Public Meeting Agenda: November 20, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole


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November 20, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Agenda

November 20, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole
1. Public Comments on Agenda Items - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on agenda items only. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  Attendance Taken at 7:00 PM Present Winter Coleman Martin Zimmerman Tempelmeyer Lofing Pieper Absent Deines Spangler Called to Order at 7:00 PM Public Comments - None
2. Superintendent Update
Discussion:  See Handout Dr. Baker shared with board a heads up for the Dec 10th meeting 1. Financial House in Order 2. Appears we have more staff that needed Support staff are at will employees, treat with dignity and respect. Teacher and admin coverd by continuing contract law Admin team is looking at staffing May have a proposal by Dec 10th consideration. There may not be a polished proposal ready, but need to start taling about it.
3. AYP & Ranking
Speaker(s):  Administrative Team
Discussion:  Elementary - Betty - Charts show all students NeSA Reading Scores and then all Students profickent. Dissapointed in ranking. May not be as drastic as it appears. Above in ????. Over three years 3rd graders made a 15% increase. See increse in provety scores over 3 years. Therease - Timeframe went from Essential Skills to new NeSA testing. Some drop, but not as much. Math would like to see more growth Betty Science - Are only score of 5th grade. First year we tested Science. Making a focus area in Science to raise the scofres Thersea Writing - signifcant growth. 4th grade on the new test so will continue to work on new assessment Pockets of excelk lence that do not show over 4 buildings in charts. We will continue to look at teachers who have great socres and ask them to work in PlC with other teacher. Asking staff to look ILP to make the interventins are for specific skills. Will as teachers to have specific intervention for each student. Talking about help accross the curriculum using our PE, Music and Counselors as to what the can do to help to reinforce and support classroom teachers. Making progress and growth in many areas. Will focus on student achievement. Have shared inf with staff and they are looking at programs, changes and what they can do to improve their instruction. Day in building to free up sometime for ILP rewriting. Middle School Randy - Combined on same handout Have made progress in 2011-12. Couple of areas stayed the same or down a little. 6th readind and 7th grade math beloLw the state average and in some places declined. Look at them in historical practice. What are we going to do tomarrow and the next day for students. Valuable this past year are the PLC meeting and very much appreciated. Spend part of the time looking at data what doing well and what we need to work on. Look at curriculum to see how it matces the NeSA testing. We look at the check for learning on the NeSa assessment. We plan and look at how to teach to the test. It is one day of testing. No child left untesed in April. PLC we look at students and what support they need. Student learning communities students are group by data and work specfic areas they need support in this is done daily. We have pull outs for students lunch, 6th grade 7th grade work with teachers. Mentor time we one team does a mix and match go to the area they need to work on. Study hall we use the mix and match. Designed classes specific to math standards or lituree classes to work toward standars. Wednesday afertnoon club to work on homework. Been doing these things since September. All do what we can to support students learning. Meet with staff must be more intential. Ok is not good enought have to get better at what we do. High School Jason - Handout. Shared scores against state average. Teacher saw info on November 15. Jascon asked staff to reflect and give him feedback. Very disappointed with scores. Think the kids are better than this. Reading 1.59 below state - shared what they are doing Math above 6.25 points. Shared what doing Science .58 below - 1st year of science assessment. Writing 3.72 below state. All english Writing Tools 101 participated this summer. We will appeal our stdents papers next year to State and that did not happen last year. Graduation rate 4.85% - We had students not want to go to Alternative school during to our rigor we had 8 students want to pursue their GED. 5 of 8 were seniors. GED is not a transfer. Changes before results Freshman Study Group over lunch if failing a class. Started with 37 by quarter to only 6 failing. We will not allow students to fail without intervention Shophomore Study Group stared with 30 and after fisrt week we are down 33. National Honor Students - Helping doing peer toutering. Inproving Writing on Sept at aTime - weekly writing activity. PLC Team presenting at faculity meetings. PE teachers using this to find if kids are learning. PLC align to standards. State/National/Common Core. Nesa Review in Math and English department to help prepare for tests. Group stuendt by cohort groups not by credits earned. Changes for the future - examine attendane policy and non-credit for attendance. Examine the possibilty to 20 work credits for seniors who are behind credits and would not graduate in the cohort. Expand our Summer School and credit recovery program. Looking at how to motivate students. So that they will take it seriously. Coasches came to help motivated as well as teachers have ideas. Reviewed explore and plan and act test scores. Special Education - Dr. Thompson Chart 1 percent in our district compared to state at 15% at 20.5 percent. Affects scores AYP and ranking. Our kids are making signaifacant growth. Not as much improvement at HS. Beatrice scored at or above the state area. Need to look at HS reading intervention. In Math grades 3,6,8 and 11 improved. = or above state averagve. Science our growth inconsistent. Could improve here. IEP drives the plans focus, reading, math, writing and soicail skills - scirence not included. Has looked at TERRA NOve grades 3-7 have increased 4-6 in reading have growth. Terra Nova show improvment. Jackie Nielsen -Shared chart compares the districts around us showing the rankings. Could be +5 points might = 40 points on the ranking scale. Shared how compard we are doing well. Key areas where we shine and areas we need to wolrk. We can look at and collboarte with schools around us. Crete writing and Noris. Are we pusing top students Are changes in curriculum coming. Not much as we are currently aligned, but we will review. Will look more at strageties. Dishearted staff did you see this. Randy we have worked hard. Concerned as he thinks we are doing some good things. Collaboartion by builing stregtehs and working as a team, will help staff. Proud of staff even thought they have worked hard this past couple years, but they have given Jason good feedback. This has a ripple effect did not have any 9th graders eneliable. Mr. Sexton shared this. Randy applaude examine the attendance policy giving credit when they know the subjet.
4. Action
4.1. Approve High School Storage Building
5. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Speaker(s):  Randy Coleman
Discussion:  None 8:22 PM
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