Public Meeting Agenda: March 24, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole


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March 24, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Agenda

March 24, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole
1. Public Comments on agenda items - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on agenda items only. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
2. Library Automation
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephens
Discussion:  No One spoke in public Randy Called to order at 7:10 Summer - Library Automation Elementary not currently now on card system. We need to move forward and allow them to use technology. Automated Library before start of school in the fall. Looking at several companies Dave, Summer, Media. Wanted web based so all levels could be hooked together. Kids and look on web for book in all schools library. This also be able to share and combine books. Have great research functions. Provide kids for weblinks in a safe environment. Link up all researh information books also. On stop shop for kids for all levels. Self check out for staff and students. Tie to student management system, connection to state and national standards. Bring in system and the transition from cards to bar codes and scanning. Carol and Marge work this summer for about 4 weeks. Will also look at additional computers for the library. Bd Questions: - Can student at HS will get different weblinks than 3rd grade? Yes. Cost - 35,000 to 40,000 plus server and pay Carol & Marjorie. What is the longevity of program before you need to change? Sofware will be updated yearly. Summer not sure how long it will be as it is, but it is web based so this is an advantage. Annual fees 4,000 to 8,000 most often on per pupil. Curriculum Budget
3. Summer School
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephens
Discussion:  Continullay looking last year 13 at HS using Oddesy Wared. Need to keep kids working in the summer. Looked at summer school for this summer. This summer to student target finished 2 & 3 HS credit revover June 5-30 16 days of instruction. HS may go into July to finish. Elementary will be at Cedar kids that the additional help. Suing Title I ARIA money 70 kids using current staff, will apply by staff. NO FEE FOR KIDS. M-Thursday starting at 8:30 to . Will have 3 stops for transportation. Para at stops/back and will ride to Cedar. Will summer food program at Cedar school. Will be in the food program open to others in the District. Maybe provide summer school students breakfast. This is a reimbursable cost. Provides job, income and food for all kids. Litercery bag program over the summer for elementary students usually ran out of CA but will be at Cedar. Students must attend 16 sessions currently working on currculum. Hs - Same dates with staffed with English and hope Math teacher. Will use Odesssyware. Will us teacher to assist or reteach students needing assistance. Cost for student 150.00 per student. Fee waived for free/reduced lunch. May need to go into July to finish course work. Will increase to 20 to 25 students 8:30 - 11:30. M-Thursday. Must attend 12 sessions. Bord Question How do target/ get info to kids - Elementry will have a criteria on how selected and rolled out. HS have not passed core subject and that is target kids. Must pass in oreder to go on and so this is good chance for them. Why not MS - Looking more comprehensive program next 2011-2012. Are looking possible 8th graders in trouble reading will look if spaces are available. Will admin be present. Yes most of time yes or Jami Jo or Summer. Will it impact custodial - Yes some impact as it will be a little later staring. Always an issue. It it fair to charge one year not the other. We will have to be clear about this. Must spend these dollars or loose them.
4. Beatrice Community Preschool
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson
Discussion:  Dr. Thompson Beatrice Community Preschool Collaboaration with Head Start and BPS Serve 3-5 year olds. Not just disabilty or poverty but a wide range enviormvent. Main target disabilty,proverty, low birth rate, young parent 18 or no graduation. Serve 106 kids. Shared brochure. 4 sites at PL 2 morning and 2 afternoon and 4 sections at Adams Hall 2 morning and 2 afternoon. All sessions inclusives. Shared curriculm on of three highly recommended by NDE currently use now by Headstart. Social and communications skills instructed. M, T Thr F same calendar BPS. NLC sliding scale school on W so all staff can participate in Piding fee scale. No transportation provided except only those with IEp that says they must have it. Shared will have breakfast/snack or lunch/snack. Collaborate with prescool, daycares inhome days - provide training. Media and radio - Printed several flyers to distrivbute. Call head start and they will walk through application. Tobias glad to see this program grow to all preschool students not those with disabilities. We are adding 51 students 1 teacher 1 para and head start will add staff. We will proabley break even, maybe just a little loss. Dr. Lopez would like to add more students next year. Average have waitin of 5 Headstret 20-25 waitig.
5. Alternative Education
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson
Discussion:  Have been discussing over the last 3 years. Believe they should meet requirements. During vistis with ESU they are not able to meet the new requirements. So it will be best to do ourselves Will need to lease or purchase facility. May need to rent and take long to see if would want to purchase. Ad for teacher. May have current staff that could run, but will consider qualified in house staff. Increacde capactioy and increase rigor. Currenlty sepne 117,000 for 16 now serve 30 and will have controll over the curriculum. Could ser 15 moring 15 in afternoon with one teacher and 1 para. Currculum match HS, but a different envirovment that is need for kids. ESu will continue for other schools on smaller scale. We would be open to contract with other school. Excited to expand to met needs and expand rigor. BD - What age? 16 and earned some HS credits. Usally 120 credits. Summer, Jason Jami Jo are looking at this, but may need to change. How many on waiting list? 4 it has been 10 at times Staff have to be housed so they are quaified to teach math, english , social studies. Could use oddessy ware if not have math ability. Are high needs, but not behavior. Courses not as rigorus as our at HS. Jim need to meet graduations standards I think ESU and teacher have done well. It was a mutual situation as we worked through the decision. Randy this is exciting Summer School, preschool that we are moving forward cudoos to those who are moving this forward
6. Exterior Finishing Insulation System
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
Discussion:  John Brazell EFIS - aware concerners some moisture behind and damage to brick. Spalling water into brick causing the brick to split. Some water in the brick calcum white spots on bring. This is moisture behind the brick and must be fixed. We originally thought moistuer was behind the EFIS. Water is not behind the EFIS but just in the brick. Water in throught brick on face of upright bricks and many mortr joints and getting behind the soilder brick. Good new do not have to replace the EFIS. Big dollar saving. EFIS will stay. Did not put in flashing EFIS says take solider course and replace it with metal flashing and out over the top row of brick. Current EFIS will have two lays of mesh put on to make the EFIS harder. Can discuss color and look, but will go with current look. Can put some expansion joints in. These changes will cost us under 550,000. This would also clean up BHS letters on building. The construction of no flashing and solider course work. Dr. Lopez is meeting with Merel Rambo. Windows - some issues and same concern under the windows. They will propose to take out under the windows put in precast concrete to protect the windows and in cost. Collland set it off with lights to enhance the entrance. Several options to consider. PL Remodel - Ready to go out to bid. Have been working at aRte. Will remodel and bring in portales. 420,000 to 450,000. Poratables LPS has some for 10 to 15 years old 2 classrooms to bathsrooms. We would need 2 moved and set for 40,000 to 50,000. New 70,000 not moved or set.
7. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  None Adjourn 8:15 PM
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