Public Meeting Agenda: February 23, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole


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February 23, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Agenda

February 23, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole
1. Public Comments on Agenda Items - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on agenda items only. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  Randy Coleman asked if anyone wanted to speak about items on the agenda. No one spoke
2. Refinancing of High School Bonds
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
Discussion:  John - Low interst rates looked at if worth if we have 5 years left. $90,000 savings over 5 years. Ameritas Mark if Board in agreement. Mark Monford - Explained Process - Shared what they have for $90,000 over five years. Shared a handout. Bond advanced refunding we could do this but only one time. Pay mostly principal in this five years as we have paid most of the interest. Shared number net of any fees. Seriers 2008 3.385 milll decemer 2016 4.25% call date Dec 15 at 2013 at 100cents on each dollar if do the advnce fund on May 15 20112 end at 2016 same payment on June and December down less than 1% interst - Save $93,000. Annual saving about $19,000 and if in one check it would be $90,000. Do not have to do this it is a option, but it is found dollars. Any down side - No lower interest rate and lower payment with same end date of 2016. Process would do paperwork, financials 2-3 week time frame. Would try for March 12, but it will be a push. Could wait until April only loss if rates go up or at March 12 no firm rates we could use parameter rates that Pres and Sup could act on without a special meeting. What is in it for Ameritas - They get to sell the bonds at 1.25% fees of par. Tobia move forward be ready for March - good idea and see what can. Mitch local vendors will want to sell the bonds. Ameritas will work with them they are treated just like Ameritas sellers. Done equatable for all involved so that all can sell. Should sell all bond local if we can. Bonds will be availabe for loca.
3. Printers
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
Discussion:  John - 6 years ago installed. Moved from desk top to local placed printers. Decision hard to make where to place. Now have idea of need areas. Currently have 63 and some within the years lower usage Replace 27 and move rest around so low usage will replace high remaining usage. $4,492 per month to 1,700 month - 3,000 per month over 5 years. Could rebid but would cost more. As we would lower number and lease purchase rest would be more cost. Could cause conflict with local vendors. Could bid but they would have to service current machines. Policy 3305 over $5,000 go bid process. The service is over 5000 but not the printers. Would need a waiver. John will look a bid of service
4. Program Budgeting
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
Discussion:  John - Described process of how program budgeting use to provide more input and allow us to move more strategically. 14 Program Areas - Each has a Chair and a team prepares the budget 95,97,99,100% Submited to John then All Chairs, John and Jon review these 4 level budgets District Budget Team - Chairs and Community Member Chairs presnet and the rank by q-sort. Sup then reviews and makes changes. Fall is final review since by August we know excat revenue. The ranked budgets above the funding line are funded. Proiritize and foucs on needs of the District. This will be a flat funding budget. Most District our size or larger do this tpye of budgeting. Sub - Update Transition - March 9th Kelly gone. We have been working to process in place. Hired Shelley Holt past Kelly . Developed timelime to complete all paperwork and system. Set up seris of meeting with sectaries, sub and teacher and para. Staff will call a different number only difference. Subs will not fill themselves, but receive calls. Plan for end of the year Accounting Software implement March 7&8 and on March 20-23 training on new software. 6-8 month transition.
5. Multicultural Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Stephens
Discussion:  summer requied by state rule. Ensure we have in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. (See handout) Par handout Next Steps will look at lots of proverty and high needs. will work with staff to be diverse by staff development and professional growth. Americanizam Committee gave State Statue to refresh purpose. Elements of to review and inspect textbooks. No new adoption of Social Studies. Reveiw moral Staff our students have american experience devote songs partariot andtalk about flag display and disposal. Lower grades Amerian Histoty each week. Follow this statue and sometime we combine.
6. Boy's Town Behavioral Model
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson
Discussion:  Jami Jo, Peggy Snur, Kelly Winter and Mindy Summers How Boys Town was selected. Committee has met to make sure they have consensu about this program and that they had followed strategic plan and how we decided on this plan. Peggy - Process - Brainstorm program the might fit needs. Discuss compoents for the researched down to 5 main programs. Researched these 5 more and devise a rubrick. Reviewd the rubrick and narrowed down to three. Looked at training on how many days, who gets trained, training of trainers and parent compenent. Disciplien process or social skills secion. Reviewed cost. Reviewed the research and evaluation piece. Boy's town ranked the highest. Committe got back together to see if we needed additional time, but then decided they still wanted this program. Kelly - From here but not until this year did she understand the clientel of our students. Did not realize the personal and soical needs. This program will address these areas. This type of program willincreas classroom behavior. Miny Summer - Challenging 2nd Grade. Has limit training from Peggy. Was shocked by behavior of kids. Stuggle with how to teach behavoir to kids that is proper as this is modeled at home. Boy's town stratigies to follow this year. Shared differetn things she has used this year. Could not hold them accountable if they have not been taught approrparite behavior. Consistancy school wide will be benifical and the parent compent will be most helpful.
7. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  None 8:05PM
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