Public Meeting Agenda: January 14, 2019 at 6:00 PM - January 14, 2019 Board Work Session


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January 14, 2019 at 6:00 PM - January 14, 2019 Board Work Session Agenda

January 14, 2019 at 6:00 PM - January 14, 2019 Board Work Session
1. RFP for Construction Management Services
Rationale:  Selection of a firm for construction management services as per RFP 19-029.
2.1. Minutes
2.2. Trips
  1. Culleoka Unit School Eclipse Touring Choir     Albertville, AL     February 1-2, 2019
  2. Spring Hill High School Band Winter Guard     Hoover, AL     February 2, 2019
  3. Mt. Pleasant High School Band     Clarksville, TN     February 14-16, 2019
  4. Spring Hill High School Band Winter Guard/Percussion     Madison, AL     February 23, 2019
  5. Culleoka Unit School Hosa     Chattanooga, TN     March 24-27, 2019
  6. Columbia Central High School Winter Guard     Bowling Green, KY     March 30, 2019
  7. Columbia Central High School Indoor Drumline     Bowling Green, KY     March 31, 2019
  8. Culleoka Unit School Baseball     Chattanooga, TN     April 18-20, 2019
2. RFP for Construction Management Services
Rationale:  Selection of a firm for construction management services as per RFP 19-029.
3. Use of Facilities
3. RFP for Construction Management Services
Rationale:  Selection of a firm for construction management services as per RFP 19-029.
4.1. Instruction:


4.1.1. MCPS Academic Manual and Progression Plan
Speaker(s):  Dr. Woodard

The academic manual is a collaborative culmination of protocols and procedures that will serve as a practical guide for school counselors and school administrators.  The information contained within the manual has been aligned with the State Board of Education, the Tennessee Department of Education and Maury County Public School policies as well. We are showing the board this manual. 

4.1.2. EduPoint Software Demonstration
Speaker(s):  Dr. Woodard

New vendor for SIS software beginning with the 2019/20 school year.

Refer to agenda item 10.1.3 under instruction low bids for bid 19-024-IN Edupoint Synergy Student Management System. 

4.2. Resolution: Supporting the Exemption of Military Veterans, Reservists, and National Guard Members from the TN Age Requirement to Drive Buses
Speaker(s):  Rep. Cepicky/Dr. Marczak
4.3. Resolution: Agricultural Center Letter of Support
Speaker(s):  Rep. Cepicky/Dr. Marczak
Rationale:  Representative Scott Cepicky is seeking support from the MCPS School Board in favor of an Agricultural Center being built at the Maury County Park.  The school system would benefit in having a multi-use space for special events and the ability to partner on agriculturally based academic events for students and staff.   
4.4. Athletics Strategic Plan
Speaker(s):  Mr. Lang/Mr. Poynter
Rationale:  In line with Strategic Plan 1.2, attached is the MCPS Athletics and Arts Strategic Plan for the Boards' information.
4.5. Golf Learning Center
Speaker(s):  Rodney Cole/Chris Poynter
Rationale:  This is a presentation from Rodney Cole, Maury County resident and PGA Professional, who is interested in partnering with MCPS to construct a Short 30 Golf Learning Center on school property for the benefit of students and the community.  Mr. Cole is looking for support from the Board to continue the project implementation with action items coming later in Spring 2019.
4.6. Fire Sciences
Speaker(s):  Ty Cobb/Phillip Grooms

Columbia Fire Chief Ty Cobb and Mt. Pleasant Fire Chief Phillip Grooms are seeking the Boards' support in adding Fire Sciences to the MCPS CTE program in partnership with Columbia State. 

Dr. Marczak was able to meet with Columbia State President, Dr. Janet Smith, before the Christmas Break and Columbia State is interested in pursuing a partnership with MCPS for Fire Sciences.

