Public Meeting Agenda: September 10, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting

September 10, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

September 10, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order
Speaker(s):  Tobias Tempelmeyer
2. Pledge of Allegiance & Roll Call
3. Oath of Office to New Student Member - Isaiah Friesen
Speaker(s):  Tobias Tempelmeyer
4. Consent Agenda
4.1. Approval of the agenda as submitted
4.2. Approval of minutes of the August 13, 2012 regular Board of Education meeting
4.3. Approval of the proposed accounts for payment
4.4. Approval of budgetary receipts and expenditures
4.5. Approval of committee minutes of Committee of the Whole
4.6. Approval of option students - To Norris - Shelby Dorn - Gr. 12 - From Freeman - Silias Jurgens - Gr. 6 - To Lewiston - Quinton Graham - Gr. 9
5. Outstanding Recognition
5.1. Employee of the Month
Speaker(s):  Jackie Nielsen
5.2. Being the Best Recognition -Dr. Joan Christen - 2011 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
Speaker(s):  Dr.Thompson
6. Information
6.1. Superintendent Report
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson & John Brazell
6.2. Student Update
Speaker(s):  Isaiah Friesen
6.3. Start of School Update
Speaker(s):  Building Principals
6.4. Elementary Facilities Recommendation
Speaker(s):  Dr. Thompson
6.5. Board of Education Self Assessment
Speaker(s):  Tobias Tempelmeyer
6.6. Dedication Night
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
7. Committee Reports
7.1. Committee of the Whole
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
8. Public Forum
9. Action
9.1. Approve the 2012/2013 Budget
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
9.2. Approve the 2012/2013 Property Tax Request
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
9.3. Approve hiring Bahr Vermeer & Haecker Architects to develop preliminary architectural plans for the elementary/pre-school sped facilities.
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
9.4. Approve hiring an Estimator to provide approximate construction cost for the new facility/facilities based on architectural work.
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
9.5. Approve hiring an Appraiser to assist the district in locating land and determining the cost of any land acquisition
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
10. Notification of Next Meeting
11. Executive Session
11.1. To discuss personnel for the protection of public interest and or the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual and if such individual has not requested a public meeting.
12. Adjournment
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