Mitchell, Haley Wagoner and Nick Warren placed first at the Affiliate Finals qualifying for the 2014 Global Finals to be held May 21-24 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
X.M. Duke Tip ACT State Recognition
Discussion:  This includes a chance to take the ACT as a seventh grader. The following students scored in the upper 50 percent of high school juniors and seniors taking the ACT this year: Jayden Boesch, Tristan Colford, Camdyn Iwan, Paige Jeffryes, Anthony Oceguera and Grace Rasmsusen.
X.N. CMS Science Quiz Bowl
Discussion:  Members of the B team were: Angela Beltran, Cassie Wagner, Lucas Miller and Paige Jeffryes. Members of the A Team were: Dustin Sprunk, Alex Uhlig, Ethan Glenn and Zach Ciboron.
X.O. MathCounts
Discussion:  The Team: Joe Massman, Maddie Luebe, Sarah Kwapnioski, and Erick Eickhoff placed fifth and individuals Cordell Roads, Joshua Reiff, and Jayden Boesch placed 9th, 8th, and 5th respectively. Jayden Boesch also won the Countdown Round part of the regional Mathcounts competition. Jayden Boesch and Joshua Reiff went on to compete at the state competition. Joshua Reiff placed 48th and Jayden Boesch 24th out of 100 students statewide.
XI. Consent Agenda
XI.A. Approval of Minutes for the meeting of April 21, 2014
XI.B. Certified Personnel Action
XI.C. Classified Personnel Action
XI.D. Extra-Duty Assignments
XI.E. Professional Travel Report
XII. Items Removed From Consent Agenda
Discussion:  No items were removed from Consent Agenda
XIII. Financial Reports, 2, 3, 4a
XIV. Financial Report 4b
XV. Special Administrative Functions
XV.A. Post-Bond Issue Election Services By DLR Group, Project Architects, for the Design and Construction Administration of the New Columbus High School Building
Discussion:  This will allow DLR to provide educational program confirmation and staff interviews, get consultants for the project and assist with the preparation for a potential construction manager at risk.
XV.B. Appointment of Construction Management at Risk Selection Committee
Discussion:  RFQ's will go out May 30 and must be returned June 30. Members on the committee will include: Francis Kuehler, Alan Dostal, Ken Curry, Troy Loeffelholz, Dave Melick, Leonard Kwapnoski, Mike Grutsch, the architect and residents of the district Toby Goc, Mike Jeffryes and Dan Keiter. The architects will not have a vote.
XV.C. Elementary School Student Handbook - 2014-2015
Discussion:  Centennial Principal Jackie Herink said this year all the elementary schools will have the same student expectations – Be Discoverers, Be Safe, Be Respective, Be Responsible. She said they alphabetized all the headings and sub headings in the table of contents page.
XV.D. Elementary Social Studies Curriculum – Implementation 2014-15 and Social Studies Text
Discussion:  Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Amy Romshek said the curriculum is for students in grades K, 1, 2, 3 and 5 grades. Fourth grade is not changing because it was just updated last year.
XV.E. Acceptance of Gifts/Donations
Discussion:  There were $9,089.72 contributions made this month.
XV.F. Letter of Agreement Between CPS Maintenance and ESU7 for Custodial and Repair Services for 2014-2015 School Year
Discussion:  Executive Director of Operations Leonard Kwapnioski said CPS did very little maintenance work at the ESU7. He said the prices are what would be charged if work were done. The agreed-upon charges include: $35 an hour for painting; $40 an hour for electrical and plumbing; $50 an hour for HVAC; $35 for general maintenance; and $40 an hour for carpenter/woodworking. Kwapnioski said he was also proposing a $45 per hour custodial rate be charged when renting CPS facilities. He said this will help cover the over time costs.
XV.G. Implementation of 7th Grade Football Program
Discussion:  CMS Assistant Principal Jordon Anderson said there is a gap in seventh grade boys’ sports. He said he would like to align the sports programs 6-12 for athletics. The following schools currently offer seventh grade football: Aurora, Hastings, Fremont, Grand Island Barr, Grand Island Westridge, Grand Island Walnut, Boone Central, Norfolk, Lakeview and Scotus Central Catholic. Anderson said he is proposing the following structure for the seventh grade program. There will be three coaches with the length of season being the same as in eighth grade. He said a survey was done, and there were 41 students who would be interested in playing seventh grade football this fall. The games would go from Aug. 18-Oct. 15. There would be four games in 2014 and possibly six games in 2015. The Matt Moore Foundation has given $3,000 for equipment. CAMFO has also agreed to donate 35 helmets and 356 shoulder pads, which cost $120 a piece. Williams said CAMFO agreed to share the equipment because these boys won’t be doing the midget program. He said the high school has practice pants that the middle school could use for game pants. All footballs players will take the imPACT baseline test. This currently is required only at the high school level and not at the middle school. Columbus Community Hospital is in a partnership with the high school, so this will be added that all those in football and pole vault have a baseline concussion test done. Anderson said the test is good for two years. Anderson said he will need the financial support from the Board to cover one head coach at $3,150; one assistant coach at $2,800; one assistant coach at $1,400 for a total of $7,350.
XV.H. Symphonic Band and Concert Choir Trip
Discussion:  CHS Principal Steven Woodside said these groups need approval now so they can start fundraising. He said this trip is outside of the school year and it is a choice. Woodside said it is very structured and very organized.
XVI. Superintendent's Report
Discussion:  Dr. Loeffelholz said the Construction Manager will be hired July 21. He asked the board if they saw the ad thanking the community for supporting the bond. He also said the bond committee deserves a lot of praise for all the work that was done. Dr. Loeffelholz said the people who worked on the previous bond also deserve kudos because they helped lay the groundwork. He said he may also take a quick trip to Park Hill South High School in KC because it has something similar to what the district is looking at.
XVII. Board Sharing
Discussion:  Mike Goos said he is so proud of all those who turned out to help with the bond issue. He said there will be a brand new high school and a new district in a lot of ways. Goos said it is something Columbus needs to be proud of. He said Columbus should pat itself on the back. Francis Kuehler said there wouldn’t have been that many people voting if it wasn't for the committee. He said it will take some time to get it done, but it will be worth it. Candy Becher thanked the community for validating the project with their vote and their confidence. Ken Curry said this is definitely a community effort. He said he appreciates Dr. Loeffelholz taking the lead, and the board appreciates all the time he put into the bond. Alan Dostal said he has been on the board six and half years and now something can be done to fix the middle school, and the project will be good for Columbus. Dostal said there has been great leadership at the top, and it spread through the community like wildfire. He said everyone was engaged, and it made a difference. Theresa Seipel said she is so glad the bond passed. She said she is also thankful for the staff and support staff that helped make sure those kids graduated and could walk across the stage.
XVIII. Executive Session
Discussion:  No Executive Session was held.
XIX. Adjourn
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