Public Meeting Agenda: March 3, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Board Committee of the Whole


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March 3, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Board Committee of the Whole Agenda

March 3, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Board Committee of the Whole
1. Call to Order
Discussion:  Randy called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
2. Public Comments on Agenda Items
Discussion:  The following commented on the agenda items - No one commented
3. Multipurpose Outdoor Facility
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez, John Brazell
Discussion:  The will discuss location. Dr. Lopez shared the design-build timeline. He asked Rex to go over the timeline. Design-build became available to schools in 1998. It is combined a construction management at risk. Not used very frequently. It is a little cumbersome to use so lots of schools don't use it. The process will take about 90 days 3teps -Performancer Criteria Builder the draw up building standards and descriptions of materials. The design-builder then builds. Design-builders can send in qualifications send in letter of interest. Board and committee review the qualifications. Once quailifed at lest 3. They have 30 days to submit a proposal. One of the key components is the schedule which will drive costs. Rex reviewed the time line - explaining the rules and regulations for each part of the process. Will have to give notice if over 40,000. March 7th publish notice and letter of interest back by March 14th. Solicit professional firms. Need to adopt policy as to how you go forward with this project Rex has given us a draft policy. Would look at the criteria for selection allowed 6 basic asked Board to look at them and think about additional criteria that they would like to see. All on March 14th also appoint a design-build selection committee. The selection committee makes recommendations to the Board and Board makes the decision. All selection committee meeting are open meetings governed under the open meeting act. Need to make sure we are protecting the interests of the school which is why we are looking a June 14 start which is later than the original discussion. We need to take our time and make sure we do it right. We will have a maximum project cost that will be negotiated with the design-build company. Performance Criteria Developer - Design assist board, examine the design plans, and construction oversight. Issue notice of letter of interest. March 21 dicuss and and rank firms. Develop the performance criteria with the performance criteria developer. Deadline for receipt of letters interest April 18th. 19-25 April review letters to pre-quualify. Will qualify at least 3 unless only have 2. Authorize request for proposal. Send out RFP have 30 day waiting period. Develop a design-build contract. Must file a notice with Department of Ed. Deadline to receive proposal May (Friday before Memorial Day). Review proposals Receive the recommendations of the selection committee - June 7. Rank firms in order of preference and begin negotiations. June 13 approve the design-build contract. At this point we will not have the guaranteed maximun price. There is a new timeline. Location - Where do we put it South side or West side. Had some exitiing drawings and had BBH comeout and review and look at both sites. We will ask contractors estimates to place in both areas. Soil samles Terron have requested so the contractor have this informaitin. Will look a location of utilities, and soil samples. Some issues on the south side. It is narrow more dirt workk, parking, handicap accesibility. The main issues there are two major drainage pipes that would need to be relocated. The west would be able to save 1 soccer field. Shared the drawing that we had available. Supplies and Equipment - Neal Randell put some number together. Would not have to replace all Hurrdles 22 4,000 New Rake 40.00 Pole Valut 14,000 High Junmp 6,000 ......800.00 About 26,000 total What will happen to Athletic Park. Will have to maintain for first few games. WE will not continue to maintain as a varsity facility, but will be used with Middle School. The use will be limited due to the condition of the facilities.
4. Volunteer Separation Plan
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez, John Brazell & Rex Schultze
Discussion:  Education Committee - Focus on State Aid to Schools In short time bill are coming closer projection of about 810 to 815 million in state aid 750,000 for next year. We have worked with admin to put in non personnel and personnal. All 2% reduction in nonpersooel. Looking at Build America Bonds on Pl and roof. 230,0000 defrreed maintenace. About 200,000 short in non personal. What are some ways we could reduce personnal. We have recuded non-personal just about as far as possible. When look a personnel. How to maintain current staffing. Looking at voulentere reduction. We want to save 200,000. John Brazell handout 810 million in State Aid is what we are projecting. To maintain cash reserve we cut 200,000 in personnel costs. We have looked an positive incentives that are attractive. $25,000 is workable. If we have nine teacher 60 65,000 and replace with newer an annual savings of $200,000. It will cost us 225,000 to do this and this can be spread over couple of years. There are saving is 2 & 3rd years. How do we pay for this. Was can levey an additional outside the 1.05 lid also have access to an employee benefit plan .75 -- 67,000 for 3 years -- 207,000 $25,0000 from .67 - $57,000 for 3 years by 50,000 employee benefit plan no levey 50,000 employee benefit and rest from general fund. Does not want to have to use the cash reserve funds this year. As we do not know what the stimlus funds will do next year. Want or reseve as much as possible. Don't want to have to borrow money to pay staff or bills. Looking at 1.66 or higher on schedule. 101 employees that are at or above this this is 2/3 or our staff. Looked at ages. 0f 101 are age 55 or higher 31 staff. This would give us 9. If have 10 then it would be criteria. We have to reduce personnle cost either in programs such a reduction in force. WE may not replace if the program is not needed. Or we may change a math teacher for english. We will have to look a programs as well. REx - Volunteer programs can be targeted to programs not to people. You can limit the eligabiltiy like to subject areas. The number is driven as to how much you are willing to spend on the program and how many will you loose. You pick nine and set up a tie breaker. The highest salary if have 10 the take hightest 9 salary. Then look at years of service. Flip a coin. Require that you are a fulltime teacher, threashold of cost 1.66. These buy out programs are governed by federal government. Not using age not have to have rule of 85. There are timelines. By federal law have give 45 days for staff to consider. Applications would be due May 1. We may need to issue rif notices while we wait the deceision of staff Would not riff until know have may are taking the separtion. Benefit - 25,000 seems to be an amount that has been acceptable. Structure of Benefit - Paid into a 403 B account advanages not taxable until withdrawn no FICA tax. Over 2-3 years the receipent has the money available to use money maybe for health insurance or leave it their and the pay taxes as withdraw. The process - We send to every employee of the VSP, application form and agreement form. In the agreement is the resignation the promise to pay. Beneficeray designation and legal rules. Each of employees given list of number employees in each age. Board review and takes action. 2 types of funding build america bonds and general fund and 2 fiscal years pr nightmare. The multipurpose facility is this year when funding is known and personnel is next year when funding is unknown. Dr. Lopez will put together criteria and share with board for review. Rex -
5. Public Comments on Any Topic
Discussion:  The folloiwnd commended on any topic - Judy Knispel - Voluteern 722 Garifield. Those who take this will they be allowed to sub? Yes can only work 180 days for retirement. Arnie Cerny 303 Sharpless - Athletic Facility - thanks 9-0. Long over due. Think about the facility and plan and as a throw coach do we have enought grass. Now have two throwing rings. We really need three rings. Two at new facility and plan ahead where shot put will be. Now to plan can fit and where over the next 2-5 years. 2 soccer fields and two throwing areas. Make sure have enough grass. Space for soccer on east field.
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