Public Meeting Agenda: September 25, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole


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September 25, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole Agenda

September 25, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Committee of the Whole
1. Call to Order
Discussion:  Called to order at 7 by Jon
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Curriculum Review - Music
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Nielsen
Discussion:  Mr. Ehemke and Mr.Frances. Middle School High school at conferences Music Department Proud to represent 6 instructors - 140 years experience Listed staff sharing jobs of each All children will be involved at some point in music or choose to be involved in 13 years. Many go on at college to continue music education. Music related in career teacher, piano tuner, composer. Many are involved in their community. Proud of our students. Thanks to school, board, community and parents. See handouts John talked delegation, show choir 57 students rehearse everyday before school for 25 minutes. concert on October 30. Comp second semester. (3). General music 6-8 all in this 1 quarter per year. Associate music with other subjects. Orch he and wife in charge 5-12. Andy 7:12. Hope to build the orch program back to like it was many years ago as it was large. 2 programs end of 1st and 2nd. Monday/Sat rehearsals. Have about 20 for each sessions. Jon thanked both band and delegation daughter. Band and delegation are getting better. Say lots about the talents that they bring to BPS. Lisa comment about several 5th graders that have joined the band. Well balanced group of students at 5th grade 65 students involved. Pat we have a very strong program in band and coral. We held a 1st band marching music concert. 3 performed playing still on the field. Judged and the judges worked with them. Then did the music with movement. BPS rated a Superior. Mr. Meyer to have a show choir comp here in the spring. Maybe small schools MS and HS to help us not have compete with such large schools. John F - Good for our students to see.
4. Teammates
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Lyons
Discussion:  Christina Lyons and Jessica Cullison, President of the teammate board. Facilitator for BPS Teammates Handout- Beatrice since 1998. We have 32 active matches 6 males who need a mentor (need 6 males to mentor). Great way to bring the community into the school. Have more students who need mentor and need to continue to grow. St Plan last year with goal of 60 mentor/students. Shared what it takes to be a mentor. Desire them to meet 24 times during the school year, which offers 35 opportunities. Shared the Board of Directors. Talked about funding sources. Students and mentor will be matched to their strengths and interests. Teammates is looking to expand this program on into college with the student and mentor. This program has boundaries to ensure the students are safe. All meeting are at school.
5. Superintendent Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
Discussion:  See Handout.
6. Public Comments - This is the proper time for public questions and comments on any topic. Please make sure a request form is given to the Board Vice-President before the meeting begins.
Discussion:  No one spoke at this time.
7. Adjournment
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