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April 19, 2022 at 7:00 PM - ESU 3 Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order and Roll Call
1.1. Excused Board Members, if Applicable
2. Nebraska Open Meetings Act Notice; Location of Posted Information
3. Recognition of Visitors
4. Strategic Planning Process
5. Public Comments
6. Approval of Consent Agenda
6.1. Approval of Previous Board Meeting Minutes
6.2. Personnel Report
6.2.1. Hired
6.2.2. Resigned/Terminated
6.3. Contract Report
6.4. Approval of National Travel and/or Lodging Expenses Exceeding the Applicable Federal Rate Report
6.5. Items for Disposal, Asset Change, or For Sale
6.6. Board Member Insurance Coverage
6.7. Head Start Leadership Reports, Policy Council Updates, Contracts, Etc.
7. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
8. Approval of Bills
9. Administrative Report
10. New Business Agenda Items
10.1. Presentation: Head Start
10.2. Set Date and Location for June Board Meeting
10.3. Master Services Agreement between ESU Coordinating Council and ESU #3
10.4. Employee Life Insurance and LTD
10.5. Approve Board Policy
10.6. Data Center Hardware approval
10.7. NebSIS software approval
10.8. Multifactor authentication purchase approval
10.9. NSBA National Conference Follow up
11. Adjournment

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