Public Meeting Agenda: January 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole


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January 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Agenda

January 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole
1. Public Comments on Agenda Items - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on agenda items only. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
2. Calendar 2012-2013
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez & Dr. Stephens
Discussion:  Excuse Mitch and Jim who were absent. We have had good PD and want to bring in a speaker, which will cause us to have to make a change. Martin Luther King - Requested last year and want to confirm for next. Graduation Calendar is current 2012-13 handed it out. Stragety 3 comprehesive grading. Ken Oconnor they have visited with some teacher viisting . He has worked for 15 years in grading. Teams taken to review Ken's work and grading team would like to bring him in next fall. Also have an community night during the time he is her. Octover has Oct 23 end quart 24 & 25 PS and No school on 26. Keep kids 24 and 25 and off all on 26 and have PD Monday and Tuesday 45 1/2 and 2nd 36 days is what it does to quarters. This impacts MS most, but Mr. Schlueter can work with this. Plan to admin calendar. Plan to make early out a full day if change is made. Monte -How bad is it for Randy. He would do week before on the Friday we would end quarter class on that Friday and start on next week Monday. Just change start and stop of quarter. Doris -Cost of speaker for 2 days and parents is $9,000. He is top notch in his field. Would try to open this up to others. Martin Luther King day. Do we want this day off as per Randy S. What he propose stay in session on this day and go back change what we do intersessionl. Finish on Wed. Thurs PD 1/2 day work time. No school on Friday. Stay on ML and put back on Friday no school and no kids Thurusday, but staff have work time on Thursday. (like old times) ready for 4th quarter. All levels still teach about Martin Luther King during classes. May need Americanism look at this. Doris thinks we need this day off. Other days we take off that important in our history. Most schools do take off in NE. Randy lets wait and more dialog and direction. Tobias be in school will learn more about Martin Luther King. We could adjust this item later. Jon never thought about schedule, need to think about more items. Graduation - No snow days we will need to make up do consider pushing last day for senior gain 2 days. We want to make get maximum instructional time which equals dollars. We might be below average this year as other have added minutes as well as no snow day. Possible push senior last day Thursday the 16th is a far as we can go in order to be prepared for commentment on Sunday. Caps and gowns for baccualaret but maybe not graduate. Chance we would take. May have to assit some students on Thursday and Friday to be ready to grad by Sunday. PLC Wednesday might be an additional option. Need to explore as it is different from past. Mr. Sutter can get some more feedback from staff.
3. Testing
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephens
Discussion:  Summer - Shared a powerpoint with an assessment update. (Get copy). Fall - Assess Elementary early reading skills AIMSweb. This is done 3 time per year. Helps deterime intervention needs. Lots of students have slowed down, but reading at 100% accuarcy. We need to speed up to reach benchmark. Gated MacGinitie Reading Assements - Goes accross all grade levels to assess growth. Vocab an reading comprehension. HS in early winter, elementary k-8 Middle to end of March to end of May. InView, Terra Nova, Explore and Plan - Inview 3rd and 6th grade cognitive ability 3-7 Terra Nova - Reading, Math, English Scienc Social Explore 8 & 9 Plan 10 the explore and plan pre cursor to ACT ACt at 12 grade. Terra Noved Composit 2011-12 all grades above the 50 percentile. Very pleased. Shared SPEd and Free Reduce improvements. Explore Results mean score 8th and 9th all above the 50. Plan all above the 50th. Spring Statewide Assessment - Have see lots of growth in our teachers to use the data. Shared schedule of times NeSa writing, reading science and math. those taking this have been in HS three years. This testing has been online except for Math that was pencil and paper. In 2012-13 all will be online c4L - Practice system within the state assemsents. Teachers can build practice test to use with students. Essential Skills Will be a new test in 2012-12 and will be more rigours test. We now have a curriculum that matches the test. Our old test was easy and some will not pass the new test so we will retache and test until they pass. Essential Learning Outcomes. 10th grader must past before they grade. Will pilot the 9th graders this year. This will be done in the Spring. Terra Nova Cohort - These show the same students and how done over the years 2021 - 3rd grade 56 NCE highest in last 3 years. All classes have went up.
4. Superintendent Evaluation Instrument
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez
Discussion:  Tobias made a recommendation to make some changes to have more satisfaction choicies. We can do this if want, but will need to make changes to be Board approved. Possible ad a scale of statisfaction. Take existing add level of satifaction scale. Use old with new December have a new one. May need more discussion and input to build new one.
5. Character/Behavior(Strategic Action Plan 4-1)
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson & Peggy Snurr
Discussion:  Jami Jo and Peggy - Handout Part of SP#4. We have to look a comprhensive 3 tier plan. Tier one is core program for all students. Met needs of 80% of kids. Peggy leading team to select tier 1 - 15 on team with mix of people from all levels. Met to review programs they knew about 11 programs and then researeced. Districtwid common language # of training days involved, training not only for teacher but admin and cost. positive behavior, parent componet. Narrowed to 5. More research done on these five Narowed by trainign - did they have train the trainer part and cost. Ongoing support costs. Narrowed to Boy's Town Model. PreK-12 model, catch students when good, positive replacement behavior, life skills curriculum, increase academic time and not having to deal behavior. Correct bad behavior and punish it. Comprehensive program Boy's Town. Staff have attend 2days training for all staff and 1 day training for admin. ongoing consutl with btown staff. training internal trainers. Cost for all $60,000 over two year elementary and admin and internal consults and internal trainers. The second year ms and hs. Cost onging 500 and the 4000 next year but is minimal. 5 day special traing for bd and skills. Parent training componet we could implement. This will come to Board in Feb to approve as it is over $40,000. Randy thinks we need comp program, but need to be able to account/document for progress. Not just subjective it is working. Doris would like to talk to another school and how well it works. Randy used it and really becomes a part of your language.
6. Elementary Facilities Public Forums
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson
Discussion:  Jami Jo - Team meeting regular. Meeting since the beginning of the year. Once again part of the SP. Reasearch of facilities and best practice keep k-5 building 2 buildings one grade level. Shared research with public and gather input forums. Shared the dates and location of 4 forums. Tours and then an input session. Various ways to give us input. Will review the input and make draft and then get input on draft. Encouraged Board to attend. Monte suggested one be move to later in evening.
7. High School Roof Project
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
Discussion:  John Brazell -Over two summers. Funded by school stablization bonds by december 13. Will start this summer. Have had prebid meeting 6 vendors presnt. Bids due Feb 9 and hope to approve at Feb board. It will be a balastered roof with adhered slope 30 year roof guarantee compared to current 10 year.
8. Request to discuss moving School Community & Staff Relations Committee meetings away from lunch time.
Speaker(s):  Dr. Lopez
Discussion:  Monte requested this move from lunch to earlier in morning. Dr. Kurse had for years in morning. Monte cannot make lunch. Lisa were other tours as a group see teachers not in action. Exta meeting out S & C. Move away from lunch how many staff could attend. If had open morning time would it be plan. Dr. Lopez did discuss to give up plan would you get participation. Building recommendation would be keep over lunch. Before or after staff relations could not attend
9. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  No one spoke. adjourn at 8:35PM.
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