4.7. Zoning & Facilities
4.7.1. Capital Projects Report ESA Architect's Report
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden Hewlett Spencer/Bell & Associates Report Battle Creek Elementary School
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden
Attachments: Battle Creek Middle School
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden
Attachments: TRANE Report
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden
Attachments: Project Cost Report
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden
4.7.2. Proposal from Spring Hill Little League
Speaker(s):  Andrew Norwood, President Spring Hill Little League
Rationale:  Proposal from Spring Hill Little League to construct a youth baseball field and walking track on the Spring Hill Elementary School Campus
4.7.3. Update on Programming Phase of Design for Addition to SHHS
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden
Rationale:  Approval for ESa to proceed with schematic design as per programming recommendation to serve 1800 students.
4.7.4. Mt. Pleasant High School Water Invoice
Speaker(s):  Kate Collier, City Manager, Mt. Pleasant
4.7.5. Bid 19-028 - Fire Alarm Upgrades - CUS, HOPSCH
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden
Rationale:  Approval of the low bid from Preventia in the amount of $143,638.00 for the fire alarm system upgrades at Culleoka Unit School and Horace O. Porter School at College Hill.  Funds are available in 2018 - 2019 Fund 177 Capital Outlay – Building Construction.
4.7.6. Bid 19-032 - Design Engineering for HVAC Renovations - RES
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden
Rationale:  Approval of the design engineering services associated with the renovations of the HVAC at Riverside Elementary School in the amount of $15,377.00 using available 2018-2019 fund 177 Capital Outlay – Building Construction funds.
4.7.7. Presentation of RFP for Construction Management Services
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden
Rationale:  Selection of a firm for construction management services
5. Finance
5.1. Budget Amendments
Speaker(s):  Doug Lukonen

Review submitted budget amendments for approval:

BA 8057  Boiler Certificate Fees

BA 8058  Title IA Budget Revisions

BA 8059  Title III Budget Revisions

BA 8060  Special Education Reallocation of Funds for Personnel Shortages

BA 8061  IDEA Part B Additional Revenue

BA 8062  IDEA Preschool Additional Revenue

BA 8063  TVA Incentive Funds
5.2. Discussion: Maury County Finance Department Transition Cut-off/Funding
Speaker(s):  Doug Lukonen
6. Monthly Financials
7. Policies To Post
Rationale:  Add Mr. Karl Lang's name and contact information to policies.  Mr. Lang serves as a District Complaint Manager as well as the MCPS Federal Rights Coordinator for Title VI and Title IX.
8. Final Adoption
9. Policies to be Reviewed
Rationale:  Annual Review Section 6 
10.1. Instructional Low Bids/Purchases Over $10,000.00
10.1.1. Surplus Textbooks
Speaker(s):  Dr. Woodard

This item was on the November work session agenda but was not transferred to the agenda for the regular monthly meeting to be voted on.

Recommend approval to sell surplus textbooks on


10.1.2. Bid 19-023-IN PowerSchool (SIS Software)
Speaker(s):  Dr. Woodard

I hereby recommend approving the funding for our student management services software for the 18/19 school year with PowerSchool formerly Chalkable (INOW) Bid 19-023-IN.

The funds are available in Fund 141 E 72410 399 000 location number.

Amount of $24,686.82

This purchase is not aligned with any key.

At the end of the 18-19 school year we will be transitioning to a new vendor. 
10.1.3. Bid 19-024-IN Edupoint Synergy - Student Management System
Speaker(s):  Dr. Woodard

Bid 19-024-IN Edupoint Synergy - Student Management System using state contract 39626

The Tennessee Department of Education will be phasing out the current EIS data system which provides two-way communication between our enrollment numbers to determine the appropriate level of district funding.  The state is now adopting a system called EDFI.  Unfortunately, the new system is not compatible with our current vendor (Chalkable), which necessitates the need to select a new vendor.  All school districts across the state who are currently contracted with SMS vendors who are not compatible with EDFI will have to make the change. The state provides a subsidy to assist districts with the costs that are associated with the data system.  It is my understanding that the subsidized cost is $1.55 per student.

