Public Meeting Agenda: April 28, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Meeting


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April 28, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda

April 28, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Meeting
1. Public Comments on Agenda Items - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on agenda items only. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
2. 2011-2012 Lunch Prices
Speaker(s):  John Brazell and Margaret Johnson
Discussion:  peggy & John Food Service Report Summer Eating Program - All excited to add summer eating as an outreach to the community. Offer for 16 days of summer school at Cedar. June (dates) Monday - Thursday feeding kids going to summer school lunch and breakfast and open to community kids 1-18 years old. Follow National Food Guidelines. Adults can pay to eat. All reimbursed by free-reduced guidelines. Have has a site inspection and we are ready to go. Peggy will be using her staff and well as paras that will be working. Plan menu and the some extra items turkey/cheese sandwich to help us learn the number who will eat and how much food we will need. It is ok if we run out. Those enrolled will eat first. This will truly fill a need in our community. Lunch Prices - Still at preliminary numbers to keep up with federal guideline at least 5 cents. Maybe a dime. Current prices listed. This will come to the Board in June. State Department cost saying should go up a dime. This department is a business no general fund money and must be self supporting. Need to continue to support good health. These food are more costly and need to keep us in sound business
3. Americanism Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephens
Discussion:  Dr. Stephens First report to the Board. Address statuethe Board to have a committee. Look at materials over the winter. American History and Govenment we are using a very good curriculum. Under revision at the High School level due to new requirment of 1 year of American history. Histroy and Govervnemt it is in the reading programs. At elementary they use it in music pledge of adllicgenc daily. This is done once a week at MS. At various times at the HS
4. Multi-Cultural Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephens
Discussion:  Dr. Stephens Incorpoarte many different things in curriculum and assessment area. Take a look and infuse text and lituree from diverse areas and use the internet. Assessment - Look at items for bias gender/racial etc. as well and when we review curriculum Provide staff development for our staff. Continue to look at what they are providing students.
5. Construction Update
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez & John Brazell
Discussion:  John & Jon Construction Update Middle School Roof - Boone Brother under contract will start right after school. Qualifed construction bonds will pay this. Meet Davis Baccon Act. PL SPed April 21 bids from 4 companies Roher 217,400 Elkhorn West 197,425 5 Star 174,250 Rogge 172,000 Came in lower than planned. Rogge is ready to start May 2 and will have a Special Board meeting so they can start. This will gut down to the studs. New walls carpet, bathroom fixtures, Kitchenette, padded rooms. Portal Buildings from LPS 2 used for 15,000 cost to move 20,000 set at Paddock Lane. Will need a doorway into paddock for a secure area so we have fence control access area. Classrooms for 4th and 5th grade. EIFS - Shared model of the High School. Replace solider course (blond brick). Will have flashing between the EIFS and solider course brick to prevent the water from going behind the brick. The larger panel will have an expansion area as these current panels are two large. Will stay as close to the current color as possible. The collande. The top piece will the mental panel where current EIFS is. Will have some accent LED lights in this area to set if off. Will put new letters with LED lights behind it. Lighting and special items $10,000.00. Ready for bid out and due back by May 24th. Should take 6 weeks for EIFS, but brick work may go to October. Metal will be smooth possible bronze color. OMPC - April 21 committee reviewed 8 companies who what to build it. John gave names. Those selected to submit proposal were 4 of the 8. Location is still undetermined. Issues on both location with drainage. Proposals due May 27. Recommendation to Board on June 7th. All were good firms, used a ranking system to determine the top 4.
6. Board Self-Evaluation
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez
Discussion:  Jon Where are you at. Spent time in a session at national conf. It is in our strategic plan #3-2-1 Lead by Jon in 2011-2012 to designate a group to complete this. It will be a collaboartive effort to develop a fair and open methods for making transparent the school board standards of practice and for identify and reporting key indicator of the district health ..... Share3d the NSBA Key Words of School Boards. School Board Evaluations are becoming more common. Evaluation and accountability is still however largely reserved for admin and teacher in public schools A district must internalize accountability at all levels to fulfill our obligation Most common model is Board Self Assessment (See Handout). Linked to overall goals of the District Performance of the Board is independent of the performance of the Superintendent/. Determine Standards Select the instrument/. Share the process with the public, but results are not shared. Several instruments Dr. Lopez shared the typical criteria that is included. On schedule for development in fall of 2011-2012. The administer at end of school year
7. Eligibility for Activities and Athletics
Speaker(s):  Jason Sutter, Neal Randel and Randy Schlueter
Discussion:  Dr. Lopez High School - Neal Randel and John Jarosh Covering for the Middle School as concrete and new baby. Neal shared the handout asked to look at last paragraph. Failing 2 or more class not participate for a week. If bring up 1 or more the start the following Wednesday. If bring up both can start right away. Not many changes. Last fall we looked at what we could do for kids so that this would not sneak up. Had a committe that met 5-6 times as what we wanted it follow. Keep same 1 Fine Arts kids that need to participate at concrete/band and if part of grade the should still be allowed to participate at home but not away. 2. Make everyone aware of the student progress not only 6 times, but now every Monday list published to staff d and e. Staff let kids know to get grades up. Now have reporting period every 3 weeks. More opportunities to be made aware academicaly. On average have about 21 kids at each reporting period that are ineligible. Lowest 13 greatest 29. Randy - Interventions - What do we do. Make sure students aware and sponsor of the acitivties. Do lots school wide in math and reading. Students and parent work with teacher to get extra help. Staff will visit with students and teacher to see what they need when report comes out. They are allowed to practice and travel as long don't need to leave school early. Monte - Why do we allow them to be failing one class? Opportunity to participate does do some good things for kids. But some do just struggle in only one area. If set that as a standard does that motavaite them or does it cause them just give up. JonZ can't use to punish. Middle School - Lopez -very close to HS. Says athelteics what at out music/activites? Dr. Lopez will check 2f
8. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  None 8:15 PM
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