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Public Notice
I. Open the Meeting
II. Call to Order/Nebraska Open Meetings Law
III. Recite Pledge of Allegiance 
IV. Excuse Absent Members
V. Publication of Meeting
VI. Acceptance of the agenda
VII. Public Forum
VIII. Celebration of Excellence - Gordon-Rushville Public Schools Welcomes New and Returning Teachers:
Haley Plooster - 1st Grade at GES
Richa Perkins - K-3 Music at GES
Jolee Nielsen - Recourse at GES
Shelby Coomes - Guidance Counselor at RES/GRMS
Chris Jones - Health/Physical Education at RES/GRMS
Kayla Orr - 6th grade at GRMS
Terri Morris - Math at GRHS
Michelle Hardin - Math at GRHS
Taalan Liebermann - Resource at GRHS
Shawn McKimmey - Ag at GRHS
IX. Reports
IX.A. Building Principals,  Activity Director and SPED Director
IX.B. Superintendent
IX.C. Board Committees - 
IX.D. Other School Personnel
X. Consent Agenda
X.A. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Dist. 81-0010 of DATE, Finances:  General Fund Bills, Building Fund Bills,  Depreciation Fund Bills, Qualified Capital Fund Bills, Cooperative Fund Bills, Lunch Fund Bills,  Bond Fund Bills, Transfers, Approve 2022-2023 Gordon-Rushville Middle School and Staff Handbooks
XI. Board Only Discussion Item: Parent Teacher Organizations
XII. Action Items
XII.A. Discuss, Consider, and Take All Necessary Action with Regard to: POLICY 5001 Compulsory Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism. 
XII.B. Discuss, Consider, and Take All Necessary Action with Regard to: Resignation 
XII.C. Discuss, Consider, and Take All Necessary Action with Regard to: 
XIII. Executive Session
XIV. Dates to Remember
XIV.A. Date of Next Regular Board Meeting - September 8, 2022 at 5:30 PM
XIV.B. Date of Budget Hearing - September 8, 2022 at 5:00 PM 
XIV.C. Date of Special Board Meeting TBA 
XIV.D. Date of NASB Meeting in Valentine, NE- August 30, 2022
XV. Adjournment

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