Public Meeting Agenda: September 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting


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September 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

September 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance & Roll Call
2.1. Approve to excuse Jon Zimmerman from the August 8, 2011 Regular Board of Education meeting
3. Consent Agenda
3.1. Approval of the agenda as submitted
3.2. Approval of minutes of the August 8, 2011 regular board meeting.
3.3. Approval of the proposed accounts for payment
3.4. Approval of budgetary receipts and expenditures
3.5. Approval of Option - To Tri County - Jackson McNiff - Gr. 1, To Diller/Odell - Zachary Bamierz - Gr. K and From Southern - Alicia Huettner - Gr. 12 - From Fairbury - Lacy Lachowski - Gr. 10
4. Information
4.1. Superintendent Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez
Discussion:  Cedar - 1,000 Windstream Preschool Open House Tuesday Charites NASb on September 14 registration at 4.45 and workshops and dinner at Holiday Inn. Seek out a contractor by Montey for a board mediator. Will send to others. More informaiotn on this in the future. Mitch asked to explain. Mr. Lofing try to bring contractor to work with individual board member resolution. Quote ofr group and individual mediation. Jim does NASB provide and did approach and due to some of the requests were more mediation they do not do this service. Mitch how much money minimum of 90.00 per hour up to 200.00 depends on what you decide to do. The general fund would. Steve feel the board has worked well, feel we should be able to handle face face as some board members feel do not only know what the problem is. This is not an action item. It would be volunteering. Mitch for NASb to come down to be better board members. Concern that they did not want to touch this. I feel we as a Board have better things to do
4.2. Student Update
Speaker(s):  Megan Gronewold
Discussion:  Cedar & Stoddard now get afternoon snacks for 4 days a week fruit and vetabale. Having ovpen houses 78 grade sprots starting Hs and music are going Woods moving to tin building and weight room where woods was. Homecoming next week Shopping cart 3:00 PM parde and dress up day Athletic complex is going well.
4.3. Start of School Update
Speaker(s):  Building Principals
Discussion:  theresa/ Betty - Great start this year 1st event sneek peek for Kindergarten. Have large group this year. Open houses have been held. Stoddard had a litercy activity and fun night. had a catgered supper and raffel. Paddock show off the remodel and new additions. Litercy or Math activities. Last week trubit to Septe 11 fallen and serving heros. Group to plegde to flag and ballon launch. Thresa many same things sneek peek and open houses. Math and reading actiavity to go home to involve parents. PTO up and running, swimming party. PLC meeting align curriculum. 1st universl reading screening and teachers are meeting in team and intervetions have started. Fund raaing for the praire playground. Staff are reading leading and managian a deiferenated classroom. All people working together to make the smooth start. Randy - Middle School has several new faces Holly Carpenter, Erin Calway Maggie Keiser, Tom Krakow and Jill Rice (gave titles and resource officer. RSO is great with kids worked with bouns program SADD and interact with kids. Karen Dittbrenner into Media Specialist. Brought great knowledge of technology tools. It has been a great help. MS is wireless and in the next month will have laptops. Learning that goes on in the classroom is most important. Working in PLC reviewing data. Roof is complete. Jason -Freshman fist day dancing flash mob. Set gym up like it will look in four years. New staff doing well. They are bonding well together as a group of new staff. Students excited many questions about projects. EFIS is progressing nicely, mulipurpose can see the fifty yard line. Moving woods into building and converting the old woods area into a physical fitness area. Cheerleader and Student Council working hard to promote school spirt. Year of 2 college grant willvisit 9 colleges, act prep, college club. Early out productive -brain base learning. Admin team have I-pads to us for walk-throughs, to be instructinal leaders and manages second. Media Center is main hub. New software is great resource for Kids. Site plan Nov 21st, Thanks to staff and students
4.4. Student Enrollment
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez
Discussion:  Dr. Lopez Teaching and Instructional Leadership so glad to hear admin talking about this. Great things happening. Up slightly, but mostly due to preschool. Small senior class 40 fewer than last year. 2,181. 22 in COMPASS. Kindergarten predictions were right on. Talking about option out and working to keep them
5. Committee Reports
Discussion:  Aug 25 Sick Leave Donation Bank - Not many staff use, but continued discussion. Defining catastrophic.Leave without pay policy under development. Trying to limit # of teachers out of classroom JOhn Budget 2012 as explained tonight. Public Comments - BEA Co-Chair as to why staff take leave without pay
5.1. Committee of The Whole
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
6. Public Forum
Discussion:  Monte Lofing Thanked Chris Dunker about article open meetings act. Fellow Board members. Every item put on agenda denied. Can't understand why as Board member can't get these items on an agenda. Have asked for a retreat and have NASB come teach us boardmanship. Several have said it will never happen. Confuse only I am asking for boardmaship. Supose to work things out. I just do not get it. Some have not spoken to him in two year. Requested mediation from Dr. Lopez thanks. All expensive. Voluntary so some will not attend. Waste of time and money, why can't we have a retreat. Told in an e-mail was a bad Board member on on the same Band Wagon and I should get off. Didn't know we have a band wagon. I was elected by the public to represent. I object bad board e-mail, I will speak out and keep the public informed. Students, staff, parents deseve a honest school board
7. Action
7.1. Approve AR 5575 Student Fees and Material Requirements
7.2. Approve the 2011/2012 Budget
7.3. Approve the 2011/2012 Property Tax Request
7.4. Approve the Health Alliance Blue Cross & Blue Shield Premium Holiday.
7.5. 1st Reading of Policy 4216 Sick Leave Donation (Classified)
7.6. 1st Reading of Policy 4511 Sick Leave Donation(Certified)
Discussion:  No changes since committe of whole parrell language teacher or hourly who participate in bank would not have to seek out donations. Will front load bank and then thoses that become ill do not have find donations. No other changes. Dayd not used will be kept
7.7. Reaffirm Policy 1405 Police and Fire Departments
Discussion:  All 7-g 7-h will bring us updated of 1000 series
7.8. Reaffirm Policy 1410 Health Departments
7.9. Reaffirm Policy 1415 Welfare Agencies
7.10. Reaffirm Policy 1420 County and Intermediate Units
7.11. Reaffirm Policy 1505 Relations with Activities Associations and Athletic Conferences
8. Notification of Next Meeting
9. Executive Session
9.1. To discuss negotiations for the protection of public interest and or the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual and if such individual has not requested a public meeting.
10. Adjournment
Discussion:  When into executive session 7:56 Five minute recess
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