Public Meeting Agenda: January 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Committee of the Whole Meeting


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January 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda

January 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM - Board of Education Committee of the Whole Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Public Comments on Agenda Items - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on agenda items only. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Discussion:  Carol Oltman and Joan Doyle Workman. Thanked them for all their service from the BEA. Presented a token. Next week National BOE week.
4. Curriculum Review - PE & Health
Speaker(s):  Jackie Nielsen
Discussion:  See Handouts PE/Health Carolyn Hovendick. Representing K-12. Ryan Luke and Travis Schuster Elementary meet 2 times per week for 30 minutes. All HS are semester classes. Shared overview of essential learning. All things are life long. Develop ideas that this is a life long process with the students. Put into practice now and hope when they get older. 7th grade introduce to weightlifting. The is make comfortable with any fitness center knowing what the weights are for. Building life long skills. Improving fitness levels for all students. Where you are now and at the end of the class. Active life style repeated K-12. Like to see what the kids do outside of school. Later running when in class they hated it. Facilities have enhanced the program. The new facility has really been huge. Middle school has been able to change their program. Elementary teachers are looking forward to their new facility. We should be up and moving around to keep us awake. Increase in brain activity after activity is huge. Motto - Don't live to workout. Workout to live. Need to keep kids moving, earn it and be physical fit. Even if it is a little today and more later. President Physical Fitness is going away. We have Beatrice fitness award. Elementary is using Fitness Graham. High School does physical testing to know where the kids are at. The is an assessment learning class. Helping kids know where they are at and set goals to achieve them. Is more sports based program to lets understand rules and then play and not worry about the skills. Do teach skills, but not main focus. Play 10-15 minutes of the game. Rest of time 45 minutes they are do physical activity. Moving, Moving, Moving.
5. AdvancED
Speaker(s):  Jackie Nielsen & Jason Sutter
Discussion:  Jackie - Every five years visit - March 10-12 Handout the process - 5 Standards - Jackie shared these. In the past their were 7. They will look at these 5 standards. They have said plan to have areas to work on. We will also have good jobs. Over 100 years accredited only 2 schools us and Techumseha. They give us a fresh look at our District when someone from outside looks at us. A nice way to get an outside view. Jackie shared an example of what the schedule will look at. Will look at all elementary and middle school. On the 11 the HS will ask board to participate in the interview process. Will provide us with an exit review. We will share the results at a board meeting for the board to hear the results. We have to report what we are doing to addressing the failing areas. Exit Report - Admin Team to attend and any Bd members if want.
6. Filling Vacant Board of Education Position
Speaker(s):  Pat Nauroth
Discussion:  Shared the material he has sent to the Board. This was for background info. Want direction on how to move forward. Highlights Jan 31 last day have 45 days to fill = March 17 Register qualified voter Admin Reg - the process is spelled out. State Staute says board will appoint. Have options on what they want to do. March 10th month position and Jim position is avail for Nov election. Now 9 to 6 only 1 seat open instead of 4. This would be a short term person. Look at how want to fill Must have a notice in paper for individuals to apply. Those that apply have 5 minutes for a discussion is what the AR says. How to proceed. Jon - Cover 10 month period don't have to worry about will run. Sit in for 10 months. Ok if want to run in November. John J. applied just sit in to take the position and is just appointed. or could have interview and vote. Must have 6 out of nine votes. If can't make a decision do not want special election that we have to pay for. Pat will proceed as we have in the past with discussion and vote unless the board says different. Mitch could we have applications in by Feb Board. So that they could file by Feb 15 and run as an incumbent. They could still run just not as an incumbent. Feb meeting is quick. March would be better. Nine member board must have 6. Might be better at COW, but must be a Special meeting called. Some might be wiling serve 10 month. Could look at past board members. They would have some knowledge to fill 10 month position. To run for one slot is hard. Put out notice on web fill out set up for COW meeting. Look at applications and appoint or interview. Fill it. Jim - did appreciate the chance to speak when he was elected this way. Notice Out - 2-3 week window. Bd think about before board meeting about how to proceed. Discuss how will set up at the Bd meeting. Would have to have motions to change AR if want to appoint. Application deadline week before the COW. Would let board see info ahead.
7. Superintendent Report
Speaker(s):  Pat Nauroth
Discussion:  See Handout Policy 6406 - Loan textbooks to private schools. Did not have a policy. No school has asked. The catholic has requested this year for next year. We really need to have a policy in place before can apply for the money. Their is a dollar limit we find prices on books they want. The state will pay so much. Then you look at funding. Cost 5,383 odds should be approved and we get funded in full and then we have to track books that go out. Will approve in one reading at Feb meeting. If have a concern, just call. Right out of Rule # 4. 2014-15 Calendar and making up days missed. Look at 13-14 and 14-15 Easter is wrong date for 14-15. 13-14 Easter 18-21 if look at 14-15 it is April 5th and put on wrong. Like to change from April 18-21 in 14-15 to real Easter April 3-6. Maybe March 20 or 23rd move day off to girls/boys state tournament to make up a day. We know policy says have to let out. Recommend one day to fit into tournament day off. Take the other and move to Easter. Pat will put somethings Calendar and adjust it. Will meet with original committee. Days missed philphosy time is important. Overall we have 4 days than we have to. Learning is part of time. Time is important is, but quality of instruction is important. Believe state tournaments not send all. Think we have this many extra hours. One day ok anything after one we make up. Start next year and maybe leave this year. Teacher get paid and hourly staff do not. Will talk with Board and BEA. Randy need to value education. Both staff and students come in. Making only staff come in is a punishment, but Pat does feel this way. What we do is important. No major changes this year. Work with BEA and Admin. Will have updated calendar in Feb 2014-15. Doris do not understand. When we talk about the parent that can't go we can take personal days. All should be treated the same not just sports. Technology Bonds - Bonds up to 100,000 year to year outside the levy used for equipment and software. Use to get 80,000 from ESU insurance bond. Went away last year and do not have it now. Hard amount of money to catch up on. Gage from Board about this bond as it is not a vote. Would about 1 cent add on, but not under levy limits. If not interested then don't have Dave do work. Mitch if need all for, but we are looking at bond for building in next few years. No for unless a real need. Two areas we have under spent in maintenance and technology. If we were to continue to move forward this might be an area we need. Could be issue community. Mitch we must have a direction and a project. 80,000 was use for software /devices. Now we do not have the money to replace these that are going on five year. Plan to replace on a rotating basis. Feb meeting ask Dave presentation on how it would be used.
8. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Discussion:  None
9. Executive Session: - To discuss strategy with respect to possible land acquisition for the protection of public interest.
10. Adjournment
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