Public Meeting Agenda: December 12, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting


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December 12, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting Agenda

December 12, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting
1. Call to Order
Discussion:  Called to order at 7:30 PM.
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Information
Discussion:  Told about himself. 7 years at Pender. 2 years hs principal and 4 years as elementary and 2 years as sup. Taught math. 3 kids. Father in education, mom secretary and brother teacher now with nssa. Lots of opportunity, but still small town like pender. Done a lot of work to develop a priotry work. Need to blend what we have done. Put personal touches on this. Education of each and every kid from where the are and where we want them to be. Creating opportuntiy for kids working with staff working for common understanding. What to we want to continue and what can we use. It is partnership. 21st skills - must prepare our student. Classroom infused with technoldy, teacher comfotable with technology. Staff use in lesson plans. Own the challenge to prepare kids for futures. 1 to 1 technolgoy in his district. Part of their strategic plan. Carved out of the budget. Had to make hard choices and made it a priority. Have a three year leased 9-12 and will continue this lease. After 3 we will reuse down to younger students and continue this cycle. World we live. Strategic Plan Process - Had to do the budget but was difficult without a plan. It was a necessity. Worked with Board to develop - 12 month process NASB facilitated to find out with was important to Pender and community - 7 prioierty. Developed 4 committes variety of people and talk about priorities. Presented this to the NASB along side LPS. Process same as LPS comfortable and familar with it. Facilities - HS building needed heating and cooling system. 1 to 1 21st technology and now have 9-12. Curriculm - implemented a guided reading program. Help kids read at their level. Current position goals most proud of and what have established. Lead a district that we are providng a great education for our kids. Would like to obtain a Docreate degree. Goal for school to move education use to be but to where we need to be. Understand what kids are coming to us with and making sure we are getting where they need to be. Working on the assessment program and use data. Give test for a good reason be classroom based. Use of the data to impact instrustion. Inheiret Plan - How to work to make it their own. Our staff worked hard great foundation. Important to all. Would not want to throw it out. 2-3 three years down the road. Needs to reviewed annually to look at. Would like to come and see where we are and see what we might need to improve. Have to be looking ahead. Would honor it and respect it. Integrity - definition/samples. What you do when people are not watching. Morals and values, what you stand for. What you live by. Honest willing to listen build relationship with anyone. Everyone is person. Example - teachers about reading instruction and he followed through. Construction process would have been easy to take short cuts but they will see through Trust - How build. Honest with people, has to be transparent and we must be able to ask us questions and he give honest answers. He must also trust them that they are coming to the arenas for something. Building relationships is how you build trust. Has buildt board trust and community trust by talking them and is engaged. Communicatiion, talking and getting the message out their and inviting others in. How deal with dishonest - Expectations would be honesty. Hold them accountable. Must have honest is the only options and you have to help them understand that this tear an organization apart. Budget/Finance - Involved in all areas in a small school. Surrounded by good people and does not do it alone. Very comfortable in school budget and finance. Work in revenu and finance. 1.2 million bond and we did it. Has experince early leave incentive fund, refinance bonds. Very comfortable over these 4 years. Involved daily. School resources - proper balance. All are very important of the puzzel. Adademic is priority number 1. Must be highest quality. Extra activities those are vital they are learning experiences for kids and staff. Where else can you learn the outcomes of activities. Find something you care about put your heart into. Makes kids apart of something bigger. Fewer resources - Federal and state dollars are not in abunacne at this time. This impacts school districts. Beatrice is one that will be impacted. Partnership priority have to be held to a high standard. Communicate this lack of funds and the tough spot. Need to be tranparent and be honest will get through it. RIF - For see a situation for a RIF you look forward and maybe look at attritiion. RIF is one of last things you want to do impact people and lively hood. If get to this place would follow the policy to a T. At that time all are important have to teat staff as dignfied as possible. Build Trust and Collaboration - does not happen without relationships. He would be an active in the district, be visible, be with business, students etc. Listen and work with people and put ideas into action. Helping people that he is honest and understand and will listen. Your life is a positive as can be. Methods to bring community together. Transpaent and engagment of the partnership. Become difficult when people think the are not heard. Get inf out to partons and bringing people into the school. Opinions what to here from all and then make decisions. Discusses issues with Board in open session. Open and honest dialog. Involved in Community of Beatrice - Involvd in Civi Organizations. Must be part or understand Chamber, Economic Development, Foundation. School is strong as a community and the community is only as strong as the school. Seek input. Involved on a personal level with the comunity, threater, golf, be a social member of the community. Have kids vested interest in them. 60-90 days steps to connect - need to happen I need to reach out to people, get info of who do I need to connect with. Find setting that make sense, go forum invite them go have coffee, hold a lunch. Identify and make personal contact. Stop in as see a businses person. Excites you about Beatrice - Align personal and professional priorities. He looked at the community, a small town person, it is a small town with many opportunites that are astonishing, small local businness, wal-mart, hospital, pride community want to move forward, Place that cares about each other close knit community want to do good things. Somewhat of a challenge is professional stimulating. Stars are alinging. What is your Vision as a Board - Strategic Plan one of best in nation. Academic is number 1, technology in hands of kids and staff, one elementry building, ensure no kid fails no matter what, give staff tools that kids do not fail. All kids need to have skills even if not going on to college. Poverty in our schools needs to be addressed. Academics we have scores to improve. Facilites need to address the elementary building and this will not be easy. We need to sell ourselves. Expectations of Sup - Honesty, integerty, approachable, visionary 5-10 to anticipate, someone to meet the need of all levels of people, be part of the community not just in the tower. Leave things better than when you came. Lofty plan and want to reach it among the best. Educational leader to reach BPS goals. Board hires good people so they can lead. Student to be proud they graduated from BPS and staff to say this is a great place to work. On going process to review policy. Committee structure Committe of the Whole.
3.1. Interview Candidate - Jason Dolliver
4. Notification of Next Meeting
5. Executive Session
Discussion:  None
5.1. To discuss personnel for the protection of public interest and or the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual and if such individual has not requested a public meeting.
6. Adjournment
Discussion:  Meeting adjourned at 8:40
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