Public Meeting Agenda: November 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting


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November 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda

November 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Education Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order
Discussion:  Lisa Pieper called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the Central Administration Boardroom
2. Pledge of Allegiance & Roll Call
Discussion:  All those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance
3. Consent Agenda
3.1. Approval of the agenda as submitted
3.2. Approval of minutes of the regular Board of Education meeting on October 13, 2014, special Board of Education meetings on October 20, 2014 and October 27, 2014
3.3. Approval of the proposed accounts for payment
3.4. Approval of budgetary receipts and expenditures
3.5. Approval of committee minutes of Committee of the Whole October 23, 2014 and School & Community meeting November 7, 2014
3.6. Approval of option students - From Norris - Dakota Scusa - Gr. 9 - From Southern - Sabastian Bottcher - Gr. 5, Logan Bottcher - Gr. 3, Dillan Bottcher - Gr. 2- To Tri County - Silas Sedlacek - Gr. 1
4. Outstanding Recognition
4.1. Employee of the Month
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Nielsen
Discussion:  Kyle Kolm - HS Social Studies. Positive attitude toward students and staff. Students make students feel special. He is a good role model
4.2. NCA All-State Golf Team - Kirsten Baete
Speaker(s):  Mr. Randel
Discussion:  Bob Sexton honored NCA All State Team Golf Placed 7th at State
4.3. Super State Softball Team - Bailey Zarybnicky and Marinda Bryant
Speaker(s):  Mr. Randel
4.4. 1st Team Class B All-State Softball - Skylar Huls
Speaker(s):  Mr. Randel
4.5. All-State Band - Kait Messner and Chauncey Kleveland
Speaker(s):  Mr. Randel
4.6. All-State Choir- Rachel Hoffman, Connor Husa, Noah Snurr, Nathan Spilker, Will Crandall and Eli Hoefer
Speaker(s):  Mr. Randel
4.7. US Army All-American Band - Chauncey Kleveland
Speaker(s):  Mr. Randel
5. Information
5.1. Superintendent Report
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
Discussion:  1. Copy of draft calendar 15-16 Shared the process that he used to develop it met with admin staff students and parents. Made some adjustments. Reduce professional full days by 1. moved from 176 instructional days to 177. Had gone into 2 days of Christmas days and school days. Then added the days back . Start at 13 and then took the other day into the second semester. Want quarters and semester to balance. Did add 3 additional days at end of calendar for makeup if don't use out on May 17 if do use it would be May 20. Asked Board to review and would talk at Nov COW. 2. Cow for Nov 24 at 7:00 at Student Programs Conference room 3. DLR was at Stoddard and Lincoln sitting if visiting with staff gather input. Back at Cedar and Paddock Lane on Tuesday. Have meeting CM &R talk to construction groups. 4. Shared e-mail for NSSA from the coach at Scottsbluff. Hospitality and sportsmanship shown classic in 20 some years. Their people should all be inspired to be what they are. Sexton created a great culture. Impressed with crowd and they were supportive. 5. Fortunate Emily Hemphill as a reporter and informed us she will be moving back to Seward.She has done a great job covering events very fair and honest reporter
5.2. Student Update
Speaker(s):  Ian Doyle
Discussion:  Ian Elementary PD & SD Music programs next week SD on Monday PD on Tuesday. St Paul has a Science Fair MS & HS Veterns progarm Band choir perform cookies and coffee by student councial Student Council nhS FOOD DRIVE wINTR SPORTS NEXT WEEK
5.3. Board Reports/Requests
5.3.1. GNSA/Legislative Update
Speaker(s):  Mr. Deines & Mr. Maschmann
Discussion:  nOV20 NOT oCTOVER MEETING
5.3.2. Committee of the Whole
Speaker(s):  Mr. Zimmerman
Discussion:  See note
5.3.3. School Community Staff Relations Committee
Speaker(s):  Mrs. Sedlacek
6. Public Forum/Citizen's Requests/Comments Related to Agenda Items
Discussion:  No one spoke at this time.
7. Action/Discussion
Speaker(s):  Mr. Nauroth
7.1. Approval of the inter-local agreement with the City of Beatrice - services from the Foundation of Educational Services (FES) on marketing/branding process
8. Administrators' Report
Discussion:  Jackie - Accountability. Shared documents. This tells where the State is going and the crosswalk with our strageic plan. Now state each school gets a ranking #. AQuest will stop ranking school and put you in catagories. She shared these. Broke down the catagoaries into tenents (colored) items. This will be a good direction. It is not raking currenlty gives you a false sense of what the school is about.
9. Notification of Next Meeting
10. Adjournment
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