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January 10, 2022 at 7:00 PM - REGULAR MEETING

1. Call to Order, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance and Oath of Office by ALL Board Members
2. Meeting declared open and properly posted and/or published by advanced notice in accordance with board policy #8342 with the agenda given to the president of the board and all members prior to the meeting date.
3. Motion to Excuse Absent Board Members
4. Organization of the board and election of officers
4.A. Election of President:
4.B. Election of Vice-President:
4.C. Election of Secretary:
4.D. Election of Treasurer:
5. Approval of Meeting Agenda
6. Approval of Minutes from Previous Regular Board Meeting(s)
7. Public Forum - reception of visitors, delegations and reading of communications.
   If a visitor wishes to speak, we ask that they sign in.
  • Members of the public will be permitted to speak at Board meetings at which a public forum is on the Agenda. Members of the public may also speak when invited to make a presentation or when recognized by the chair. (Board Policy #8346)
  • At any meeting where participation is allowed, the total time period for such participation shall be limited to 15 minutes. No individual speaker shall be permitted to speak longer than 3 minutes. After a speaker has concluded speaking or exhausted three minutes, they may no longer address the Board of Education. (Board Policy #8346)
8. Administrator Reports
8.A. Elementary Principal Report - Sarah Remm
8.A.1. Community
8.A.1.a. No Report
8.A.2. Teaching & Learning
8.A.2.a. Acadience Winter Benchmarks
8.A.2.b. Curriculum Updates
8.A.2.c. Workshops & Trainings
8.A.2.d. NSCAS Growth Pilot
8.A.3. Special Education
8.A.3.a. No Report
8.A.4. Other
8.A.4.a. No Report
8.B. Secondary Principal Report - David Cunningham
8.B.1. Technology
8.B.1.a. No Report
8.B.2. Personnel
8.B.2.a. Approval of Certificated Contract for the school year 2022-2023
8.B.3. Activities
8.B.3.a. Recognition of All-State Students
8.B.3.b. Purchase of Football Uniforms
8.B.4. Other
8.B.4.a. No Report
8.C. Superintendent Report - Darren Soucie
8.C.1. Buildings, Grounds & Transportation
8.C.1.a. No Report
8.C.2. Budget, Finance & Grants
8.C.2.a. Certified Staff Negotiations
8.C.2.b. Monthly Financial Transactions
8.C.3. Governance, Americanism & Wellness
8.C.3.a. Discuss Any Changes Needed for Superintendent's Evaluation Form
8.C.4. Other
8.C.4.a. Upcoming Workshops and Conferences
8.C.4.b. Establishment of Board Retreat
8.C.4.c. Appointment of District's Government Relation Network Representative and Stanton Community Schools Foundation Representative
9. Consent Calendar
     a)  Presentation, approval, and authorization for payment of District #3 bills.
     b)  Presentation and acceptance of the Activity Account Report.
     c)  Presentation and acceptance of the Treasurer's Report. 
     d)  Presentation and acceptance of the Board Summary Report.
     e)  Presentation and acceptance of the Summary Statement of Revenue.
10. Next Meeting Date:
  • February 14, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the High School/Middle School Library.
11. Adjournment
12. Closed Session

The Board of Education may hold a closed session if:
  • Clearly necessary for protection of the public interest or for prevention of needless injury to a persons reputation and the person has not requested a public meeting.

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