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December 14, 2020 at 6:15 PM - Committee on American Civics

Opening Procedures
Call Meeting to Order
Review the secondary social studies curriculum and how the secondary is meeting LB 399
Discussion:  The 8th grade students do a project where they select one of the holidays that the 399 specify and then do a research paper along with a project for the class.  In the 12th grade, seniors take the citizenship test in the fall and again in the spring.  Seniors will take the same test in the spring as in the fall and not include the new questions.  American History will change to AH1 moving to the 8th grade and AM2 to the 9th grade.  No social studies in the 10th grade.  Juniors will take World History.  Seniors will take Government.  Tried to have sophomores take AM2 but that did not work because of the conflict in scheduling with other classes.  Tried to do AM into one school year but that was not successful because of amount of content that needed to be covered.  No one sees a state assessment in the future that is similar to NSCAS for students.  State standards have changed every several years which makes it difficult to incorporate those into the curriculum.  The social studies team met and has put together a plan for the 2021-2022 that might include a service project for students.  During this school year, psychology is offered to fill the gap for credits needed but the class could not be offered for dual credit.  Use the equipment at the ESU for projects that students might be making for the project.  The ESU has 46 3D in varying sizes that students could use for projects.  

Moved by Dustin Gronemeyer, seconded by Annette Weise,

To To adjourn the regular meeting.

Motion Carried.

  • Brian Quackenbush: Absent
  • Derrick Damrow: yes
  • Dustin Gronemeyer: yes
  • Brian Scherling: yes
  • Doug Stokebrand: yes
  • Annette Weise: yes
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