Public Meeting Agenda: December 11, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting


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December 11, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting Agenda

December 11, 2012 at 7:30 PM - Board of Education Special Meeting
1. Call to Order
Discussion:  Called to order at 7:30 PM
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Information
Discussion:  Has been a part of Beatrice since his kids were small. Has family ties. Shared his experience in education. Vision for us is not fair to say as he will need time to learn and understand the district. His vision would be based on the input from student, staff and community. Must be engaged in the vision many people. Want be more engaed before makes changes. 21st Skills and staff - differientate instruction to help student to meet where they are at. Engage technology. Wide generataioinal skill set. Must be engaged in multile ways of technolgy and communicatin. Must need training and support to use technolgy. One to One issue in provety onto a technology webbase how can you require famileis to pay for internet. Public school is free. Have to look at download. Look at grant dollars get intrnet cheaper. Must be mindful that help poverty kids get on the internet. Strategic Plan - Lake was under review. Had to look at a 10-12 plan. In Omaha use 5 year plan in his department. Success is important. Review it and be open to changes. Have ownership that makes it run on its own because it was their plan. 13 Million dollaar upgrad of the network. A web enabled desktop of staff and students. Texas plan to get land. Focus on needs of students. Keep it away emotional projects. Goals most proud of. Technolgoy simplifed the use of technology and moved forward to in depth trainign. Made technoly too hard. Need to log in one user password. Communciation have engaged the community reached out to chamber senators tried to reengage the coomunity. Reaching out to communicate to staff. Professional goals to based on feedback from colleges and be targeted on that. Listn more and talk less you will find what you need to know. Work to make the Plan your own. Very great plan lots of work done. That should be recognized. To make my own it should not be owned by anyone person. Annual review key stakeholders may have some input. Need time and communication to know what is best not make it mine but to contribute it. Integerity - What is it. Honesty value from just what you see and saying. Can't be open and honest and say what you feel. Lake left did not like decisions but supported it. Trust important in leadersship. How do you build it. Demonstrate honest and forwthwrit you will build that trust. If avoid situations you will not have trust. Honesty - How do you deal with dishonest. Make sure it is dishonest. He would confront them. Maybe they don't trust him. Confront do not hide from it. Background with school finance. Lake set tax rate. Budgets from tax rates. Look at staffing, contract, needs, writing grants, has 15 mill current budgets. School resources - Sports, music etc. Administration needs to show the value of that. Must go to all things anything that engages a student is important. Might have to adjust the district budget to help. Do more with less - Be critical of our own activites. What we can look at in all areas. Must be provided so open and honest converstaions can happen. Must listen sometimes the sup is too close need board input. Class least impact. Don't want kids to feel the pinch. Staff can give suggetions. Communicate and be honest with staff and let them know what is going on. No suprise. RIF - Last resort always. Affect the lives of those giving support to our kids. Natural attrition. No suprise it gives them opportuntiy to look at other employees. If have to do it the Admin would have to do it. We would have an emotional response. RIF should not be a tool to hang oversome ones head. Be respectul to our community. Trust and Collaboration - Demonstration and behavior. Can't happen over night. Be true to yourself, kids etc. Mailers, phone campain on the media, social medaia. Must have a relaionship Chamber and Mayor and have discussions at coffee. Have to be engaged and involved in the community. Must have relationship with political. Need to know how to get to the tax payers. How would you be come involved in Beatrice. Look at different enties for family to be involved. Faith options. Key leaders - Call them. Professional contacts from the Board members. Make as many contact in the community he could. Office needs to be engaged with the community. Serve the tax payers. What we produce is for all. Excites about you. Do care and engage with the students. Good move for family. Be here Beatrice has always been part of his life. Always had a family pull. We have as educators failed kids and staff by not as admin speaking out for them. We as admin need to advocate for our kids. Great marketing and engament in our Plan. If schools are strong it will bring business His questions - How do you feel S Plan - One time we involved lots of people and it is around and it is lasting and is long lived. So much emoition and passion about kids. It was amazing, people cried it was emotional. Proud we have moved forward given focus and direction. Everything we had last 20 years came out in the plan only to rise to the top found the number one issues. Sit in a room with different views we think, but when all together we all really wanted the same thing. Brought community into the board decision process. Given us a road map. To be among the best in the nation. Have made huge improvments in only two years. Next few years new sup would have look and get involved. Likes change is good for the right reason change to just change is bad. IMS is business is like. Liked all the different areas and allowed him to learn. Unpreditable is what I like.
3.1. Interview Candidate - Mr. David Patton
4. Notification of Next Meeting
5. Executive Session
Discussion:  None
5.1. To discuss personnel for the protection of public interest and or the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual and if such individual has not requested a public meeting.
6. Adjournment
Discussion:  Meeting adjourned 8:25 PM
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