Public Meeting Agenda: August 28, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Committee of the Whole


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August 28, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Committee of the Whole Agenda

August 28, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Committee of the Whole
1. Call to Order
Discussion:  Mr. Zimmerman called the meeting to order at 7:00PM in the Central Administration Boardroom with all members present.
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Junior Achievement
Speaker(s):  Theresa Smith & Tera Norris
Discussion:  Theresa & Tera President of Junior Achievement in Lincoln. Have at Kindergarten and 1st grade. Shared why they do what they do. JA on profit and partner education and business. Is taught by a business volunteer person not a teacher. Opens minds and ideas about careers. K-12 can be taught. Shared the curriculum. The program starts with basics and continues to build through middle and high school. The curriculum is aligned to state standards. This year we have a person at Cedar 1st grade. Different way to learn. 1st grade is learning about business you want and business you need in a town and then they built a town on a large map. A great help to teachers. 2 in Ne in Omaha and Lincoln covering several counties. Piolit program at Lincoln in two class last year Goal to start in K and 1st in all elementary and prochairl. Next found business and sponsors. We have all 18 classroom sponsored by 8 businesses. Most of classroom will start in the Spring. We hope to grow it more next year. It takes 230.00 for funding the classroom for all the materials for 5 classes K-5. Tera has been a great start in Beatrice and the partnership has been very supportive. Jon - Are we replacing anything or is it we saw a need and put it into school. The curriculum fits the standards teaches what teacher teach. Just brought to the students in a different way - hand-on and is fun. Hands on hits more learners and it is so fun they do not even learning. Reinforces the standards the teachers are teaching. A great way to add more Social Studies that with the new standards the teachers have not be able to work on such as economic which was added to the social studies standards. Several banks and Exmark and Ashley Furniture.
4. Network Upgrade
Speaker(s):  David Koch & ESU # 5
Discussion:  David Koch and Don Fernadean ESU # 5 Tech Administrator. Report on upgrade on the summer. It started on July 7th. 9 people working 3 from BPS 4 from ESU #5 and Engineers from Terris Replaced 64 switches Moved 16 file servers to faster machines Moving all the network drops 1,3000 and over 400 had to be moved in the classrooms. Entire network was down, by Tuesday some network was up and by the end of the week it was complete. Fee glitches that were small. Had a few little things the came up but were addressed quickly. Had over 1,000 computers that might have issues, but alerted the teacher, but we had fewer than ahead. Really not unforseen issues. Faster speed to desktop computers, can deliver more content to the computers. More control of our devices on the network. Don - Took lots of planning for almost a year. To take down the main server at the HS in one closet took an entire day. This touched phones, computers, fire alarms, energy sytems, cameras. We have another set of eyes in the ESU can monitor all the switches. It went very well. When your next work goes down it put us at a stand still - computers, printers, copiers, phone and heating/cooling systems. Can monitor all things being signed into our network. Can tell what they are and where they are. Jon thanked ESu #5 for the support and help - Dave also. Will live stream the football game.
5. Construction Delivery Methods
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
Discussion:  Took a quick four minute break at 7:26 PM. Back at 7:30 PM. Boyd Jones BVH Perry Law Firm Talked about the construction delivery methods. They will disscuss 3 different ways. Design Bid Build Design Build CM at Risk Evaluate Success Cost, Schedule, Quality Functionaly, Risk, owerners time commitment and trust. Design Bid Build Owner and Arichitch work together then work with General Contractor who works with Sub Contractors. Contractor is not hired until you have funded the project. So your consturtor is not involved. Under law you choose the low responsible bidder. Design, bid out contrators and then under law you choose the low responsible bidder. If you do not pick the lowest bid it must be announced at an open meeting as to why. Lowest point no input from the constructor before you bid. Positive is you are going to get a fixed price on a set of specific plans. Best Scenarios - Less complicated projects, budget sensitive but schedule sensitive projects, site adapted and/or repeated project in major metropolitan areas. Design Build Owner has to hire performance criteia developer and design building who hires the Architect and subcontractors. We have done with on the House of Orange. This process might be slower. A very specific project. Design Build gives you a proposal you will build. The type of projects it fits best when the owner knows what they need like in industrial facilities. Best if owner knows what is needed for the project. Good if you need it quick architect and builder work together to make it happen for the owner. Downs do you the owner really know what I need. No direct connection with Architect as he works with the builder. Advantage in being able to pick the subcontractors as it does not have to be the lowest bid. Best Se=cenarios - schedule sensitve projects, progammaitilly Simple project. project requiring les CM at Risk Owner - Architect and the Construction Manager the Construction Manger hires the subcontractors. This takes 60 days to publish your notice to have a contract. When do you hire the Construction Manager is important and can be done several ways. Best Cm on board before the bond issue. This gives you a good feeling you can build for how much you want to bond. Team approach to what you will build, how and cost and deliver it on time. All time, quality and budget is very important and now you have the Architect and CM working together. This process have a lot of flexibility. This is also a quicker process. This process gives you more of an advocate for you as the CM will not have a project if they bond does not pass. The will do lots to make this happen. Best S. large or complex phased renovation and addition projects schedule sensative project projects in rural area Shared a ranking of the 3 methods by cost, schedule, quality/functionality,low risk, low owner time commitment, comfort/trust/relationships. Doris want to use local contractors - CM can use them. The CM does work with them- yes the try to maximum use if it is important to Board. How do we get from here to here - Jim Berg Shared a schedule for prebond rescheduling. Reviewed the activities. How do you educate the community shared community conversations - the need, funding and the solution.
6. 2014-15 Budget Review
Speaker(s):  John Brazell
Discussion:  Mr. Brazell Shared handouts Similar to what he has given in several years. Shows 3years. This is what we use inhouse to watch and managage. Sept is to keep our spending authority up to the max. Revenue not much change. State Aid is down a little bit and because of poverty funds it did not drop as much. Small increase in local tax. Will proposed 2cents in building fund compared to 1cent. Page2 Expenditures by object groups. Again not lot of change from year to year. Pages 3-6 more detailed. See more movement in the dollars. 1100 - 1160 and 1400 are where most of the staff changes happened. Took all staff from 1400 to 1100. Moved some staff into proverty funds because this fund increased. 1125 is workplace readiness and alternative school. Past teacher was sped and paid out of sped has now been corrected to correct funding code. Page 4 1200 Sped moved staff coded in the 4500 that do not exist anymore and are back at the 1200. 1203 is down reduced a staff member and was over budgeted. 1235 - Ot was into ITA and also added in a para. 2212 move from currcilum to principal and back. 2222 added an assistant at the high school and move the middle school one to this line items. 2620 Maintenace increase in insurance and the maintenance budget increase to match closer to what we were spending. 3540 - drop due to an error more coded into health insurance. 4400 moved to be closer to budget areas. Will not use 4500 . Skip grants ended 4988 and 4988. The 6100 summer school also has own code now. Page 7 is program budget - easier to work with staff by this area. Business area # 13 staff 900,000.00 This cover subs, works, technology, maitnenace cover more that just business personnel. Page 8 review of land eval and tax levy. Shared what he will be asking in 2015 Sept (second box). Last few pages shared the building fund, lunch fund, activity funds, depreciation fund, bond fund, QCPUF fund, cooperative fund, employee benefit fund and student fee fund.
7. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Discussion:  None
8. Adjournment
Discussion:  9:18 adjourned
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