Public Meeting Agenda: March 14, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Meeting


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March 14, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Meeting Agenda

March 14, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Meeting
1. Call to Order
Discussion:  Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM
2. Pledge of Allegiance & Roll Call
3. Open Meeting Notice of Posted Law
4. President Ensures That All Can Hear the Proceedings
5. Consent Agenda
5.1. Approval of the agenda as submitted
5.2. Approval of the minutes of the February 14, 2011 regular board meeting.
5.3. Approval of proposed accounts for payment.
5.4. Approval of budgetary receipts and expenditures.
5.5. Approval of committee minutes of the Committee of the Whole and School Community and Staff Relations Committee
5.6. Approval of choice requests.
5.7. Approve Resignations
6. Outstanding Recognition
7. Information
7.1. Superintendent Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez
Discussion:  Alt Ed with ESU 5 team working with them matching curriculum rigor with ours. Will ESU be able to do this. Discussion in ongoing. We are at same time ploanning to offer it ourselves if they cannot. Looking at propetry, will be able to double our capacity. Career Acdemy looking increasing enrollment in this program Thursday Mar 17 Staff Development. Behavior stragedies, Tableau asssessment data. Deployment of laptops to the high school. Recognition of teachers. Week of Aprl 6=-10 National School Board. Consider moving the meeting April 11 to April 14 since board members gone. Jim Alternatived School affect on budget. Postive as we feel we could service more for less
7.2. Student Update
Speaker(s):  Neely Sutter
Discussion:  Spring Sports Started. Both BB at State Drumline placed 1st Post Prom and Post Grad parents working March 28 Prom - Night in Neon April Blood Drive will open it to Community ACT Class for Juniors April 9th ACT Couse
7.3. GNSA Update
Speaker(s):  Steve Winter
Discussion:  Feb 16 GNS met. Steve shared some History of Greater Nebraska Schools. This presentation was given by Steve Joel. Greater Neb Schools have been very active. Possible Summer workshop to review focus and see how they will go. Legislative Committee Report LB 18 - This bill is complete. Edcuation Job Fund LB 383 - Limit State Aid to local municipality passed. LB 236 & 236 Main State Aid bills. very close, LB 235 more favorable to most schools. LB 382 - Change contributiona rates to 92.8 % in retirement system. Next Meeting March 16
7.4. Legislative Update
Speaker(s):  Mitch Deines
Discussion:  Mitch - Lb 260 - Second round cussion injury. Additionally it requires must make available training to coaches and provide info LB 582 - Student Freedom of Speech
7.5. Design-Build Time Line
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez
Discussion:  Dr. Lopez - Update on what is happening and what is next. The slower you go the more benefit to the District. Worked today for final completion date of October 15. Perhaps compenstate if the vendor is done before that. Soon - March 7 published notice for need of professional services for a Permorance Criteria Developer have had 3-4 letters of interest. TodaY The policy passage. March 21 Selection of Peerformance Developer and rank firms
8. Committee Reports
8.1. Committee of the Whole
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  Discusssed the Design Build and Volutary Separation Plan. Needing 9 positions
8.2. School Community and Staff Relations Committee
Speaker(s):  Jim Spangler
Discussion:  Add Randy Coleman as present E-Cyber - Texting and Driving, Wind Turbines See Minutes.
9. Action
9.1. Approve Policy 1310 Rebate to School Personnel (Revision)
9.2. Approve Policy 1320 Requests to Contact Students (Revision)
9.3. Approve 1322 Acceptable Use of Computer, Technology and the District Network (Revision)
9.4. Approve AR 1322.2 Staff Use of Computers, Technology and the District Network (Revision)
9.5. Approve Policy 5220 Graduation Requirements/Early Graduation (Revision)
9.6. Approve Policy AR-5220 Graduation Requirements (Revision)
9.7. 2nd Reading and Approval of Policy 8110 Standing Committees/Committee of the Whole/Temporary Committees (Revision)
9.8. Approve Seeking Bids for District Financial Software
9.9. Approve waiving the two hearing requirement to permit specific action to be taken after one reading as per Policy 9210.
9.10. 1st Reading of Policy 3535 Design-Build (New Policy)
9.11. Approve the selection of Design-Build Construction Deliver Method and the Political Subdivision Construction Alternatives Act and approval of related polices and Appointment of Design-Build Selection Committee as per the attached resolution
9.12. Approve repealing any previous Voluntary Severance Progam as per attached resolution.
9.13. 1st Reading of Voluntary Severance Program
9.14. Approve Voluntary Severance Program
9.15. Approve targeted areas for Reduction in Force as per attached resolution
10. Notification of Next Meeting
Discussion:  April 14
11. Adjournment
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