Public Meeting Agenda: December 13, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting


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December 13, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting Agenda

December 13, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting
1. Call to Order
Discussion:  7:35 PM
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Interview Candidate - Pat Nauroth
Discussion:  Sped Director, Elementary Principal, (2 Buildings)High School Principal and Assistant Superintendent. All at South Sioux, which is where they went to allow thier children to start their career in one city and stay. Interst into Beatrice see schools and the community as fitting into his ability. Vision - SP Plan and sees our vision. It lines up to his vision for us. Want to see all kids receive rigours education. Community is actively engaged in the school and resources used to the fullest extent. Education should be the goal of all the community. An alignment to what he sees for us with where we are headed. 21st Learning - Focus on collaboartion and higher thinking schools. While we look at skills we really need to provide collaboative skills and communicate effectively. Technology have moved 1 to 1 just recently. Did lots of research went with laptop and tablet. Also had to change how they teach on how to use it effectively with students and in the classroom. Used some piolet math class. How funded - did if from their budget. Had some settlement money with IBP about 1mil cost ongoing 80,000 and added a help desk at the hS. This is essential to have. Strategic Plan Experience. Have done since Veron Fisher came in. Lots of good vision and direction. Working with staff to make it happen. Look at what is done and where do go. Examples of plan involved and what is accomplished. Finance - did a long range plan as to where we wanted to be. Saw neededd to reduce costs and then proceeded. Also looked at the RIF process. How we make this process work. Went to buildings to share when, how and whto ere. Staff needs to understand. Also when out into the Community. Info of plan on website. Very open and transparent. Not an easy process but because we were open it went well. Improving early childhood education - worked with Headstart. Long term plan was to increase services. Worked with various agencies to work with to develop a plan. Goals most proud and establish. Given personal 570 to make sure any type of peresonal procedure is that we deal with people oppratley with dignity. Also great evaluations of admin/teachers. Had no requests for hearing. Personnel system Applictrack HR system will automate. Like Alio portal. Strategic Plan inheirts and make own - I fit well with it. No problem about it being put together by community. Make sure it was followed as move forward and revise and need too. It is a good plan. Integity - Define - Stand for something make a decision and stand behind it and if I made a mistake. When I tell them something I will tell them the bad and the good, people want to know what is going on. If I give word he will do his best to make it work. State Aid went up did not look right - he turned in student hours do not include lunch so wrong figure went to State. He went back to staff and Board and made a correction, state will not take back but will cut next year. Trust important ingredient - Build relationships be out in building arround staff and students. When you communicate need to tell them in a timely manner and tell it the way it is. Give them information and they have a voice and then you have to listen. Dishonesty - Belive the best plan for the worst. Give benefit of doubt. If however I deal with several times it comes a point that I can no longer trust what you say. People tell you not the truth for a reason, but most part if you are honest and the confront them. School Finance/Budget - 40 Mil budget. Involved in the process by setting parameters. Business manger does most. Setting parameters and working with Board had done. In depth detail does not spend lots of time on this. Balance of Sport/Arts ect. It is critical to have both. Nothing takes the place of academics to be successful. Parent groups can help with sports/arts and use these groups as you craft your plan. Do more with less - How to prepare for fewer resources. What are long term goals? What are the critial aspects does the board want. How do we work toward it. All have to do with less all buildings all levels of staff. This is a family structure and must look all accross the board. Spend time communicating to staff. They work hard have to figure out what are we doing and what can we take away. Use technology more to make it quickly. Work smarter not harder. Work harder if work is appreciated. The staff contribution is very important. Deal with RIF - Look at all level all areas. Communication can enough do this enough. It has nothing about the quality of the person it is financial. Community must know. Talk to all building about the process and the it is the responsibility of admin as to what to cut not the Board. Board has to approve the plan. Must have understanding. Build trust and collaboration in the District. Building Adm and how staff were treated. Some felt they got more than others if admin liked them. All staff heard same thing. Committee chose no always the same. Talked about issued. Relationship must be built and it takes time and you must be present in building. He spends listening. Must listen and then react. Methods to bring community together - Get groups together take the time go into the community and talk with them. We as educators need to be part of the community. Give opportunities. Involved in Beatrice - Involvement of the Chamber. We are a business and large employer. Involved in school and community activities. Civic Organizations. Working with businesses that schools and economic development are on same page. More business = more kids = money. Business look at schools that are good. 60 - 90 days - Start making phone calls to staff stop in say hi. Build relationship and taking the first step. Make sure into building between July and start of school. Work with admin. Excites you and why? SPlan as he study on Beatrice and saw a following. Looking at his experiences he saw a fit. Buget, create relationships, find resources differently became excited like area he has done. Also the community is great loves it size 12,000. It looks like a much bigger area. Progessive community. Academic is solid and needs some work. His questions - Actions to Board can do to create a cultural of trust. Stragetic Plan we need more communication. Communication is a hardwork effort that has to be made. Openness and communication. Committee of the Whole is open to all it was way to bring in, but community still does not come. Honest sometimes they do not like what we say. Long history of miss trust and will take some give and take, as board member and teacher she has learned. Bad negotiations have caused issues. Work on both sides. Challenges for Sup - Elementary Building hard sell. Need Technology for teachers and kids hands. Improve test schools. Address proverty. His responses he needs to address again. Will live in Beatrice.
4. Discussions of/Decisions About Candidates
Discussion:  Take five at 8:40 PM and return at 8:45. Review group info and interviewed. Shepard/Patton/Dolliver/Nauroth - Read each of the input sheets and reviewed groups strengthes and concerns. Each boardmember address each candidated with concerns and stregthns. Determined the top 2 - Dolliver and Nauroth. Then expressed pro and cons. Consensus for Dolliver. Salary was disucssd. Range 175,000 to 185,000. Thought 170,000.00 total package. Salary at 150,000.00. Randy/Jon All 10:25PM.
5. Notification of Next Meeting
6. Adjournment
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