We are using the statewide contract for this SMS purchase with Edupoint.  The current state contract 39626 expires 6/30/19.  The state is currently drafting new contracts with the 5 vendors they have vetted for the student management software.  Once the documents have been finalized, they will be sending us those along with the new contract number for the new contract which will run through 2024.  We will amend documents to reflect the new number once we receive it.

Item Description Cost
Implementation costs (due upfront)                                                           $66,813.00
due starting 7/1/2019 for subscription costs for the 2019-20 school year      $36,639.00
TOTAL                                                                                                   $103,452.00

Funding for Start up Cost
$30,349    GP account 141 E 72210 399 Other Contracted Services from FY19
$36,464    would come from BEP Growth funding which will be received in February

2019-20 School Year Funding
$36,639    GP account 141 E 72410 Office of the Principal 


10.2. Operations Low Bids/Purchases Over $10,000
10.2.1. Bid #19-019 - Fall GovDeals (FYI)

Bid #19-019 - Fall GovDeals (FYI)


10.2.2. Bid #19-030 - Purchase of Maintenance Vehicle

Bid #19-030 - Purchase of Maintenance Vehicle

Vendor: Ford of Murfreesboro

Amount: $33,794.00

Account: Maintenance Fund 141-E-72620-717-000-10420-000

Utilizing TN Statewide Contract #209 - Vehicles, Contract #56446

10.3. Facilitron Update
Speaker(s):  Stan Breeden
Rationale:  An update of use of our schools by external users since beginning the use of Facilitron.
10.4. Strategic Plan 1.7: Academic Excellence
Speaker(s):  Dr. Marczak
Rationale:  This is the quarterly update to satisfy Strategic Plan 1.7, Academic Excellence: Include specific targets, measures and strategies within the strategic plan, and monitor these at school, head office and School Board levels regularly.  Report to the School Board, in a written report, for Board Meeting updates to the Strategic Plan.
11. FYI
11.1. Attorney Billing
11.2. Superintendent Personnel Report
11.3. Instructional Travel
11.4. Operations Travel
11.5. Executive Approvals
  1. Whitthorne Middle School Jazz Band       Murfreesboro, TN           January 10-12, 2019
  2. Whitthorne Middle School Band              Murfreesboro, TN           January 17-19, 2019
11.6. Grants
11.7. Donations
Rationale:  DONATION SUMMARY FOR FEBRUARY 2019                 $3,079.78

COX MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                        $528.78
From Ngyuan Family to Band                                                 $200.00
Elvis vs. Michael School Penny Fundraiser to Band                     $50.00
Donation Jar for Drama                                                         $278.78

CULLEOKA UNIT SCHOOL                                                   $200.00
Noah McFarlan to Connie Maier, Art Dept.                                $200.00

SANTA FE UNIT SCHOOL                                                 $1,851.00
Garrett Mills "Beast Feast"--Interact Christmas Project          $1,401.00
Lynch Equipment to Sharpshooter Team                                 $100.00
Potts Brothers Sawmill to Sharpshooter Team                         $300.00
Water Valley FCE for Library Books                                          $50.00

Spring Hill Middle School                                                  $500.00
Mr. Robert Humphrey to the Track Team                                 $500.00  

The following school(s) have received donations from Donors Choose:

School                                     Teacher                       Item(s)
Highland Park Elementary          Courtney Yeaton           Mobile Double Sided Bookcase, Lakeshore Fully                                                                                      Washable Liquid, White Sentence Strips,
                                                                                  Uppercase Follow the Dots Stamp, Shape Sorting                                                                                    Center, Happy Birthday Celebration Badge, A-Z
                                                                                  Letter Photo Cards, Ten Frames Foam Set of 4,
                                                                                  Painted Unit Block Sets, Clorox 4 in 1 Disinfecting
                                                                                  Spray, PM InkJoy Gel, Extra Fishing Pole x 502

Spring Hill Elementary School    Stacey Delany               25 Books "The Tale of Despereaux", 25 Books 
                                                                                  "Wonder", Viluh Decorative file Box with Lid x 2         

Mr. Robert Humphrey to the Track Team                                 $500.00

12.1. Reminder of Scheduled Meetings and Closings
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